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What Is Manifestation and How You can Transform your Life?

What Is Manifestation

Are you familiar with manifestation? You might hear about it but not sure how it works? I want share with you what it is and how it can transform your life.

Manifestation is the process of converting your intentions into your physical life through your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. The word “manifest” comes from the Latin word “manifestare,” which means “to exhibit or to make public.” When you manifest, you are exhibiting your hopes, dreams, and goals to your reality. It is not just daydreaming. It requires your focus, belief, and action steps to make it come true. Sounds exciting, right?

Why do you need to know manifestation? 

If you learn about manifestation, you’ll understand how you can manifest anything that you want, but also things that you don’t want. You are always manifesting in your life as you continuously release your energy into the world. The Universe is an energy field, and all who live create energy as well. Your energy interacts with the strength of the Universe, thus creating anything that your heart desires. 

If you want to achieve goal, you must be conscious of your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. You just need to choose the right thinking to keep and change the beliefs that hold you back in getting what you want.

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How does manifestation work? 

Believe me when I tell you that everything that is happening to you right now is directly associated with your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings you had in the past. You create what you are experiencing right now. Sometimes we unconsciously create manifestation. Focus on one goal. Be amazed that one day you’ll realize, it materializes in your reality. It can be something that can make us happy or feed bad. The more you have that thought in our mind, the more you are attracting it to manifest into your life. 

For example, you want to have your own house. Visualize how it will look like inside and outside. You picture yourself, opening the door and seeing the inside like the way you wanted it to be. Try to feel how it is to lay on a very soft mattress of your bed, and see yourself opening the fridge with lots of foods. Oh, what a wonderful feeling. You keep imagining that every day. Suddenly, you got promoted, and you received a good deal to buy a house from a real estate agent that fits with your budget. You got your house keys and start living there, and you realize that this is precisely the same as what you visualize before. 

Therefore, the more you visualize it and believe that it can happen, the more the Universe conspires and brings you what you need to fulfill your desire. It is how actions manifest in your desires. As you give so much attention to getting what you want, you are also encouraging the world to support you.  

9 Tips to Effectively Manifest

Are you ready to manifest? I  want you to succeed in manifesting your dreams, so here are tips that can help you effectively manifest what you want in life. Until now, I still use these techniques. Believe, focus, and take action. You can create your thoughts to reality.

1. Establish a clear and purposeful intentions

If you have a clear and purposeful intention, you can manifest in the fastest way. First, you have to identify what exactly you want. Let’s say you want to be successful. You should be specific on which aspect of your life you wanted to be successful. One good example is you can say, “I wanted to be a successful Italian restaurant owner.” You can be successful in many ways, but if you declare what specifically and clear desire, the Universe got your back. It prevents sending mixed signals of what you wanted. The Universe will know what exactly you want and what to provide you. 

2. Focus on creating your desire. 


Do you know that you can get what you focus on? When you focus on what you want in life, the Universe will conspire with your thoughts and help you get it. We are an extension of God Himself, who is the ultimate creator of everything. That is why you also possess that same ability to create to just by focusing on what you want to create in your reality. You start focusing and visualizing life exactly how you want to be. Staying  focus can help you surpass obstacles like fears and insecurities that pull you back in achieving what you desire. Focus and create! You can do it!

3. Send positive vibration

In this vibrational world, are you a vibrational being. Our actions and beliefs are the reflections of your world. When you send out positive energy like feeling good about yourself, you attract people who can give you happiness and even abundance that you desire. I remember when I started to change myself and believe in my skills, it was that point where I attracted people to believe in me. My promotion offered me great opportunities to showcase my skills. You can experience the same thing. 

4. Managing your thoughts

Manifestation helps you train yourself in accepting positive or negative vibes that are happening to you. You have the power to control what you wanted to keep in your mind. You can filter your thoughts through your dominant beliefs. In that way, when troubles and challenges stop you from reaching your goals, you know how to overcome it, and you know how to handle it.

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5. Manage your beliefs

Your beliefs and attitude reflect in your daily life, and it affects how you live your life every day. If you have a strong belief in your dreams and your capability to manifest it, there is no doubt that you can manifest it. Believe me that nothing can stop you if you have a strong belief that you can conquer everything.

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6. Act as if

We have to think, feel, and act as if we are the person we wanted to be. Start acting as if you are your future self who has all your desires. Your mind perceives it as real, and it dictates the Universe what you wanted to have. If you wanted to be the top sales agent, think, feel, and act how a top sales agent act. Mimic how they talk with clients and how they carry their selves under pressure. 

7. Attract the right people

Once you are aligned with your thoughts and know what you desire, you are also attracting people around you who can help you manifest your dreams. The Universe connects you to people you need to fulfill your desire. In addition to that, if you desire to be loved, you show love to other people. If you want to get respect, you give them the right reason to respect you, and this way you are showing other people how they can treat you. If you are looking for someone to be attracted to you, you to make yourself attractive to that person.

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8. Take an action

Here me out: If you really want to have success in your life and desire to be something prominent, you start to act and think like you have already achieved that goal. In that way, you are helping yourself feel how it is to become the person you want. You are attracting that desire to be achievable and positive that you will become successful one day. 

9. Be grateful for what you have received.

Be grateful for everything that you have envisioned, and that turns to reality. Being grateful attracts more things that you should be grateful for, and the Universe gives you more. 


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The Magic Starts within You

In summary, the fulfillment of what we wanted starts within. If I did not change the way I think and react to every situation, I would never have the dream life I imagined only before. It’s not too late for you to manifest  the life you wanted. 

Your self-awareness helps you to discover thoughts, emotions, and beliefs that hinder you from achieving the life you want to have. It allows you to control your thoughts, and it helps you choose the energy and vibration that you send to the Universe. The Universe responds precisely the way you wanted to be. 

Manifestation is your daydreaming that you turn to reality. It is greater than your wishful thinking. Be reminded that your thoughts have a significant influence on your feelings and actions. That also dictates what you wanted the Universe to give you. 

The magic of manifestations starts within you! Start to be aware of yourself, identify what you want, focus, and start creating your desire. Trust your power to manifest!

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We have to decide what we want and must go after it. When we learn how the Law of Attraction works in our lives, we will see how the universe can conspire with our thoughts and manifest our dreams.

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