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Wayne Dyer And His Philosophies

Wayne Dyer has taught me many lessons as I go through with my law of attraction journey. I got inspired by Wayne’s book: “Change your thoughts, Change your life.” Wayne shares here Lao Tze’s teachings. He was able to explain and provides action steps on how we can have an inspired, peaceful, and harmonious life, just like how Taoist. Wayne has been a powerful and motivational speaker, teacher, and author. His wisdom has affected millions of people all over the world. Whenever he speaks, you’ll feel his words flowing to your nerves throughout your body. He desires to change the way people think and thrive. With that, he is called the “Father of motivation” by his fans.

Getting to know more Wayne Dyer

Wayne Walter Dyer was born on May 10, 1940, in Detroit, Michigan. His father left them when he was still young. He was left and raised in the orphanage for ten years. After he graduated in high school, he served the United States Navy from 1958 to 1962. He was able to finish his Ed. D degree in counseling at Wayne State University. He became a counseling psychology professor and high school guidance counselor in Detroit. He attracted a lot of students with his motivational speaking techniques and how he emphasized the use of positive thinking.His first book, “Your Erroneous Zones,” was released in 1976. He started to create a name through publicity tours and stopped his teaching career. With that, his book became one of the bestsellers as he attracted more media interviews and bookstore appearances. His success led him to TV appearances like The Phil Donahue, The Merv Griffin Show, and The Tonight Show.What I love the most about motivational speakers is how they teach, using their life experiences. It is more personal, and it made you think that “if he can, why I can’t,” and that’s how Wayne shares his knowledge to his readers and audience.Wayne’s famous quotes are often based on his life experiences. He usually uses his story of success as his example. Imagine he is a successful self-made man despite his past experiences. He touches millions of hearts through his teachings because it is also coming from his heart. He emphasizes the importance of self-actualization that serves as our guide to “religious experience.” He also advises us to mimic Jesus Christ, who is an excellent example of self-actualization and self-reliance.In the 1990s, Wayne started to include higher consciousness in his spiritual coachings, he wrote books such as “Real Magic” and “Your Sacred Self.” He was influenced by Nisargadatta Maharaj “I Am”, Abraham Maslow’s concept of self-actualization, and Swami Muktananda’s teachings. Also, he was inspired by Saint Francis of Assisi and the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu that serves as foundational influences in his works.He married three times. He had one daughter with Judy, his first wife. He had no child with Susa, and he had five children with Marcelene. They legally separated after 20 years of marriage. He died because of a heart attack at the age of 75 on August 29,2015. And many people commemorate his legacy. He may be dead physically, but his philosophy remains and continuously spread worldwide.

Getting to know more Wayne Dyer

Dr. Dyer has shared a lot of powerful words that inspired us to be the best version of yourself and have the best life. Here are some of the key philosophies he shared with us and my learnings from it.

1. Avoid living through your ego.

Avoid comparing yourself to others. Believe in your capability and avoid any conflict with others. It helps you to live a happy and peaceful life. Identify what’s your purpose and be open in receiving the Universe gift it will send you.

2. You can create your opportunity.

Dr. Dyer emphasizes the importance of hard work and perseverance. His life experiences serve as proof that these two are your key to success.

3. Be compassionate

Dyer teaches us to show compassion even with our enemies. He encourages forgiveness so we can live a peaceful life. He explains how your hatred and anger stops you in reaching your goal.

4. The universe responds to your outlook in life.

The way we look in every situation affects our vibration and how the universe responds to your request. So choose to see the best in everything. Look at the brighter side of each situation.

5. Use of positive “I am” affirmation

Dyer highlights a verse “I am that I am” the word “I am” is a powerful and essential statement that makes you feel as if your request is fulfilled and makes you feel accomplished before it was even accomplished. Wayne claimed that it helps us train our subconscious mind and manifest our desire.

6. You always have a choice

You always have a choice if you wanted to have a miserable life or be motivated with different struggles in life. Choose to be driven and live your dream.

7. Successful people attract abundance

Success begins within you. If you believe that you are successful, you can be successful. Begin attracting abundance by understanding that your success starts with who you are.

8. Stay humble

No matter what we achieved, we have to stay humble. Just like what Dr. Dyer says, “Live low, stay low, like the ocean…see everything in your life as miraculous”.

9. Do what you love to do.

Whenever you do what you love to do, success comes after. There is no scarcity of things that you love to. It opens great opportunities that you just need to grab.

10. Be flexible.

If we know how to bend with the situation, we will not get stuck, and it won’t stop you from having a life. We should know how to adapt to different situations that we will encounter. With that, we become stronger to face any obstacles on our way.

Dr. Wayne Dyer Books

1. Your Erroneous Zones

It is the first book of Wayne that is also one of the top-selling books with 35 million copies. IN this book, he shares bold techniques on how you can overcome your unhealthy behavior patterns. The thesis book teaches you how you can be in control of your life.

2. Change your thoughts, change your life.

It is what I mention at the beginning of this article. It is my favorite book as Wayne interprets Lao Tze’s teaching. This book gives you steps on how we can have a peaceful and inspired life. Being at peace helps you focus on your goals and gives you higher chances to succeed.

3.The power of intentions.

It is a book about how your intentions speak with the universe. You have to declare your intentions, trust the power and the universe and co-create the life you desire. It gives you your daily guide on how you keep yourself connected with the universe with its 7 faces: love, kindness, abundance, beauty, expansiveness, and receptivity.

4. 10 Secrets for success and inner peace

Here, Wayne explains how we achieve success by promoting inner peace within ourselves. Dr. Dyer shares here ten principles on how you achieve tranquility.

5. I can see clearly now

In this book, Wayne reflects his own life. He identified that everything that happens in our life, whether good or bad, has something important to teach us. They all happen for a reason. You have to be open to the lesson you’ll learn from it.

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Dr. Wayne Dyer’s legacy

Dr. Wayne Dyer taught the world to improve our spirituality and how we think to act and respond to every life situation. We might lose a great, inspiring, and influential motivator, but he is still alive with his works. His books keep his teachings continues. So, let us keep our desire burning and apply his lessons. Remember that you always have a choice like Dr. Wayne. He chose to do what he loves to do, and that opens up a more significant opportunity for him. He never limits himself. He becomes flexible, and that’s why no matter how hard his past experiences, he was able to succeed and live the life he desires.His teachings will remain and will keep spreading even his not physically with us. We must not take for granted all the teachings of any inspirational authors like Dr. Wayne Dyer. If it changes millions of lives, it could change yours too.

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