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The law of attraction concept exists more than 100 years ago. It is way older than us. Although it was not called the Law of Attraction by various teachers until 1906, it all focuses on one idea, “ Orders at the Universe.” We should be thankful that there are people in the history who studied Universal law and was able to unlock the secret of manifesting our dreams. These people are the law of attraction authors and educators who teach us about the positive thinking and power of manifestation.Let me share with you more about the people who made a significant contribution to the teaching about the law of attraction. Recognizing these authors and teachers will also help us understand how they developed this incredible wisdom. It  gives us an idea of how they started, how they come up with their teachings, and how they change people’s lives.You will also get inspired by their stories and how these law has changed the way they think, act, and live. You’ll also learn their key principles that will surely help you with your journey towards the manifestation of your dreams, just like what happened to them.

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Abraham Hicks

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Wayne Dyer

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Jack Canefield

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