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How to Stop Absorbing Negative Energy

Stop Negative Energy

If you are an emotional sponge or a sensitive person, you better stop absorbing negative energy from people around you. You may not be aware that it hurts your life. How?? Our body is the infinite energy of the reservoir. We cannot prevent getting in contact with the people’s energy around us. 

For example, in your office, you have a colleague that keeps complaining about her job and the management. She usually tells you what she’s noticing wrong and does not stop telling negative stuff against the company and the negative energy she feels. You are happy with your job, and you’ve been with the company for 5 years without having any problem. Without realizing, you catch your colleague’s energy. You start to feel how she feels, and you think that she was right. You begin to believe that you are not happy with your job, too, thus affecting your work performance. 

This is how other’s energy can affect you and your life. Any negative emotions like anger, frustration, and insecurities can be pass to you without realizing it. Then, it alters your mood, beliefs, decisions, and actions. Although this situation is inevitable, there are ways to stop absorbing other people’s energy and learn to dispel this negative energy. 

Tips to stop absorbing negative energy

1. Assess your self

Identify if you are susceptible to absorbing other’s people negative energy. Ask yourself how you react to other people’s anger, frustration, and other negative emotions. Also, you have to recognize if this negative energy is coming from people around you or you. 

2. Repair yourself for any unresolved issues.

Whenever you have unresolved issues, there is a tendency that everybody will be your problem. Instead of focusing on other people’s concerns, you better concentrate on repairing yourself. These unresolved issues can make you feel offended quickly that may cause a burst of feelings. 

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3. Express yourself and make a distance

I know that when people get emotional, most of us sit down with them and give them a tap on the back. This is because we want to empathize with them. The problem is, you might be absorbing their emotion as well. 

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If you feel this negativity coming from them, better express yourself without guild if you were overly exposed to them already. For example, for almost half of your shift, your colleague keeps telling you that she hates her life. At first, you try to empathize with them, but if it was already for long hours, I suggest trying to tell them politely and not for being rude. We sometimes try to stay silent because we don’t want to interrupt, but you are already absorbing their negative energy and you can not stop.

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4. Make a distance

After you identify the source, try to make a distance from that person. This will help you stop hearing any rants or anger to give you relief. Don’t fear that you might offend them most, especially if that causes an inconvenience for yourself. 

5. Breathing exercise 

When you felt that you are absorbing someone’s negative feelings. You can go to a quiet place and start breathing exercises. Imagine that you are inhaling positivity as you exhale the negative feelings you absorbed. 

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6. Clear your thoughts

Your thoughts are powerful that they attract the same energy or vibration. If you absorbed any negativity, relax and move your hands over your head, going down to your feet as if you are wiping away the negativity.

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7. Let go of unwanted beliefs

As you keep yourself closer to those who send out negative vibes, it will slowly alter your beliefs and you need to stop that energy. You better let go of that energy because it might just change your mindset too. Change any unwanted beliefs by positive affirmations to help you boost your positive outlook in life. For example, you an say, “ I am worthy to receive all I desire.” “ I am filled with so much love, happiness, and contentment 

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8. Connect with positive people and experiences

Be with people who look on the brighter side of life. Surrounded your self with positive people who can lift you high. It will help you boost your abilities to be the best version of yourself. 

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Stop absorbing negativity and replace it with positivity.

We will inevitably encounter people who send out negative vibes. It greatly depends on how you overcome it. You can empathize and sympathize, but you should know how to stop this negative energy from getting into our minds. 

Uplift yourself as it uplifts others too. Do not let other emotions drag you down. Take control of your beliefs, desire, and mind. Your positivity can dominate the negative energy around you. 

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We have to decide what we want and must go after it. When we learn how the Law of Attraction works in our lives, we will see how the universe can conspire with our thoughts and manifest our dreams.

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