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Use Spiritual Affirmations to Become a Master of Your Thoughts

Spiritual Techniques Affirmation

Spiritual affirmations are simple yet powerful expressions that affect our conscious and subconscious mind. It is every sentence that we repeatedly say out loud to ourselves or even in our thoughts. As you repeat it, the more engraved our subconscious mind is, the more energized, inspired, and motivated you will get. It affects our thinking, behavior, actions, reactions, and habits. 

The words in your affirmation sentences automatically bring related images in your mind, and there are research findings that we have 45,000 to 51,000 different thoughts that come across in our mind in just one day. Unfortunately, only 20 percent are positive. So how can we reverse it? How can we convert the 80 percent negative thoughts to more positive thoughts in our minds in a day? All you just need is to practice positive affirmations

There are many different spiritual affirmations

Many times that what we are saying is already an affirmation. We might even have said it repeatedly, attracting it to become a reality unconsciously. There are different affirmations, depending on what you wanted to attract. 

Negative affirmations

We say this whenever we don’t get what we want, and things don’t work out as we planned. Sometimes, we keep saying it, and unfortunately, it manifests negatively, so try to prevent this and say the positive version instead.

Spiritual affirmation

“I’m so sick and tired of…”

“I feel angry.” 

“I am stupid.”

“Yes, I’m tired of being sick.”

“For sureI feel insignificant.”

“I’m a loser.”

 Affirmations for Positivity

 This is what we should develop so that we can fill our subconscious mind with positive thoughts. These are what you should say to attract positive things into your life. 

Spiritual Affirmations now

 Happiness Affirmations

“Happiness is dwelling inside my body.”

“I feel happy every day.”

“Happiness is manifesting in my life.”

 Success Affirmation 

Louise Hay Success Affirmations:

 “Sucess flows into my life.”

“The Universe hears my thoughts, and it helps me to achieve my dreams.”

 “I always get positive results in whatever I do. ”

Money Affirmation 

here Spiritual Affirmations

 “I’m a money magnet.”

“I’m earning lots of money.”

“I have a successful business.”

 Health Affirmation 

“My health is improving every day.”

“Healing energies fill every cell in my body. 

“My body functions properly.” 

Job Affirmations 

Spiritual Affirmations help you quick

“I have the job that I dreamed of.”

“I got the perfect job.”

“My job provides all that I need.”

Keep spiritual affirmations positive and in the present tense 

Reticular Activating System (RAS) is a network of neurons in our brain stem. It serves as the gatekeeper of information between most of our sensory systems and our conscious mind. It makes the words that we keep on repeating over time as part of our identity. No matter if it is negative or positive, it manifests in our selves. That is the reason why we use positive affirmation s that it will also manifest positive things. 

The subconscious mind cannot distinguish the difference between, yes or now, and past or future. It takes as if it is true. So, if whatever we say repeatedly, it is perceived by our subconscious mind as truth and happening in the present.  

When you say positively, “I am happy and contented” and thinking it was really happening here and now. Your body thinks it’s a command, then the subconscious mind reacts, making you really feel happy and contented. 

When you repeatedly saying “I am…” your mind thinks it is real right now. When you make it a part of your daily rituals, so your brain works to make this come true.

Benefits of positive, spiritual affirmations

  • You’ll get more energetic and active.
  • It makes you feel positive about things happening in your life. 
  • You keep more focused on your goal.
  • It motivates you.
  • The way you think changes on how you behave, acts, and react.
  • This will attract people to your life who can help you with your goals. 
  • It influences the subconscious mind and activates its power in manifesting your thoughts. 

How to use affirmation effectively. 

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To effectively manifest your affirmations, consistency is the key. Include spirituality it in your daily routine by repeating it at least twice a day. 

  •  Make sure that you devote a particular time every day to repeat and feel your affirmations.
  •  Say your affirmation every time you wake up. Thinking about what you desire, your goals, and your ambitions is a positive way to start your day.
  •  Repeat your spiritual affirmation before you go to sleep. Positive thought and thoughts about your desires engrave more on your subconscious mind if you repeatedly say it before you sleep.
  •  Make sure that you focus whenever you say affirmation multiple times.
  •  Do it twice a day for 30 days. Say it slowly and confidently multiple times for 5 minutes or 10 times each affirmation.
  •  You can actually repeat it whenever or wherever if you have time.
  •  Feel that your affirmation has already been fulfilled to accelerate manifestation.

How long does it takes for affirmations to manifest? 

There is actually no exact time frame on when you can see changes. Some studies say neurological signals are reinforced and sticks in your brains after 30 days. But it doesn’t apply to all. Some could experience positive changes as they start listening to their affirmations. Some spiritual affirmations may take days or weeks or even a month. As long as you do it right, you put your heart to it and take action, as the week goes by, you ‘ll see the positive changes.

But, attacking action is very important. Let say you are trying to attract to be the Top Sales Agent of the year. Every day you say “‘I’m the Top Sales Agent,” but you come in late, you don’t like talking to people, and you feel tired with your work. If you don’t take any action towards your goal, you’re just like riding a boat without paddling going to your destination. 

Become the master of your thoughts 

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At first, you might have some certainties in saying these positive affirmations over and over. There may be doubts if this really works. It doesn’t require you to believe 100% in them. The more you say it, the more it registers in your subconscious mind. Include it in your daily rituals to manifest in physical reality. 

We must become masters of our thoughts by saying the right affirmation, doing it the right way, and taking action. Once you practice it every day, you become a powerful magnet that attracts all your desires. But, it also still requires efforts, and nothing will happen if you don’t take a step towards your goals. The affirmation helps you accelerate and attracts things or people that can help you reach your dreams. 

Remember, your words are powerful. So start doing your daily affirmation and be the master of your thoughts! 

I would love to share with you more about the law of attraction and how we manifest our desires. You can follow me on Facebook and Pinterest for more related blogs!  

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We have to decide what we want and must go after it. When we learn how the Law of Attraction works in our lives, we will see how the universe can conspire with our thoughts and manifest our dreams.

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