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10 Signs that Your Manifestation Works

10 Signs Manifestation Is Here

If you already started your law of attraction journey, watching out for manifestation signs is the most exciting part. Are you excited too? Isn’t it amazing to know that sooner your intentions will turn to reality? That is why knowing the signs of manifestations will hint that the universe is about to grant the blessings you wished. 

When will you expect signs of manifestation? 

You might ask, “When will I expect the signs that my intentions are coming?” There is no specific time when it will manifest. But it much depends on you. I know we are all excited to get what we want. Nevertheless, it still requires your focus to see the signs, determination, and consistent use of different rituals or tools for manifestations. Aside from that, it needs actions to take, correct mindset, confidence, and strength. It will not happen in a glimpse. You have to be patient that things are about to happen at the best time you need it. 

Frustrations may kick in if you will keep on thinking or waiting. If you keep seeking for signs, it only shows you are not convinced that it is done. Remember using present tense affirmation? You are stating your intentions as if you already received it. So believe that you already received it. Furthermore, another principle of the law of attraction is “ask, and you will receive.” Therefore you have to believe that it is already granted, it will come at the right time. 

Signs that manifestation of your intentions are coming 

signs of manifestation

I am excited to share the signs of manifestation with you. You might be experiencing some this which means manifestations is on its way. If not, I want you to feel positive and thrilled by the upcoming materialization of your dreams. The signs tell you that you are on the right track. At the same time, you are also applying the law of attraction effectively. So here are different signals of the universe that will tell you that manifestation is on its way.

1.Seeing what you want more often

 Seeing your desires everywhere may not be just a coincidence. For example, you wanted to have the latest edition of your favorite brand of car. You keep seeing it on the street, on your company parking, and even on your way home. This visual sign might be telling you that something is on its way.

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2. Tripple sign

manifestation signs tripple numbers

Tripple numbers are said to be a good sign when manifesting, most especially seeing 111 or 1111. It is a clear sign that the universe is already working on your intentions. So watch out for that sign. You never what’s next. Just continue being grateful.


Have you ever experience any synchronicity of numbers or music? For example, you keep hearing an old song or seeing certain numbers all the time. Yes, it is a magical way of the universe, saying that your request is coming. 

4. Trials after trials 

The road to manifestation is not easy, expect that there will be challenges on your way. It can be a problem after another problem. Your faith, belief, and focus are tested. Yes, this can happen. Remember that “no gain without pain but these painful experiences make us stronger and more mature. Most of all, it also prepares us for the upcoming blessings.

5. You dream about it and see the manifestation signs

When you are closer to manifestation, you started dreaming that you already have it. It feels like it was so real and happening at that moment. It happens as you consistently visualize your intentions. 

6. You can sense it when manifestation signs are there

It is when you woke up in the morning feeling so great. You also feel the excitement and happiness naturally flowing within you. This kind of sensation means that things about to manifest. Your strong feeling and letting yourself go with the process can make the manifestation faster. 

7. New connections help to show the manifestation signs clearly

The universe may not directly give you what you want. What it will do is it will connect you to people who can help you achieve it. They can offer you the opportunity you need to make your intentions turn to reality. They may also be just the bridge for you to manifest your goal. 

8. Deja Vu

It is when you suddenly felt that it happened already. For example, you are checking homes for sale. You suddenly feel that you entered the same house before. You check with the broker and found out that it fits your budget. One day you go home with a big smile on your face with the key to that house.

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9. Indirect message as a sign of manifestation

There will be a time when you feel like losing hope because of the roadblocks that are part of the process. Then you’ll suddenly hear amusic lyrics as if talking to you. It can also be an advertisement or slogan that is appropriate to what you are going through. This is another sign, but you have to overcome this to receive the manifestation of your dreams.

10. Hearing about what you desire to receive the signs of manifestation

 This is like overhearing a conversation, and they are talking about what you also dreamed of. For example, you like to be a fashion designer. You heard on the radio about a famous fashion designer launching her new collections. A couple of days later, you saw a TV featuring your favorite fashion guru. 

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Have you experienced any of these signs? 

If you think you have experienced any of these manifestations signs, I’m so happy for you. Just keep what you are doing. It means that you are effectively doing the process of manifestation. If you experienced any downfall, no worries, it was part of the process. Trust the universe that it is preparing you to receive the blessings you have asked. It also teaches you a lesson and molds you to become a better version of yourself. 

Be patient if you haven’t seen any of these signs or if you just started your manifestation journey, and make sure you are doing the process accordingly and consistently. Also, be reminded that it was done, you just need to trust the universe’s perfect timing of granting your desire. Feel the excitement and happiness of this blessing coming your way. One day, everything is happening, just like what you imagined. 

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We have to decide what we want and must go after it. When we learn how the Law of Attraction works in our lives, we will see how the universe can conspire with our thoughts and manifest our dreams.

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