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Self-love Meditation Script: Fall in Love with Yourself

Self Love Meditation Script

Whenever we use a self-love meditation script it is one of many ways to express our care and love for ourselves. It is a simple yet effective reminder of the worth of our love. Most notably, if we are fighting negative thoughts, insecurities, and self-doubt, using this technique can help us love ourselves more. 

There may be times we feel that we are not worthy of our love. You might be criticizing your capabilities, abilities, and looks. You might think that you are ugly, never be successful or you can never be happy. Usually, this happens because of the societal ideals conditions and comparison of oneself to others. If we master how to handle our emotions, take away negative thoughts, and instill self-appreciation and self-love, we can always be enough and become happy in life.

Self-love meditation

Self Love Healing  Ancient Frequency Music | Positive Aura Cleanse

There are different ways to take care and feel love within ourselves. You can pamper yourself with a massage, eat sumptuous foods, listen to your favorite singer or band, or talk to a support group or therapist.

But for now let’s focus on your self-love meditation,  where you are creating a compassionate space for yourself.

It is a way to sit with your feelings and thoughts and allow yourself to feel it without judging yourself. It’s time to face any self-doubt and lack of love for your self. Using the self-love meditation will help you be compassionate to yourself and accept yourself through everything with wide-open and loving arms. 

When you feel that you are not loved, tell yourself that you love yourself and that it’s okay to feel that way. Allow your self to feel the love you generated by thinking of the great things you did. Allow it to flow over you. Embrace your flaws and love everything about you. 

Self-love meditation script and benefits

Self-love meditation is a powerful practice that helps you draw your attention to your innermost self. It enables you to diminish stressful thoughts, find inner peace, and self- acceptance, and allows you to discover your beauty.You feel relaxed and good about your self.  

If you practice the art of loving yourself, you are attracting love in return. The world will give you so much love from the people around you. Aside from that, you’ll feel happy. If your heart and mind are full of  joy, you attract happiness into your life too. It also creates positive energy that attracts positive things to come into your life. 

Start here with the guided self-love meditation

Find a pleasant and relaxing space where there will be no distraction during the entire session of your meditation. Now is the time that you will unveil your self-love to yourself, and it requires your full attention.

Your breathing plays an important role. Taking a few deep breaths helps your body and mind changed for the better.

Breathe in slowly as you fill your body with air then exhale slowly to relax.

Take deep full breaths in your nose then breathe out to your mouth. 

As you breathe, be mindful of your body state and mind quality.

Identify if your mind is wandering, filled with doubt and negativity, or at ease?

Continue with your breathing and place both hands over your heart. Inhale and exhale again, allowing yourself to breathe in and out on a natural rhythm.

Connect with your heart as you feel the energy radiating from your heart. 

Feel the in and outflow of air to your body.

Think as if you are releasing negative thoughts every time you exhale. 

As you continuously breathe peacefully, you command your body to relax, rest, and rejuvenate. It is a form of self-love.

Imagine now that you are looking at your self in a mirror. You see your self shining bright, looking so good and happy. 

Tell yourself self-love statements during the meditation script

Tell your self the mantra “I am worthy and beautiful” as you continuously breathe. 

Think of things that you are good at or how you help others.

Think about how you take good care of your self.

Continue with a few more deep breaths while saying the mantra.

Now see your gifts and talents as you continuously breath.

Imagine your self with those thoughts as you breathe. 

Next, think that you are looking at the mirror. Identify what feelings you see to your self. ‘’

Are you sad, in pain, happy or satisfied? No matter what you see, tell yourself the mantra, “ I love you deeply.”

Repeat the mantra as you continuously breathe.

Start imagining that you are abundant in self-love during meditation, and think of someone who shows you so much love and tells you some complementing and kind words. 

Let the warm love flow into your body. Feel the warmth from head to toe. 

Take a few more deep breaths and when you are ready, you can slowly open your eyes. 

Keep on sitting position and contemplate on your meditation experience. 

Now you should be filled with self-love.

Start loving your self! 

When you do this regularly, it will help you see negative thoughts leave your mind. Your self-love creates a positive vibe that makes you glow inside and radiate outside. People around you will feel that self-love, attracting them to give you love that you deserve. Try using affirmation cards daily.

Remember that you are loveable and that love should start with you. Don’t let insecurities and self-doubt drag you down. You just need to see the lovely things others see in you. You should feel the love that the people around you are giving you. If you only focus on your negativity, you are just blocking those loveable things about you.

Start loving your self, build a stronger relationship with yourself, and let love attracts what your heart desires. 

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Self love meditaion script




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