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3 Simple Relationship Boundaries That Set You Up For Success

Realtionship Boundaries

Relationships can be really complicated and challenging at times. Setting and maintaining healthy relationship boundaries greatly helps in working things out with your partner and avoiding misunderstandings.

Are you tired of too much drama in your relationship, but want to mend it?

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Want to learn how to save a relationship?

Do you often find yourself on an amazing-horrible roller coaster ride with your partner?

Do you have this break-up-then-make-up pattern in your relationship?

If your answer is “yes” to one or two (or three!!) of my questions, then I think it would be best if you start to set boundaries in your relationship.

Unlike what some people think, relationship boundaries are not harmful. In fact, they are necessary if we want our relationships to grow.
If you find it hard to create a set of healthy relationship boundaries, these three tips can definitely help.

1. Give each other space

Do you ever find yourself sacrificing your needs/wants just to make your partner happy? Do you still hang out with friends? Can you remember when last time you had a “ME” time and enjoyed one of your hobbies?

When in a relationship, you always want to spend time with your partner. You love to do things together. Sometimes, it even feels as if you two are “glued” to each other the whole day, right?

Well, let me give you this piece of advice:

No matter how close you are to your partners, you need to give yourselves some space. Having some time apart from each other is NOT harmful at all. In fact, alone time with your family and friends is healthy. You also need some alone time and take care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally.

This is one of the healthy relationship boundaries you ought to stick to if you don’t want to lose yourself in your relationship. Find ways to mend your relationships.

2. Make a “digital agreement.”

Sharing is important in any kind of relationship. But in this digital environment where privacy is number 1, think again before you give your partner full access to all of your social media accounts.

Why do I say this? Well, it’s simple! For example, your Facebook and Instagram is all about YOU, YOUR LIFE, and not your partner’s. You don’t need to give your Twitter password to your boyfriend/girlfriend just so he/she will trust you. You have all the right to your digital privacy, and being in a relationship doesn’t break that.

privacy in a relationship

If there is something that makes you feel like you’re being controlled or manipulated in some way, like your partner using your own smartphone, then be open about it.

If it feels right and okay for both of you to check each other’s social media messages, and you don’t fight about it, then go for it.
If you happen to learn that your current partner is constantly messaging his/her ex, and you feel bad about it, then tell your partner that it makes you feel uncomfortable, and he/she shouldn’t do it again.

Remember, a healthy relationship has trust and respect. You and your partner should talk about what feels healthy and what doesn’t when it comes to doing things online.  Check this short video from Life coach Brad Bowning

3. Have an open communication

I remember my best friend telling me that she can read my mind just by looking at my face. It’s very sweet, yes?
Well, I don’t want to disappoint you, but this does not work ALL THE TIME in relationships.

Assuming that your partner can guess and understand how you feel while being silent is not a sign of a healthy relationship. It is completely fine to stay quiet if you need to ponder on things or gather your thoughts. But expecting your partner to be a psychic or a mind-reader is not going to make things easy in your relationship.

A relationship needs two people to make it work, and communication is just the same.
Being able to communicate with each other is one of the most critical factors in setting healthy relationship boundaries. Work together in settling misunderstandings and fights. Communication is a two-way street that can strengthen your relationship if done right. One of the best trainings I have found to work on relationships is with Brad Bowning. I read his book when my marriage went silence. When the communication slowed down completely. And his coaching is good.

Final Thoughts

Healthy relationship boundaries are all about respect, trust, and integrity.
It should not make a person feel uncomfortable, unsafe, and disrespected in any way.

A healthy relationship is a work in progress. It needs a set of boundaries to make it develop and blossom.

How’s your relationship with your partner? Have you watched the video I have recommended earlier in the article?

Do you want to share some advice on setting relationship boundaries? Drop your comments below. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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relationship boundries: 3 steps


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