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Best Manifestation Prayer For Abundance and Love

Your Manifestation Prayer

Prayer is a powerful manifestation tool that helps you throughout your Law of attraction journey. No matter what religion, you can ask for divine guidance in manifesting your intentions through prayer. It creates intense energy that increases your vibration and aligns you with your intentions. Your faith releases positive energy that makes you hold on to your dreams. It not only gives you hope but also clarity and strength that will keep you going. 

The Power of Prayer

Do you pray? When was the last time you prayed? Some of us pray when we desperately need help or a miracle. We are hoping that our Divine Source will hear our prayer and hoping to get a response. But, prayer is not only for our wishes, hopes, or please asking for help. It is a powerful tool that we should use in our daily life with our intentions, faith, and clarity. These components of prayer-filled our mind, body, and soul with strong energy

Components of Prayer

1. Faith 

Our faith and trust is a component of prayers that allows us to create an outcome. Whenever we have grown our faith, we are also increasing our commitment and belief in your power. Your trust and confidence in the Divine Source create a strong partnership that can help you overcome any doubt, fears, and trials. Have faith with your Source because it can move in a mysterious way that will lead you to a miracle path. 

2. Clarity

manifestation prayer book

You really should be clear with what you want so that you can align your thoughts with your energy. Whenever you pray, you say your wish is hoping that the Universe will see you worthy to receive precisely what you want. Just make sure to pray with clarity in your mind to make your prayer effective and powerful. 

3. Intention 

Why do you pray? This component of prayer is crucial if you like to manifest for something. The outcome is based on your intentions. Whenever you set your intentions, you are sharpening your power to manifest. Now, ask yourself. What is your purpose in praying? 

Unanswered prayer

There are many times that we pray, but we don’t receive an answer. That is the time most of us lose our faith. But, is that how we should respond to our unanswered prayer? Let’s admit that we get frustrated whenever there is no answer in our prayer. We feel unloved or rejected. I’ve been like that too before. I asked myself, “Am I not deserving? Did I do something wrong? But, as I go through my Law of attraction journey, realizations strike in. Let me share with you the reason why we have some unanswered prayers.

1. Your thoughts do match your desires.

Your thoughts are powerful, and if you think that you don’t deserve to have the life that you desire, well, that’s one of the reasons why your prayer is unanswered. You must believe that you deserve it, so if you request to have an abundant life, you have to believe that you can be abundant. Feel confident that you soon get what you desire.

2. Uncertainties

not answered prayer for manifestation

It is when you are uncertain if you want it or not. For example, you want to get a promotion, but you don’t want extra responsibilities on your shoulder. Another one is you wanted to have a business, but you also want to have more time for yourself and your family. These make you uncertain about your request. 

3. It’s not your request

Remember that you are responsible for your decision. There are times that we allow others to dictate what we need to do, even if it is against our will. Even if you prayed for it, you are not getting it because it is not your heart’s real desire. Perhaps it can else dream for you. 

4. No action is taken

Prayers need actions. If you back up your prayer with actions, you are speeding up your manifestation process. If you want a business:

  1. Could you take action to start with it?
  2. If you want a gorgeous body, start your fitness program for yourself.
  3. Are consistent in doing so. 

5. It is not yet the right time 

You have to be patient. The Divine Source and the Universe will give you the best time you will benefit the most. There is always, always a reason why it is not given now. You may not understand it right now, but soon you’ll realize that you can receive it at the right time. 

Manifestation Prayers

1. Manifestation prayer for abundance and prosperity.

Heavenly Father, I thank you for the upcoming abundance and prosperity You’re preparing for me. May you also prepare me for all your plans and teach me how to live in Your glory. Your wealth is not my gain but rather a way to use it also to bless others. Dwell in me, Oh Lord. Show me great things and manifest yourself to me. Blessed me with a clear mind and pure heart so I can use the abundance you’ll give in the right way. Thank you, my dear Father. Amen. 

2. Manifestation prayer for love

Dear Lord, I come to you with clear intentions and a pure heart. I know that you are preparing me to be with the right partner at the right time. The one who will bring more love, happiness, peace, and prosperity in my life, is the one who will show me unconditional love, and will always honor and cherish me. The one who also lives with me with your words. I know that my true love will come to me. Help me to let that love come into my life, and my heart be open, as well as my mind is clear for me to welcome the true love you sent to me.

3Manifestation prayer for healing 

My Father and my healer, I thank you for every day that you allow me to live. Let your words flow in every cell of my body and heal my sickness. Touch me with your healing hands and with your blood. I believe that as I continue to trust and praise you, I will see the manifestation of your ability to heal.  Oh Lord, declare my healing. I will soon win this battle, because I believe it, I will receive it. All these mercies I asked for in your name. Amen. 

4. Manifestation prayer for a career or job

My God, I know you are opening doors of great opportunity for me. You are preparing for the best for me all the time. Please guide me to take the right road towards the entrance of the beautiful job opportunity you specially designed for me. Please give me the courage to speak and utter the right words in the interviews. Equip me with confidence, humility, sound wisdom, and skills. Let them see it that will make them say “YES.” Thank you for being there for me every step of the way. May all this be for your glory. Amen. 

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5. Manifestation prayer for a good marriage

Dear God, builder of all things, I know that you embrace my marriage with your love. Let our hearts be with your words that will make our relationship grow stronger and longer. Help us deal with any conflict in a loving way. It helps us to be respectful and flexible with each other’s personality, character, and own beliefs. 

6. Manifestation prayer for successful business

My dear Lord, I declare my business success every day. Please give me the right wisdom and skills to manage this properly and effectively. Let my business be an excellent service to our customers. Flourish my employees and me with passion, honesty, and respect for our customers. Please guide us to make the right decision to be at service. Calm our hearts and minds in every situation. Please help us to be productive to serve all our clients and make them a happy camper. I declare the continuous flow of revenues in my business and guide me to use it with your purpose. Thank you for everything. Amen. 

Manifest through prayer

Praying should be every day. It doesn’t require any specific occasion or life events. We do not pray because we feel hopeless, challenged, or stressed and happy, and grateful. We pray not only for wishes to be granted but also for thanking the Divine Source even for small things we need to be thankful for. As you connect with the Divine Source, you are aligning yourself with your purpose. You maintain your focus on your goal, and conquer any negativities lives throw at you, as well as you survive any challenges you face as you walk through the manifestation of your desire.

My friends, as you spend more time with HIM, you are also boosting the power of your thoughts and words. Asking for help from Him is not a weakness, and you are taking your faith to the next level. Remember that our Divine Source has unconditional love, and he will give us all the best in the world, and your prayers will manifest in your life.

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We have to decide what we want and must go after it. When we learn how the Law of Attraction works in our lives, we will see how the universe can conspire with our thoughts and manifest our dreams.

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