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Why You Should Use a Pillow or Chair for Your Meditation?

Meditation Pillow And Chair

Having a meditation pillow and chair is the best way to keep yourself comfortable throughout your meditation exercise.

Not only that, but it also gives support to your body and maintains your body alignment correctly. As you meditate, you will need to sit still for more than 10 minutes. I bet sitting on the floor without any support or cushion can make your feet numb then you lose your focus as you do the exercise for more than 15 minutes or so. But why is it essential to have a meditation pillow? 

Let us review all you need to know about meditation, and the benefits of using a meditation pillow or chairs. 

What is Meditation 

Meditation is self-realization and enlightenment traditional process since 1500 BCE. Meditation brings inner peace and a sense of calmness to the practitioner. It was tied to different religious teachings, although it is not more about faith more about enhancing self-awareness, altering consciousness, and achieving peace within. When you practice mindfulness it helps you focus your mind on a specific thought. You will training your mind habitually in redirecting your thoughts, and also allows you to train your attention and to clear your mind and make you feel emotionally stable. You can use a nice warm blanket to get better results. Merely it helps you mentally, physically, emotionally, psychologically, and socially. 

Benefits of Meditation and Why to Use a Pillow For Better Results

Meditation Pillow

In addition to what I mentioned earlier, meditation has holistic positive effects. As the years go by, they discover various health benefits brought to you by these few minutes of exercise. 

●     It can reduce your stress.

Whenever we are stressed, there is a high level of cortisol hormone that leads to the production of cytokines. This chemical promotes inflammation that causes harmful side effects. It also is known for improving symptoms of conditions such as post-traumatic stress, fibromyalgia, and irritable bowel syndrome that is caused by stress.

●     It improves your self- awareness.

Yes, this is one of the benefits I love because it helps me fully understand myself. When you are aware of your self preferences, behaviors, and beliefs, you know how to handle yourself and what needs to improve. It is also an important part of self-growth.

●     It reduces your anxiety level. 

Meditation is recommended to people with anxiety because it shows that it can reduce anxiety attacks and symptoms. 

●     Boost your emotional health by using a meditation pillow

Our emotion has a significant impact on how we react and act. There is a form of meditation that gives you a positive outlook in life and awakens your love for yourself. It is one of the commonly recommended therapy for depression too. 

●     It may reduce memory loss secondary to aging

I like that meditation benefits most, especially aging, which is inevitable, and we cannot exclude the fact that our body will undergo some changes, including memory loss. Meditation is a natural way of reducing age-related memory loss. It improves your focus and attention. It sharpens your memory, it increases your awareness, and it boosts your mental quickness. There were also some studies that it improves the memory conditions of elders with dementia. 

●     It increases your positivity towards yourself and to others

They said that the more we meditate, the more we develop kindness within ourselves. We become more positive, and we learn to be compassionate towards ourselves and to others. We became forgiving and just wanted peace and love. With that, you prevent any conflicts and manage your anger. 

●     It may reduce pain.

Patients who are in pain and try meditation show less pain sensitivity. Their brain shows the ability to control pain with continuous meditation. 

●     It increases your attention span

Meditation helps you become more focused on your task longer. It increases your attention endurance and your strength. The more it lengthen your attention span, the more productive you become.

Different Meditation Techniques 

Our ancient ancestors practiced this for a long time as part of the self-awareness and enlightenment process. There are various meditation techniques, and each has a unique meaning and result. So let me share with you the different types of meditation, its focus, and its benefits. 

1. Mindfulness Meditation

This practice originates from the teachings of Buddhists. It is a mental practice of calming to your mind and body, letting go of negativity, and slowing down any racing thoughts. Here you are trying to become aware of your thoughts and getting involved in it. You focus on your breathing. As you breathe, you become aware of your body and mind. You may go and sit in a quiet and comfortable place and spend 5-15 minutes of your time. 

2. Mantra Meditation 

It is Hindu and Buddhist teaching that uses repetitive words, phrases, or sounds to clear your mind. This repetitive sound is known as a mantra that you can say out loud or in your mind. Chanting the mantra is the easiest and purest form of meditation. It helps you reduce your stress level. It can manage your stress as you focus on your mantra, relax your body by lowering your tension, and reduce your blood pressure and heart rate. 

3. Spiritual Meditation

It is the meditation that originates from Cristian, Daoism, and Hinduism. It is a meditation similar to praying. Your goal here is to have a deeper connection to God or the Universe. As you meditate, you are trying to reflect, seek for spiritual growth, and connect to ones that are greater to oneself. 

4. Focused Meditation

Just like the name, in this kind of meditation, you are focusing your mind on a sensation, sound, or object. For example, like what monks do as they meditate, they count the mala beads as they listen to a gong or look at the candle’s flame. 

5. Transcendental Meditation 

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has introduced this technique first in India and began to spread in 1955 all over the world. It becomes one of the popular types of meditation practiced by millions of people. It is the type of technique where you try to achieve relaxed awareness and avoid any distracting thought as you say a mantra. Practitioner says that this type of meditation allows you to rest, and remove any mental boundaries. 

6. Guided meditation 

It is what I used whenever I am preoccupied with different thoughts. Having a guide helps me become focused on my meditation. With guided meditations, you are visualizing or imagining. You’ll have a teacher or a narrator that will explain how and what to do. You just follow what the voice is saying. 

7. Movement Meditation

It is one of the meditations that you will surely enjoy, because you move. You feel energetic and at the same time you feel like walking in the forest or in a park where you find tranquility at the same time. It promotes proper blood circulation and releases any physical attention. 


Understanding meditation helps you understand how important you need to use a meditation pillow. You must keep yourself comfortable throughout the exercise. It helps you prevent any unwanted or unnecessary sensation that a disturbed you and makes you lose your focus. So here are my top meditation pillows that you may also consider to use. You can create an enjoyable meditation experience to achieve its promised benefits. 

1. Florensi Meditation 

It is perfect for those who would love to have a pillow made of 100% Buckwheat hull. Buckwheat type of pillow allows contouring of your body shape as you sit in it. You can sit comfortably, and it will enable your spine to be in place for an extended period of sitting. The design, which is a mandala lotus flower represents growth, unity, and compassion. It is easy to remove or add to its pouch. It is perfect for travel and daily meditation.


It is made of soft and skin-friendly corduroy fabric with a rebound effect, very relaxing to the hips, and comfortable to use. When you buy it, it is in a compressed bag. You’ll just need to expose it to sunlight for a few hours to achieve its normal thickness. It has nine stitching designed to prevent its deformation. It is a gray, square-shaped cushion perfect for your meditation. 

3. Gokul Handloom 

If you are looking for a mandala style pillow, here is one of your choices —100% cotton with a blue round pouf cover. The beautiful yet unique cover creates positive vibes that can uplift you as your meditate. 

4.Intelligent Design 

It is made of 100 % Chenille that is soft and durable. It has a tiny little loop that can hide dirt. I like this pillow because it is a long cushion, so you can comfortably sit into it without worrying about your balance. It is very easy to assemble, and you can wrap it if you want to bring it on your trip. It has tufted patterns that keep the pillow in shape even after prolonged use. 

5. Mindful and Modern 

It is perfect for pink lovers. You’ll love this luxurious and comfortable pillow made of buckwheat. It has velvet zafu cushion making it easier for you to sit and can relieve your aching joints. Aside from pink, it has five other colors that you can choose. It promotes proper posture and supports your spine correctly. They are proud that this product is an all-natural buckwheat that provides firmness yet durable and comfortable to use. 


Another medium size and made of a cotton cushion. They used a vintage cotton fabric for the cover with embroidery. Just be reminded that the patches may vary, but the base color at the bottom is the same. The cover is handmade using the khambadiya patchwork technique that makes it unique.

7. Crystal Cove

Suppose you are looking for GOTS certified cotton inner liner, then this the best choice. The liner holds the buckwheat fil, and it is easy to remove from the cover and adjust the height and firmness for more resting effect. It also has an oval shape making it easy for you to sit into it as you meditate. You can easily carry it too since it has a sturdy handle. 

8. Bolster Pillow

They say that this is your perfect companion if you need a companion for your restorative practice like meditation. Aside from that, it offers optimal support to make you more relaxed and be relieved from any joint pain. It has concentrated core and dual-layer making it durable and so it won’t lose its firmness and shape. It’s a very stylish bolster meditation pillow and very lightweight. 

9. Kapok 

It is a gorgeous orange-red Thai pattern that has a kapok fiber filling. Kapok is a super soft silky cotton that has anti-microbial and hypoallergenic properties and is dust-mite resistant. It is suitable for meditation, as it promotes excellent relaxation. The design patterns are very Thai, tropical, and boho type.

10. Pumpkin 

This pillow has a polyester filling and a super soft poly velvet cover. It has very classy and elegant pleated designs. It is a vintage-inspired pillow that would not only level up your room but also your meditation experience. 

10 Best Meditation Chairs

Aside from meditation pillows, you can also use chairs perfect for your meditation exercise. Here are some of them that I find durable and very comfortable to use. Check it out, and you might want to grab one. 

1. Wooden Meditation Bench

This is a durable and lightweight wood meditation bench perfect for Seiza pose. It’s a bench allowing you to kneel comfortably. In addition to that, it’s lightweight for easy storage and transport. It keeps your legs kneeling without discomfort and spine straight.

2. Friends 

Do you like meditation/yoga chairs with backrests, then this is what you need. This meditation chair offers you great support so you can do your meditation comfortably. It is a design adapted by Dhyan Unmesh, who is an Osho Meditation Facilitator. It can help you get rid of your back pain as you meditate. Plus, it is a low -maintenance yet durable, foldable chair that you should try.

3. Oriental 

One of my favorites is this classic handcrafted Japanese style Tatami chair. It is beautiful, sturdy, and durable to use. Just perfect for floor meditation. You will love the poly satin fabric with an elegant indigo geisha pattern design. It gives you oriental and vibrant vibes as you meditate. 

4. Perfect Kneeling Stool

A lightweight and 100% bamboo meditation chair that you can bring anywhere. This bench requires no leg crossings, but it promotes better blood circulation and deep breathing and boosts your focus. It also helps you lessen knee pressure, fixes your slouchy posture, and ease your back and shoulder as you sit. 

5. Alexia 

Looking for the ultimate relaxation as you meditate? You’ll love its colored leather fabric. It also reduces and eases hip tension. It has a built-in light metal skeleton that offers excellent support as you meditate. Also, it is perfect for a sukhasana pose or a relaxed seated pose. This meditation chair keeps you sitting up straight and prevents the pressure of your body weight. 

6. Jiu si Y 

This beautiful Japanese style floor chair is excellent for your meditation exercise. It looks very elegant, fashionable, yet durable. Not only that, but it can also rotate 360 degrees. Amazing right? Like other meditation chairs, it prevents back pain and promotes good posture. 

7. Padded Portable Floor Chair 

Another foldable and very convenient to use a meditation chair. It allows you to sit comfortably as you keep a healthy posture. It gives you also maximum comfort as you meditate. 

8. BackJack 

It is a cotton made high durable chair with a sturdy backrest. You can also take it anywhere, and it has various colors that you can choose from. They ensure that it can withstand heavy use. 

9.  Buddha 

It is made of100% cotton fabric with an adjustable rectangular back support. Not only is it comfortable to use, but it also promotes good posture as you meditate. It is fully foldable and with a high-quality cushion.

10. Ananda

It is made of hardwood, assuring you that it is sturdy and durable.You will be relaxed as you sit in an upright position with good posture at the same time. It has folding legs that make it easy to transport for outdoor meditation. 

Level up Your Meditation Experience with a Pillow

I recommend having a meditation pillow every time you meditate. You really don’t want your feet to get numb on the floor or suddenly experience any joint pain. Besides that, if you notice the benefits of the ten meditation pillow, you’ll see that it supports proper posture. They may vary in size or shape, but all promise a comfortable, relaxing meditation exercise. At the top of that, they have various designs that will surely match your preferences and character. But remember that no matter how beautiful and comfortable your pillow is, if you are not determined and focused on these practices, you won’t experience all its promised benefits. 

So level up your meditation experience as you level up your meditation pillow. 

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