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The Setting and Intention of a New Moon Ritual

New Moon Intention Setting

The perfect New Moon intention setting must provide you the ideal spot for you to effectively manifest all your desires. Especially if you have never manifested with the moon, you need to find the right spot to get started.

Maybe you have read any of my previous articles on moon manifestation, and they helped you, I can garantee you will learn new techniques about the new moon ritual. I’m excited to share this with you because this is one of my favorite manifesting rituals. 

The new moon is like a new beginning or a brand new start.

new moon ritual

It is the right time to set your intention for the new month and start manifesting again with the universe. This is why the setting the right intention is very important for this New Moon ritual.

What’s important here is your connection with the new moon and ensuring that you engage in this ritual each month. It is like my reset button. Whenever I do this, I feel energized and ready to jumpstart another month. It makes me excited to manifest a new intention in just a short period.

What happens at New Moon  

The new moon is the beginning of the moon phases. It occurs every 29 and ½ days every month. During this time, the moon is aligned with the sun, and it is also when the Masculine energy (Yang) of the sun merges with the feminine energy (Yin).

As soon as the moon and the sun are aligned at the same degrees, it is the time that we start planting our new seeds of desires. Why? It is a tradition in farming that it is best to plant their crops during the new moon since the soil is most fertile and wet.

We know it as the best time to set original intentions because it is like a breath of new life and a phase of new growth. It will help you start fresh and establish your tone for the next cycle. This is the time we rest and reflect so we can plan your new month with new intentions. 

It’s time to try.

Make sure to check out your calendar or find out when the next new moon will be. Gather all the tools you need. It may take a few minutes of your time, but I’m telling you that it will freshen you up, and it seems it will remove a month of stress afterward. 

Your connection with the new moon and why you need a good intention and setting

The moon affects every one of us, especially women and our planet. Even the water in the ocean was intact because of the moon gravitational pull. There is also a belief that women have their monthly bleeding every new moon.

Again, this is the time that women are most in touch with their spirituality and intuition. It is the reason why it is the best time to set new intentions. 

In addition to that, the woman’s body follows the cycle of the moon. Like what I mentioned, it occurs every 29 ½ days, and the average woman cycle is 28 days but it can often take up to 35 days. So imagine how amazing it is to be so connected with the moon. 

Let’s start the New Moon ritual with a good intention setting 

1. Taking a ritual moon bath

Before I start my ritual, I love taking a moon bath. I feel like it washes away any negativities. You may try to add some Epsom salt in your bath as it can remove any impurities and clear your body’s energetic field. A warm bath is so relaxing with soft music at the same time. 

2. Set up your sacred place 

Start by finding a calm and quiet place where you can do the ritual. You can use a sage to cleanse your space. It is also great to do the ritual in a room to close the door, and you can prevent any form of distractions. If you live with others, you can ask them to spare you a few minutes of quiet time. Gather things that you need to have the best intention setting for your new moon ritual.

1. Manifestation candles – Select the color of the candles that matches your intentions. It represents fire.

2. Manifestation crystal – It is optional. It represents Earth. 

3. A glass of water with salt- It represents the ocean.

4.  Get a Pen 

5.  Paper or manifestation journal

3. Breathing exercise

Sit comfortably and start with breathing exercises. It can help you release any tensions on your body. Relaxing your mind and body allows you to focus on your intentions. Just place your one hand on your stomach and the other on your heart. Feel your breathing. Breathe through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Repeat it for a couple of minutes until you clear your mind and feel grounded at the same time. End your exercise by placing both hands on your heart and thanking your body. 

4. Write down your intentions

It is time now to write down the list of your desires in your life. You can also write down anything that you want to release. These are beliefs, habits, or anything that blocks you in getting what you want or anything that is not serving you. 

Writing down your intentions will give you a bigger picture of what your heart truly desires. Don’t hesitate to ask for big things. Remember that the universe has unlimited resources, so don’t limit yourself. You can dream big. You just need to ask for it. Be specific with your request. 

Use a positive affirming statement like: 

“ I am living life with great abundance.” 

“ Yes, I have a healthy body.”

“ Happiness is my goal.”

“ I want to be the employee of the month.”

“ The key to my dream house in Florida will be given to me soon.”

“ I am capable of manifesting all my desires.” 

5. Declare your intentions

Intention setting ritual for new moon

Now that you have written your intentions, it is now the time for you to declare it so that the universe will know what you want. Slowly breathe and start declaring. You can read it out loud, or you can say it on your mind. Repeatedly say it until it naturally flows on your mind. As you speak it aloud, you are attracting them to manifest in our life. Make sure that you feel each word as you say it. 

6. Meditate 

Follow your breathing, sit still, and start visualizing your desires, turning to reality. See yourself entering the life that you were asking for. Imagine how opportunities come along the way. 

Meditate for 10 to 15 minutes, and feel each word of your intentions and allow it to naturally flows in your body 

7. Closing

Close and set aside the paper or journal where you write down your intentions. Read it every night and make sure to visualize it too. Keep it in a safe place after. Then close it with a simple prayer or mantra. Thank the universe for the upcoming blessings and be ready to receive it. I usually do not blow off the candle since some say you are stopping the magic. I allow the candle to consume itself, so I typically have a small candle for my ritual. Then you can follow it with a cup of refreshing tea after. 

Enjoy the process of new moon intentions.

The new moon intention setting plays a vital role in your rituals. The sanctity of your ritual and the effectiveness of your manifestation dramatically depends on it. The new moon ritual is a way for you to get in touch with yourself, reflect, plan, and take action after.

Yes, it requires effort, but it is worth it. The universe cannot give you what you need to fulfill your request without you taking action. As you do the ritual, you send energy that aligns with the universe creating beautiful things come into your life. It is always at your back, supporting, guiding, and working with you to make things possible beyond your imagination. 

Don’t forget that you have to commit to the moon magic.

Consistency is crucial so that you can keep the energy going. You’ll be amazed that one day, one by one, your intentions started to manifest. You’ll experience the magical power of the new moon as it gives you whatever you declare to it. 

I hope you enjoy reading this blog. I want you to feel peace, love, prosperity, and more. Believe me, you never know what you truly deserve if you do not try to get it. I can’t wait to hear your experiences doing this ritual. Enjoy the process and let the universe take care of the rest. 

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Your intention and setting for new moon ritual





We have to decide what we want and must go after it. When we learn how the Law of Attraction works in our lives, we will see how the universe can conspire with our thoughts and manifest our dreams.

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