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How Moon Phases Tie into Moon Manifestation

Moon Phases For Manifestation

The moon manifestation is a form of the law of attraction approach that follows the moon phases. Doing moon rituals is a great way to integrate a holistic self-care into your life, because each moon phase taps into all life aspects to attract manifestation in general. 

The moon is so magical that it can help you process manifestation. What your desires do not arrive overnight, just like the moon. It undergoes phases before it reaches the full moon. The phase of the moon will serve as your framework to find peace and unfold your lives. 

Manifesting via 8 Phases of the Moon

Each phase of the moon carries an energy that taps on everything that is crucial in terms of manifesting our desires. Amongst the 8 phases of the moon, the new moon and full moon are considered as the most important phases. 

1.New Moon

The new moon happens when the moon and the sun align and conjoin in the sky. It is when the sun’s energy(yang) merges with the moon essence (yin). During this phase, you have to set your intentions and make a plan. It is the time to plant a new seed of your desire.

Make sure that you clearly see what you want to happen in the end. Writing your intentions and knowing what you really desired can bring manifestation quicker.

 2.Waxing crescent moon

After you set your intention and visualize your desired end results, it’s time to anchor your intentions. Read the new moon intentions that you write daily and manifest. Make sure to use affirmation and practice visualization. This is when you begin to activate the law of attraction that can lead you to what you desire.

3.Waxing quarter moon

This is the time that the moon and the sun square each other. It means that it is also the time for you to your current challenges and decides what end result you want. It’s time for you to understand the issue and create an appropriate plan. 


4.Waxing gibbous

The moment that there is high energy as the lunar momentum waxing peaks. This is the time that you also level up your energy to take massive action in pursuing your intended desire. Make sure that you give all your heart and effort to take action.

5.Full moon 

manifest with the full moon
The full moon manifestation ties into the law of attraction

During a full moon, the moon illuminates as it receives light from the sun and that makes manifestation easier. This is the best time to reflect on nourishing your soul. This is the phase that there is a strong gravitational force resulting in a very powerful intuitive breakthrough. You get outside, see the moon shining brightly and nourish your self with the light coming from the moon as you reflect at the same time. 

6.Waning gibbous moon

As the moon wanes, you should release the blockage from getting what you desire. Reflect to identify those blockages and what holding you back then let go. These leaks and roadblocks interfere in manifesting what you want.

7.Waning quarter moon

You should be fully committed to this phase as the moon starts to wane, and lights diminish. Assess your emotion and identify what it wants to tell you.

8.Waning crescent moon

Time to reread your new moon intention. Assess if you were able to manifest or if there are changes from the time you wrote it. This is the time to reflect if you did well in executing the process. 

Moon Rituals

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Doing moon rituals is the best way to start connecting with the moon and leveraging its energy. It is an ancient practice of people in China, India, Babylonia, China, and Egypt before. They worship the moon as part of their culture. They considered it sacred because they see how the moon’s phases influence the growth and reduction of human life, animals, and plants. 

New moon ritual

It signifies a brand new start. The moment that we reflect what we want in our lives and let go of negative thoughts. You just need to know what you really want to ask from the Universe what life you want to create. 

Set a clean and organized environment

A clean, clutter-free can set the note of your ritual. You can look for a peaceful space in your home, with candlelight and meditation music. It’s also better if you can see your dream board or vision board. Don’t forget your sacred pen and paper you will use in writing your affirmation. 

Call for the Divine connection.   

Ask for a connection with your divine source of energy, which you think supports you most. It can be your angels, guides, or other divine connection you consider in your life. 

Sit comfortably and start writing.

Once you find your comfortable position, you can now start writing your desires and feelings that you want to release like fears and barriers. Write down what you want to manifest in your life. Use positive affirmation words and in the present tense. 

” As a teacher, I am great!”

“In my class I am the top student.”

“I am a successful restaurant owner.”

“My life is content am I am delighted.”

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Declare what you desire.  

Declare out loud with feelings. It’s crucial that you feel what you are saying, it is essential in the manifestation process. The more you feel it, the more you attract it. It’s also better if someone can hear your affirmation, it is fascinating because they can hold your desires too.

End with meditation

Now that you let go and ready to accept your hopes and wants, it’s time to meditate. Identify your comfortable position, sit quietly, follow your breathing, and visualize your desire as if it was happening in the present moment. It allows your passion for flowing and rising from your higher self. Don’t let any self-doubt or judgments arise in your thoughts. You may not be able to control it, but you can reframe it. 

Full moon ritual

Do the moon manifestation now
Manifesting with 8 Phases of the Moon

The full moon symbolizes full energy, completeness, and fruitfulness. This is the time you reflect and celebrate manifestations. It recharges you and recalibrates your energy.

  • Find a quiet and calm place.

Find a quiet and comfortable spot at home. Follow your breath as you inhale and exhale until you feel calm. 

  • Write your reflections

Reflect and write down what happened in the past weeks. Identify if you succeed or not. If not, check what are the barriers and find opportunities for growth. 

  • Release the barriers and declare. 

Now that you identified what hinders the manifestation flush out these barriers or goal blockers. Declare again what your heart desire. 

Moon bath

Nourish your body with the moonlight as you step out from the house and feel the moonlight shining upon you. 

  • Move your body

Dance with your favorite music to celebrate whether the manifestation happened or not. This can release positive energy and make you happy inside. It helps you also create a new opportunity and find your rhythm in achieving it. 

3 Detailed full moon rituals 

There are actually kinds of full moon rituals that you can try. Just make sure that you clear your mind and open your heart whenever you perform each ritual. 

Moon Water Ritual

In doing the moon water ritual, you need a container with a lead like a mason jar. Just fill it with tap water and place it outside where there is direct light from the moon. Stay for a few minutes as you put the jar in place. Declare your intentions is on its way. Collect it in the morning and use it by doing the following:

  • Take a sip of the water every day to remind yourself that the moon is powerful and intentions are about to manifest. 
  • Use your moon water when you are bathing to refresh and boost their power. 
  • Use it on your beauty regimens. You can add a few drops of it on your facial toner to remind you of the moon’s beauty and life. 

 Moon wishes manifestation ritual. 

On this ritual, you will write all your intentions. These are your full moon wishes that you want to manifest. You need a candle, matches, pen, paper, box or jar, and your focus. 

Steps in doing Moon wishes manifestation ritual:

  • Light the candle and clear your mind. 
  • Think of what you want to release and what you want to receive.
  • Write down things that you like to manifest over the next month.
  • Keep the paper with your wishlist on a special box or jar.
  • Bring it outside where the moonlight can shine to it. 
  • Place the jar or box with your wishlist on a spot that you can always see it. 
  • Before you sleep every night, slowly read your list, and reflect.

Spirit tool energy cleansing ritual 

For you to start the ritual, you need spirit tools such as Copal incense or Frankincense, sage, and palo santo. These are herbs and resins that can help you cleanse from negative energy. The smoke clears negative energies and creates high vibes around your home. This is best done on full moon night to clear bad vibes.

 Steps in doing spirit tool energy cleansing ritual:

  1. Light up your spirit tools( sage or incense).
  2. Carry it and waft the smoke around your body 
  3. Go around with the smoke around your house. 
  4. As you do it, tell the mantra, “I call in abundance and positivity for this new month ahead” or “I release the thoughts that no longer serve me from reaching my highest potential.” 
  5. Make sure that you waft the smoke in all corners of your house, including your electronic device. 
  6. Continue wafting the smoke around, let the old energy go out by opening the door or window. 
  7. Let the new energy comes in as the moonlight shines at the open door or window of your home. 
  8. Make sure to keep the window open to bath your home with the fresh moon energy. 

Make a deeper connection with the moon.

You must appreciate each phase of the moon to effectively manifest your desire. Your deeper connection with the moon is creating a step by step guide on how you will slowly but surely fulfilling what you desire. It is a process that cannot skip any level to be successful. 

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Just like the moon phases, we also have phases in life, and you must start by identifying your intuition, execute, reflect and start manifesting. It is not a one day process success, but instead you have to commit at least 3 cycles to see what comes up for you. 

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Moon manifestation and the LOA
Moon manifestation is magical


We have to decide what we want and must go after it. When we learn how the Law of Attraction works in our lives, we will see how the universe can conspire with our thoughts and manifest our dreams.

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