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Do You Have a Vision During Your Meditation? Find out the meaning

Meditation Vision

There are people experiencing meditation vision as they go through the ritual. This vision is not an extraordinary experience. It cannot happen all the time of meditation. It is not real, yet the subconscious mind perceives it as real. 

Vision can occur during the phase between sleep and or conscious awareness. You’ll see mental images, but most of the time, it can be shapes, light, or color. It is said to be a gift that serves guidance in your life. The vision has something to do with the spirituality of your mind during that meditation. 

How to react to meditation visions

meditation and different visions


When you meditate, you must know how to recognize your emotions, sensations, and thoughts as they arise. Learn how you let those pass without rejecting it or taking it as a big deal.

When you have meditation vision, you have some kind of thought that is realistic and dramatically holds the power of attraction. Don’t let this vision to distract you. Do not attempt to interpret or analyze it; instead, continue and focus on your breathing. Zen practitioners refer to it as “mara” or an illusion that aims to distract your meditation experience. Ignoring them trained you in letting go. Also, your brain creates visions most especially if you have some sincere wish to have mystical experiences. Understand that this can be just some projections of our desires or illusion. It’ll just vanish if you manage to focus back on your meditation.

Different Meditation Visions and Interpretation

 Do not focus on these meditation visions as you go through the ritual. After your meditation, that’s the time you might think what those visions mean. Here some interpretation that can help you understand why you have these visions and what does it mean. 

Let’s start here:

Seeing triangle light on your face means that you have to moderate and might lose your ego and interest in proving oneself. It also means that you have lost your interest in success and doesn’t care if you fail. 

Crossing a very bright and dazzling light– These lights are called Sushumna. It can distract you because of its powerful light. It can be shining brightly like the sunlight that may strain your eyes. The good thing about it is, it signifies graciousness. 

Seein creatures from the astral world –  If you see them with a bright light, it means they are deity that encourages you to continue your meditation journey. They also appear to bless, support and boost your capacity to meditate. 

Most common visions:

                        vision when meditating           meditation ocean vision

An eye – It means that you are opening your “Third eye” or your inner wisdom and knowledge.

A pyramid – It signifies complications or some troubles. You’ll get rewarded of you ca overcome it. 

Stars – It usually happens when you are down. The start means that you will overcome it very soon. 

The ocean – It is a sign of transformation. There might be something that you need to change in your life. 

The universe – It means you reach the peak of your meditation journey. 

Seeing your self – It is having contact with your inner self. It can be giving you a direction on how to be a better version of yourself.

The sky or open space-  This can mean a manifestation of your desires, but it still depends on your mindset and life events if manifestation happens.

Faces – You might see faces of deceased loved ones because you may need their support and guidance at that moment. 

Here it is where it gets interesting:

Crossing the mountain or river – It means that you are at the peak of your meditation journey. 

A snake- This means that you have to take action on something. It can also mean transformation or calmness in chaos.

Water – This signifies purification. You have to remove negative emotions and need to make some life-changing actions.

An unborn baby – It can be a potential new important project you need to work on.

The full moon – It signifies realization in your life. 

Crescent moon – It means that you have an unfulfilled goal or desires.

A Cow- It means the spiritual light shines upon you.

A horse- It signifies energy and force.

An elephant  – It means that you have to learn how to cooperate with people around you. 

An Eagle – It tells you to run after or soar high for your dream. 

A wolf – It signifies yours wants to be free and independent.

A cat-  It means that you have to give more time and care to your self. 

Seeing a lion – It means oneself strength.

What is your favorite colour and see what it means when you have a color vision during meditation

Seeing colors – each color has its meaning.

  • Blue – it depicts the throat. You are blocking this if you are making a lie. 
  • White – It signifies our energy source. Blocking this may cause anxiety or dissociation.
  • Yellow – it signifies our solar plexus chakra. It is where our emotions run throughout our bodies.
  • Purple – It means the manifestation of clairvoyance/
  • Green – It signifies your heart that you need to love and feel loved at the same time.
  • Orange – This denotes our creative and sexual energy within. 
  • Red – it means that we have to connect to our mother earth. Be involved with activities that help mother earth. 

Use your visions as your guide.

Meditation practices help you to connect to your higher self. You still have to keep in focus even you encounter some visions as you meditate. Use this article as your guide to interpreting your visions after your meditation. 

No matter what your visions depict, it all still depends on you. It depends on how you will focus on your meditation journey, how you will use those visions, and how you react to different situations in your life. You are still in control. Use these visions to guide you. Negative vision may serve as your warning so that you can make changes and turn it to a positive thing in your life. Positive visions are there to inspires you to continue with your meditation journey and achieve a happier life. 


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We have to decide what we want and must go after it. When we learn how the Law of Attraction works in our lives, we will see how the universe can conspire with our thoughts and manifest our dreams.

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