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Steps to Relax Before Your Manifestation Ritual

Relaxation And Manifestation

“The life you want is a manifestation of self-realization.”-Bryant McGill

When you start your manifestation ritual you must be in your most relaxed state. Sending out stressed vibration will only attract more negative vibrations. Your mind is like a lake and your thoughts are the wind.

When you are calm and your thoughts are at peace, the lake stay still. There are no ripples. You can see the water clearly. If your thoughts are clouded and you have doubts and questions, your lake can become muddy.

When you are stressed, it is like having a lake with murky water. You can see your reflection because the water is not clear, and the Manifestation ritual would not work well.

You can’t even decide because everything is a blur. How would the law of attraction work if you cannot focus with your blurry mind? Here are relaxation exercises that you can do to keep your mind relaxed so you can have a successful manifestation ritual. Here you’ll find the benefits of using a Brain Sensing Headband for your manifestation ritual.

Steps To Relax Before Your Manifestation Ritual


1. Start by finding a place for your meditation.

It should be quiet and private. Find a comfortable position. You can sit or lie down. Allow at least 25 minutes for your relaxation and manifestion exercise. For those of you who do not have 25 min a day, get started in just 3 minutes a day. But let us go ahead. Please do not wear shoes during the exercise and wear compfy clothes, because relaxation equals a good manifestation.

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2. Practice proper breathing first.

Start by having slow, long, and deep breaths through your abdomen. Inhale and hold it for five second, then exhale. You know you are doing it right when your body expands while inhaling and it contracts while exhaling. Don’t force your breathing, breathe naturally.

3. Once you are sure that you are doing the breathing exercise properly, close your eyes.

Feel your body relax from your head to your toe.

4. Start by feeling your feet.

Are they feeling cold or warm? Make sure that your heels are touching the ground. You can wear socks while doing the exercise but don’t wear shoes.

5. Now check your ankles.

Make sure your ankles are comfortable with your position so are your calves and back of your knees. Do you feel any pain or sensation from these parts of your body? Now, try o breathe into this region. Check if your calves will go limp. Don’t force this step, just send your intention as you breathe towards it.

6. Check your sheen and knees for any sensation.

Breathe into these areas too. What if you don’t feel anything on a particular area? It is okay! Just do your best for at least five to ten seconds then move to the next step.

7. Next stop is your hamstrings.

Is it in contact with the floor or your clothes? Do you feel anything around it? Breathe towards it. Does it soften up? Now move to the next part which is your thighs.

8. Do you feel anything on your thighs?

Breathe naturally while trying to loosen up your thigh. Remember, relaxation is the best way for a good manifestation.

9. Your next target is your buttocks.

Breathe towards your gluteal muscles. It is the muscle in your buttocks that contracts when you are stressed. Breathe towards it to loosen it up.

10. Now check your pelvic region.

Breathe into your pelvic region while allowing it to relax. Don’t worry about how you can breathe in to these body parts. Just think about it because your intention is being heard by your body and your body will make each body part respond appropriately.

11. Feel your belly now.

Your belly has its own responses. Feel it and let your breath loosen it up.

12. Then move your attention to your lower back.

Give it five seconds to relax then move to your chest.

13. Your chest moves whenever you breathe.

Feel it expands as you inhale. Check how it contracts when you exhale. Let your chest muscles relax and melt as you focus your breathing towards it.

14. Move your attention to your upper back.

Your focus will be on your back muscles, your spine and your two shoulder blades. Give your upper back its five seconds. Breathe into it. Is it relaxed now? If your back muscles have now melted, it is now time to change your focus towards your hands.

15. For your hands, you have to work and breathe on your fingers, palms, wrists, elbows, and forearms.

Give your fingers and palms ten seconds each and five seconds to your forearms. Breathe towards your upper arm then and let it loosen up.

16. Slowly feel your shoulder afterwards.

Do you feel anything on your shoulders? Breathe towards it, going up to your throat. Feel your throat loosen up. Then move higher to your face.Your face is like reflects your emotions. At some point, you might be able to hide your emotions but most of the times, it shows on your face. The 42 facial muscles you have can create hundreds of expressions to show how you are feeling. As you meditate, focus on your face and its small parts like your mouth, chip, jaw, lips. Give each part five seconds. Breathe into each part and feel them loosen up and relax.

17. As you inhale, focus on your nose.

Did you feel any sensation on your nostrils as you breathe in? Does it feel warm when you exhale? Let your nose bridge and nose bone relax. Breathe into your cheeks. Is it loosening up? How about your cheekbones? Let your cheeks soften up. Focus on your ears? Can you hear and feel your breathing?

18. Now pay attention to your eyes.

Take a closer look at how your eyes are arranged. From your eyelids, to your eyeballs, and to your eye sockets.

19. Move higher to your head.

Can you feel your skull and your scalp? do you feel the follicles on your hair? Can you look inside your head? Do you see or feel your brain muscles and how it lay there, resting, calm, and in peace?

20. As you put your entire body at ease, you will feel your body loosening up.

Give it 20 seconds then take deep breathes. Open your eyes and stretch your hands and legs. You will feel energized.


A successful manifestation ritual depends on how relax you are. Look ahead and vision yourself enjoying your dreams in the future. You can only envision that joy if you are fully relaxed during manifestation.

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We have to decide what we want and must go after it. When we learn how the Law of Attraction works in our lives, we will see how the universe can conspire with our thoughts and manifest our dreams.

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