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How Manifestation Magic Will Change Your Life (review)

Manifestation Magic

If you are not a fan of reading books but wanted to practice the law of attraction, you may want to consider the Manifestation Magic. Have you ever heard about it before? I always want to try any tools in manifesting my desire, and I never missed the chance to try it.

 There were times that I really just wanted to sit back, relax, and listen to something to calm my mind, and Manifestation Magic is one I have used. I heard a lot of feedback before, and I was convinced to buy and try it. 

If you’re wondering if this tool gave me a magical experience, well, you have to know first more about it, what it is, how it works, how to use it, and more. Today, I will share more details about this tool, my experience, and my recommendation with you. Are you excited? 

What is Manifestation Magic

Manifestation Magic

Manifestation Magic is a package with audio tracks materials with the core concepts of energy orbiting. Watch the video here. It is a unique program created by Alexander Wilson. He based it on the idea that everything has its frequency. It releases a vibration that attracts or pushes away things. 

Remember one lecture in our Physics subject? ” Truly everything in the world is made of tiny invisible particles.” The movement of these particles creates vibrating energy. This energy creates a frequency. Whenever we have a lower body frequency, lesser power created, and the heavier, you feel your problems and struggles. On the other hand, the higher the frequency of our energy, the higher the vibration, which makes you feel lighter physically, emotionally, and mentally. It gives you a feeling of joy, peace, love, and clarity

Energy orbiting is a modern idea of combining hypnotic direction, Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), and the brain’s ability to trigger the healing process. It also can turn negative thoughts, feelings, traumas into positive ones. Manifestation magic aims to create energy balance, and energy orbiting is an excellent solution for any negative imbalances. When you increase your frequency, you are also raising your vibration. That high vibration gives you inner peace, motivates you, and promotes inner peace. The best of all, your energy helps you attract things you need to manifest your goals and desires. 

Alexander J. Wilson

Alexander has a master’s degree in psychology, the best selling author, and a spiritual teacher. He has written various books about spirituality and the law of attraction. But before that, Alexander claimed that he was lost; he lost his jobs and felt rejected. He just had a realization and decided to turn his life. Alexander has been studying ancient and contemporary spirituality and spiritual masters to have a vast knowledge of Universal Law. The Manifestation Magic is a compilation of all the wisdom he gains from his experiences and studies. 

How does it work?

You will listen to the audio tracks every day before you sleep. It will deliver subliminal messages and reprogram your subconscious brain while you are at rest. Whenever we are sleeping, it is easy to change the neurological process as the mind is in a suggestive state. 

Benefits of different waves

Attract your abundance into your life by using the divine “musical tone” of the Angels!

Delta Waves – If your brain is in delta state, your body repairs and replenishes itself. Here are some of the most benefits you’ll get from Delta waves: 

Delta brainwaves

● It triggers the release of anti-aging hormones. 

● It puts you in meditational states.

● The program heals any body pain.

● Assist bone density and cartilage. 

● And it connects you to the universe spiritually.

Theta Waves – This is the state where you relieve your worries and any anxious feelings. Check out this benefits of Theta states:

Theta brainwaves

● Lessen your stress or fear.

● Boost creativity.

● It helps you to rewrite your subconscious, imagined patterns.

● Boost mind restoration.

● Improved your visualization skills. 

Beta Waves – This is activated whenever we do decision making and problem-solving.These waves move you to states of concentrated attention. You’ll love these waves because of the benefits. 

Beta Brainwaves

● Improve your memory

● Boost your energy.

● Enhance your focus.

● Makes you more motivated

Benefits of Manifestation Magic you’ll get 

Watch the short video here

If you were looking for a course that you can complete efficiently because of your short attention span or too busy, you have to try it. Aside from you can achieve this in a minimum of 24 hours, it also has a lot of benefits that will surely change your way of thinking and your life. 

It changes your thought patterns. 

Our thought patterns are our brain’s neural connections, which strengthen over time. The subliminal messages help you improve your thought patterns and create a new one. 

Promote positivity

It changes your old thinking patterns, like negative thoughts into positive thinking and habits.

Helps you remove any limiting belief

Always remember that one main factor why we fail is because of limiting beliefs. As it alters your brain patterns, it also helps you remove any limiting beliefs.

It serves as guided hypnosis.

As you listen to the tracks, it operates like guided hypnosis that is also an excellent therapy that expands your brain visualization process. 

You can achieve the following :

● Achieve financial freedom.

● Become happier than before. 

● Become the best version of yourself.

● Achieve wellness and perfect health

● Get your dream career, home, and car.

● You can and will create a deeper connection with your partner.

● Attract specific people like your soulmate.

What you’ll get with the Manifestation Magic program

Click here to watch full video or keep reading

Module 1: Quick Start Manifestation Guide

This module serves as your guide on how you can effectively do the program. It includes guided instruction on how to go through with the process of listening to the audio tracks.

Module 2: Complete “Energy Orbiting” Tracks 

These tracks help you enhance your chakra wealth energy. It includes transformational tracks, and each has a different purpose. 

●     Twilight transformation- 

It is a 20-minute delta audio track that resonates with your brain’s delta waves as you are in a deep sleep. Consider it as the most powerful and vital track. Turn on this track before going to bed. No matter if you consciously or unconsciously listen to it, it will help you remove any mental blockages that limit you in achieving financial freedom. 

●     Daytime Wealth Activator- 

At this time, this is a 20-minute audio track with beta waves. These are the waves present when your mind is actively functioning. It is part of the “energy orbiting system,” so you have to play this track when you are working or actively moving. 

●     10 Minute Meditator Tracks (Part 1 and Part 2) –

 Each part lasts for 10 minutes, where theta waves to bring you to a deep state of meditation. The effects are equivalent to about a full hour of traditional meditation.


Yes, it has bonuses that you’ll enjoy, and it will make you feel paying worth the price. 

Bonus product

Bonus 1: The Chakra power system – 

This power system consists of seven tracks, for 10 minutes each. It activates one of the seven chakras. By activating the chakras and tuning your frequency, you are opening a gateway of energy that promotes personal growth as you do some spiritual practices like meditation. Aside from that, it also eliminates the feeling of disempowerment, unworthiness, fears, and confusion.

Here are the 7 Chakra Power System:

●     Muladhara chakra –

Also called the root. It is the basis of existence and is considered the foundation of the “energy of the body. “It frees you from any doubt about your focus and money mentality.

●     Svadhisthana chakra –

It is the Sacral sacra as the clearing session, which blocks fear, and gives you positive energy to obtain wealth. 

●     Manipura chakra –

It is called the Solar plexus that also serves as the full potential session. It is the center of your will power, energy, and achievement. It helps you harness wealth and boosts your money-making potential. 

●     Anahata chakra –

 With the heart chakra wherein you practice the art of gratitude and abundance. It helps you attract money power and attracts love into your life. 

●     Vishuddha chakra –

This chakra is the throat chakra that aims to release your true self.

●     Ajna chakra –

 The pineal gland chakra works on your intuition. It helps you have more focus on wealth as well as health. 

●     Sahasrara chakra

 Another one is the highest purpose session. It boosts the intellectual thinking that moves you towards wealth. 

Bonus 2: 360 Transformation system

This bonus includes “energy orbiting” tracks that help you remove any mental blockages and move you to financial success. Here are the following tracks you’ll get.

● Wealth Awakening

● Mystical Chi Gung

● The Heartbeat

● Slow String Relaxation

● Stargaze

● Divine Tranquility

● Whispering Waves

Bonus 3: Manifestation Magic App

Yes, there is more. You can download a very convenient way to use the manifestation magic system. You’ll have unlimited access to all of the tracks on your phone or any android and IOS device. 

Final Thought

I enjoyed this program most and still use it, mainly during my busy days and whenever I need to relax and re-focus. Most especially if I feel physically or mentally exhausted, and everything seems shaky, I’m telling you that this will help you increase your vibration, tune in yourself, and help you achieve abundance. Aside from that, various tracks that help you remove brain blockages, limiting beliefs, and other negativity will manifest your desires. It is not surprising why there are a lot of people giving positive feedback on this program. 

What you’ll be paying for is worth the price. You will get more than what you pay for. Not only because of the bonus tracks and the app but also the long term positive effects. Try it and experience the magic it brings to your life.

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manifestation magic review



We have to decide what we want and must go after it. When we learn how the Law of Attraction works in our lives, we will see how the universe can conspire with our thoughts and manifest our dreams.

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