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Easy Manifestation With These Fun Games

Manifestation Games For You

If you want to put some excitement in practicing the law of attraction, you can try playing fun manifestation games. Remember the time we were still a kid when we loved playing games. It makes us so excited to play with our friends, and we often use our imagination, pretending to be a doctor, a teacher, a police officer, a beauty queen, and many more. We act as if it was real.

Playing manifesting games can give us joy and excitement like what we used to have when we were kids. Especially if you see the results where your desires start to manifest one by one. It helps you bring back your creativity when you were still young. The games will help you rebuild the creative power within you that will manifest your desires.

What are manifestation games

These are simple exercises that activate your mind power and practice the law of attraction. It is a fun way to attract things into our life but having no attachment to the outcome. When we intentionally try to manifest what we want, we become frustrated when we want something but cannot have it. That’s how manifestation games work.

We just play games and not focus on what could happen when we were still kids. The important thing is you’re having fun without thinking who will win. Playing the manifestation games aim to have that kind of thinking when we were still kids. It will help you to make things happen  quickly.


How it enhances your ability to manifest?

Once you start playing the game, you will be able to manifest little things. As you see results often, the more you develop faith. That faith knows that it happens and not believing it can happen.

As you develop faith, the more you strengthen your manifestation abilities. Because you have faith, you never get frustrated or desperate to win . You know it manifests over and over. You become more excited and happy as you see the manifestations happen.
Fun and powerful manifestation games you should try.

Communication games for easy manifestation

It is a fun and exciting game where you can practice the law of attraction. In this game, you will attract someone to contact you. It can be someone you are longing for or someone you like. Some practice this game by trying to attract their crush to contact them. It can be exciting.

You will mentally talk to them and ask them to contact you for whatever reason. You can start by attracting someone who regularly approaches you then slowly to those who spoke to you a long time ago. You’ll then imagine that it is already happening and as if you were talking to each other. Visualization is a powerful tool in this game. It will help you send a message to that person telepathically, then they will have the vibration of communicating with you.

Wallet game

walet game manifestation

Cut a piece of paper with the same size of paper money. Write down $500 to it. Put it inside of your wallet. Keep reminding yourself that you have cash on your wallet. If you passed by a store and you saw something that you like visualized that you used the $500 money on your wallet to buy it. Then imagine that you are checking your wallet and still see another $500 on it. Keep on visualizing that you can buy the things you like with that money. This helps you attract abundance into your life.

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Ask the Universe


It is a simple game. All you have to do is to ask the Universe with a physical sign. Example asking for a sign like a purple flower on your doorstep or a triple sign like 999 in anything. If these signs show up, your desires will manifest.

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Mail Surprise

You may start to be excited about opening the mailbox once you start playing this game. You won’t have negative feelings opening the mailbox because you are expecting not just a bill but a surprise mail. These will help you to have excited feelings in opening bills. Imagine as you open an envelope from the mailbox containing a cheque with an amount. Visualize yourself opening the envelope with a check or a piece of good news. Each envelope you open puts smiles and excitement on your face.

20 seconds game

Look for three things that you’ll attract to see or hear within that day. You can start with simple things. An example is you wanted to see a cherry. You will search for a picture of a cherry online, focus looking at it for 20 seconds. and you go on with your normal daily activities. You have to be alert, to see a cherry again within that day. It can be the real fruit or a picture.

Attracting rare things with the manifestation games

It is a great way to practice our thoughts to turn to reality. Think of things that can rarely be seen. An example is attracting to see quintuplets. Say your intention: “ I want to see quintuplets. Focus on that intention, and you’ll be amazed that you will see quintuplets.

An extraordinary gift

manifestation game gift

State your intention that you wanted to receive a gift within that day. It can be any form of an award. Be alert of the indirect gift that you’ll receive. An example is you went to a grocery store to buy stuff. You see that your favorite dress is on sale. It was 50% off. You remember that you like to buy it, but your money is not enough, and you wished that it would be on sale. Since it was 50%, you were able to buy it now and realized that it is a gift you attract.

Manifestation box games

You will write down your desires on pieces of paper and put it on a special box. Your intentions should be written in the present tense form as if you already have it. Set a day when you will open it to see what has manifested already. You’ll be amazed by how many of it already manifested in your life.

Gratitude box as manifestation games

This time you will write what the things that you are thankful for are. You can try it with friends or family members. This helps you to learn how to appreciate things, even the smallest one. It will create positive energy within you, attracting positive things to come your way too.

Vision Board

This game will be a long term game. Create a board where you will put everything you desire in your life. Cut out images and paste them there. For example, you can put a picture of your dream house and car. It can also be words that you wanted to attract, like love, happiness, and success. Place it on a wall where you can often see it.

The more often you see your vision board, the more you attract those things in your vision board to happen.
Enjoy Attracting and Manifesting.

If you are enjoying attracting things, you create a positive feeling within yourself. In the law of attraction, positivity attracts positive things to come in your way. Let’s mimic our mindset when we were still kids. We had high dreams, and acted as if we were our dream profession. We keeped on imagining things as if they were real. These are precisely what we need to manifest our hopes and dreams.

But, as we got old, we started to develop self-limiting beliefs. We already think that it is impossible even if you haven’t tried it. You believe that you can’t also haven’t tried it yet.

Doing these games helps you to change the way you think. It helps you to visualize so you can attract what you picture out on your mind. Dreams can be a reality as long as you believe it can be real.

Let’s start the game! Enjoy attracting and manifesting your desires!

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We have to decide what we want and must go after it. When we learn how the Law of Attraction works in our lives, we will see how the universe can conspire with our thoughts and manifest our dreams.

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