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Powerful tips on how to manifest your dream body

Manifest Your Dream Body

Powerful tips for manifesting your dream body

manifest your dream body
Hello Beautiful, are you ready to manifest your dream body? I know many of us desire to achieve an ideal body, but it’s hard with tempting and sumptuous foods around us. There are many restaurants, fast food chains, and an online food delivery system that we sometimes or maybe most of the time can’t resist. We are also too busy at work, career, or business that we forget to exercise.

Our body needs nourishment but with the right foods and physical activities. But how can you manifest your desired body? Most of us may say that it is hard, or maybe you’ve tried different diets and exercises, but you always failed in the end. There is a lot of weight loss program, slimming drinks, and kind of diet that claim weight loss effects. Yet, there are still people who fail. Why do you think that we fail to achieve our dream body?

Manifestation starts within you.

It’s not the program nor the diet is the problem, it all depends on you. Have you tried the programs consistently following the rules? Have you been on stress eating most especially, if you are emotionally unstable? So, this is the reason why you fail in your weight loss journey. No worries, I feel your frustrations. I want you to realize what is wrong. I understand your dilemma. I can help you build your confidence, start feeling good about yourself, and manifest the body that you desire.

How you can manifest your dream body

It is not a physical program to get you into shape. It is all about self-discovery, profound experience, and self- empowerment. If you notice there are plus size people who look fabulous and attractive with their size. It is because they feel confident and beautiful with their size. You need to connect with your intuition, self-discovery, and embrace your beautiful body. You can combine this with your weight loss program or existing diet.

1. Set clear intentions

Have read my previous articles? Than you know that setting up clear intentions comes first. This time, it is not because you don’t want to confuse the universe what you desire; instead, you focus our thoughts on what you want. Ask yourself what body you like to achieve? Write down specific details on how you want it to look like. It is an exciting part, and it also increases your excitement.

2. Visualize your goal

Now that you set clear intentions, its time to visualize your intentions. Look for a peaceful spot and start to visualize yourself. What do you look like? What are you wearing? What are you doing?

3. Track your progress by taking photos

Your “before” photos play a big part in your journey. It allows you to see your progress and be inspired to continue with what you are doing. You can take your weekly photos to get more excited about the next week’s weight loss. Imagine yourself feeling good about yourself and loving your curves.

4. Talk to yourself in the mirror

“ You are beautiful.” “ You look fantastic.” “ I love my curves.” These are positive affirmations that you can tell yourself as you look at the mirror. Allow these words absorbed by your mind.

5. Shower out your negativity

Whenever you take a shower, imagine you are flashing out your negative thoughts. Then you can follow up with your mirror talk.

6. Create a vision board

It is also an exciting part of manifesting your dream body. Cut out a photo of a body that you admired. You can replace the face with your picture to see yourself how you look like with that body. Therefore, it becomes more clear to you how you look like with that body. It will also make you feel more excited and more focused on your weight loss journey.

7. Use of Subliminals

Listening to subliminal audio tracks taps your subconscious mind creating the manifestation of your intentions. It allows you to affirmations flow automatically. Reports are saying that it helped them with their amazing body transformation.

8. Listen to your body needs

Know what your body needs. Your body is your temple and your vehicle towards your dreams, so you don’t need to drain yourself or abuse it to get the body your desire. It will make you end up gaining weight instead.

9. Be patient

Manifestation speed is unique for each one of us. It can be faster for some of us. Trust the universe perfect timing. Manifestation much depends on your emotions, beliefs, and desire to transform your body.

10. Loving yourself

In the law of attraction, loving yourself is very important. To manifest, you must love your body now. Love your curves as you go with your transformation progress. It releases positive vibrations as you see the positivity in you. Appreciate your self and your effort as you go through your weight loss journey.

Trust yourself that you can manifest your dream body.

You can get into the best shape as you change your mindset. Using the law of attraction techniques will help you succeed in your weight loss journey. If you struggle to get in shape or keep trying different weight loss programs but still doesn’t work, it means you have to start the change within you.Any kind of manifestation dramatically depends on your mindset, your thoughts, your belief, and your trust that you can manifest your dream body. Start loving your self and live with the body you desire.

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We have to decide what we want and must go after it. When we learn how the Law of Attraction works in our lives, we will see how the universe can conspire with our thoughts and manifest our dreams.

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