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Your Connection with Manifestation Crystals 

Manifestation Crystals

Whatever dreams and desires you like to achieve, a manifestation of crystals can help you with that. If you think crystals are only perfect for jewelry, it is also an ideal tool for manifesting your dreams faster. It was used hundreds of years ago across the world and was known for its magical power. 

These crystals for manifestation align you better with the Universe to boost your manifestation ability. It supports your efforts in manifesting whatever you desire. You’ll love these crystals more, and you’ll discover how to manifest your dreams.

What are manifestation crystals?

Manifestation crystals or stones are a powerful tool that primarily helps you balance your chakras, removing any form of blockages, and tune up your intentions. Each crystal has its uses that will surely excite you to get one, two, or more. The first crystal I have used was clear quartz, and as you read this article, you will know why it’s the first one I bought. I fell in love with the power of manifestation it gave me, and that is why I decided to get a set of different manifestation crystals. I can’t resist their beauty, energy they provide, and how they seem to work for me. 

To help you decide, continue reading this article and discover more about these manifestation crystals. 

How to use Manifestation crystals? 

No worries, using a manifestation crystal is very easy. You can just start with the one that you think that you need the most. Then you will use it as your meditate and focus on a specific intention. To better guide you on how to use it, here are the steps that will help you program your crystals for manifestation and how to use it.  

Step 1: Pick the right crystal that matches your intentions. 

types of cystals

Before you buy any crystals, you must identify which desire you like to focus on. Each crystal supports specific intentions. So I recommend you have to pick the right one that matches your intention. If you haven’t bought any yet, your body will tell you what’s best for you. When you feel that you are too attracted to specific crystals for its qualities, looks, colors, or shape, and you feel specific energy and unique presence on it, then pick that one. The best crystal will be the most appealing one for you.

Step 2: Clean your crystal. 

I treat my crystal as sacred, so whenever I buy one, I make sure to clean it. You can cleanse your crystal physically and energetically with the following ways: 

● Rinse hard stones with natural running water, but this may not be ideal for brittle stones. 

● It is recommended for any type of stone to lit a sage and immerse the crystal in its smoke to restore its natural energy. 

● Soak hard stones in salt water to remove any negativity and unwanted energy absorbed by your crystal. Soak it for a maximum of 48 hours then pat dry. Remember that it is not recommended for soft crystals or porous stones.

● Expose any tumbled stones to natural light to rejuvenate the energy of your crystal. It is not advisable for soft stones or vibrant stones. 

● One way to cleanse any stones is through the use of sound. You can use a bell and singing bowls.

Step 3: Talk to your crystal and ask to be your manifestation crystal. 

It may sound awkward, but yes, you have to talk to your crystal and ask it to be your manifestation buddy. But make sure to ask nicely and with all your heart. Ask it, “Will you be my manifestation crystal?” It may not answer you verbally, but it will start releasing its energy and helping you. 

Step 4: Charge your crystal.

Your crystal needs to be recharge too. You can charge your crystal with the power of the sun and/or the moon. Sun signifies masculine energy while the moon signifies feminine energy. But I love charging my crystal for 24 hours so it will get both and balanced energy. 

Step 5: Meditate with your crystal.

Make sure that you clear your intentions to reprogram your mind as well as your crystal. Find a comfortable and calm place to begin your meditation. Sit or lie while holding your manifestation crystal. Then once your brain reaches the alpha state, focus your mind to your intentions. Tell your crystal:

“I am programming my crystal to manifest (your intention), I trust the power of my crystal. It reminds me of my ability to manifest. Together, we can make it turn (your intention) to reality.” 

Step 6: Keep your crystal on the right spot.

I love putting my crystal beside me to keep our connections as I sleep or relax. You must have a specific box to keep it. You may also place it on the table near the window where sunlight or moonlight can shine upon it to charge it at the same time. 

Step 7: Confess your desire. 

Telling your crystals what your desires are repeatedly to align it with your desire. If you also have a new intention, share it with your crystal so it will know. You may also write it down on a piece of paper a list of your desires and place it at the bottom of the crystal when you keep them. 

Different Crystal for Manifestation

There are various crystals that you can choose from, but some of them may match your intentions better. 

1. Clear quartz crystals

Like I told you in the first part of the article. It is my first and actually my favorite crystal too. Why? That is because this crystal can manifest anything. These stones are considered the “Ultimate Energy Amplifier or Stone power” because they have the highest vibrational energy, and they amplify your energy and intention, making them so powerful to manifest. 

Known as the “Master Healer” because they have the most potent healing energy in the mineral kingdom, and can align you with your thoughts, tune-up your energy, relieve pain, protect you from negative, and activate your chakras. 

You can meditate as you were holding this crystal. Visualize and verbalize your intentions as you meditate. Another way is by placing it at the top of your intentions list or a photograph that shows your intentions. 

2. Amethyst 

Amethyst manifestation crystal

If you need a crystal to boost your inner strength, enhance your wisdom, and provide you spiritual protection, Amethyst is your best partner. It increases your self-awareness, calms your thoughts, tune-up your feelings, reduces stress and anxiety, and expands your consciousness. 

To manifest your desires quickly, you can place it on any table at your house or office to purify negative energies. 

3. Citrine

This is the financial freedom crystal. Citrine can help you manifest abundance, success, and prosperity. It is considered the stone that will bring you luck, enhance your self-esteem, uplift your willpower, and clear any negative energy. If you want to bring success to your business, Citrine or the “Lucky Merchant Stone” is the best for you, as it is known as one of the healing crystals to aid digestion, alleviate depression, decrease self-doubt, mood swings, and eliminate nightmares.

3. Rose quartz

rose quartz

I call it the “Love Stone” since it helps you have unconditional love for yourself and the people around you. It is the crystal for those who are seeking romance. If you wanted to improve your self-love, fill your relationship with love, or find a new romance, well, this is your stone. Keep it next to your bed or have it on your necklace’s pendant so it will be near to your heart to promote harmonious relationships and unconditional love in your home or relationship.

4. Carnelian

The Carnelian is a creativity, courage, and motivation stone, and awakens the creativity skills you may or may not be aware of. You can increase your vitality and energy, making you always on the go, and it eases sadness and protect you from anger, fear, and jealousy. Carnelian is an additional stone if you need some protection energies. Some say that this stone can help you find your right partner and can help you recall your past life. Isn’t that interesting?

5. Black Obsidian 

It is also known as the “Stone of Manifestation,” as it helps you let go of any belief and habits that hold you back and serves as destruction only. It is like a protective shield from self-limiting beliefs and other negativity. The black obsisian makes you more focused, aligned with your intentions, and brings you new opportunities to manifest your desire. You can use it together with your meditation practice as you utter your intentions.

6. Malachite 

I will love this transformation stone, because it can help you to have positive transformational changes. The stone balances your well-being and transforms your mental and physical state by focusing on abundance. It is the reason why it is also a stone for wealth, prosperity, and good fortune. It boosts your self-confidence and increases the chances of your success. Not only that, but it also transforms you spiritually entirely when you meditate. At this stage, the stone will remove any energy blockages, give you wisdom, and increase your spiritual growth. 

7. Blue Topaz

blue topaz

For those who have a fear of public speaking or need to develop their ability to communicate better, Blue topaz can help you to concentrate and think better, so it is perfect for those who need to make presentations.This stone works with the third eye chakra that boosts your mental abilities. It helps you express yourself and remove your fear for public speaking as it heals any inner problem that restricts you in speaking clearly to the public. Moreover, it boosts any gift that you possess.

8. Green Jade

It is the stone that is frequently offered to you as your lucky charm because this is what they call the “Lucky Charm Crystals.” Its energy attracts more wealth and protects your finances. It removes any blockages that stop you from attracting money and eliminates any self-doubt and self-limiting beliefs. You may consider getting green jade with a carved elephant with the trunks up as it is known for bringing prosperity. 

9. Pyrite

Pyrite unleashes your warrior energy. It looks like gold, the reason why it is called “Fool’s gold.” It heightens your vitality, physical stamina, and mental focus, and enhances your manifestation ability as it uplifts your spirit to take action towards your dreams and goals. You can use this as you meditate and mention the affirmation, “I have the power to create what I want.” 

10. Sunstone

I love this stone as it uplifts, and it will make you cheerful, promote temper, and enhance your stamina to take any given task, even the difficult ones. The sunstone gives you confidence and gives you a positive attitude towards life, and removes any inhibitions and self-limiting beliefs to prevent any failure. So if you feel any negativity, take hold of your sunstones to switch it to a positive feeling. 

Interesting Manifestation Crystals Online

1. Tesh Care 

Get a set of manifestation stones that includes seven rows of chakras stones, seven colorful gemstones, rose quartz pendulum and, amethyst cluster. A chakra lava essential oil that gives you a scent of healing is also included. 


Get four pieces of crystals: pink quartz, Amethyst, black obsidian, and clear quartz. It helps you to get faster manifestation results. It also cleanses you from negativity and replaces it with positivity, love, harmony, and tranquility. 

3.Premium Set 

These sets of crystals mainly attract abundance into your life. The combination of Rose quartz, Tiger’s eye, and Clear Quartz can bring your prosperity, purifies negative energy, attracts your soulmate. It also has a healing power by giving your healthy energy. 

4. Jovivi 

If you are looking for a set of various crystals, this can be one of your choices. You’ll get Amethyst, Sodalite Stone, Rose Quartz, Red Jasper, Rock Crystal Quartz, Red Agate, Yellow Aventurine, and Green Aventurine. Not only does it boost your manifestation of abundance, but it is also for healing and balancing your spirit and well-being. 

5. Dancing Bear 

It is not only a set of crystals, but it also includes a Palo Santo stick and Selenite stick. You’ll get seven crystals, including Amethyst, red jasper, aventurine, apatite, clear quartz, carnelian, and orange calcite. You can use the Palo Santo in clearing negative energy when you lift it and allow the fragrant smoke to spread. Selenite sticks are used to recharge your crystals. 

6. Chakra Stone 

These are sets of quality stones and crystals with unique shapes and qualities. They help you balance your chakras most, primarily if you use it for meditation. It is also used for healing and can be with you wherever you go. 

7. Chakra Stones Set 

Get dongling jade, Amethyst, Tiger’s eye stone, red jasper, transparent crystal, obsidian, Pink crystal, and lapis lazuli. All these crystals and stones enhance your meditation experience and manifestation. Plus, it helps your mind and body to recover. It comes with an exquisite box with carvings.   

8. DREAM HOLISTIC Chakra Healing 

These are a set of seven crystals that are intense healing and manifestation stones. You will get tumble stones: clear quartz, Lapis lazuli, Amethyst, Tiger Eye Amazonite, Red Carnelian, and Red jasper. Seven chakras such as Hanger, Raw Rose Quartz, Black Tourmaline Raw Stone, Clear Crystal Raw Point, and Amethyst Cluster. This kit aids mindfulness and recalibrates your chakras. They can also remove any negative blockages at the same time. 

9.  Chakra Stones Set (18 pcs)

Get seven Chakra Engraved Stones (clear quartz, carnelian, Amethyst, green aventurine, sodalite citrine, and red jasper), seven Chakra Bracelet, seven Chakras Tumbled Set, seven chakra Pendulum, seven chakra Pendant Necklace and a Wooden Gift Box with Pyramid Energy Generator in Tree of life. They also offer an E-Book about Chakra and Crystals for Beginners. It increases vitality, transmits life force, promotes healing, and boosts your mental and physical energy. 

10. Zentrinsic Crystal 

It is a combination of three crystals such as Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, and Amethyst plus a bottle of crystal-infused water that provides healing and harmony. It gives you a positive vibration and enhances manifestation results. You can place each crystal on their premium gem bottle since it is interchangeable. 

Love your manifestation crystals 

Loving your crystals is very important if you want it to help you with your manifestation. You talk to them and declare your intentions so that your crystals will support your energies. You have to take care of it and handle it with care. 

There are a lot more crystals available that will surely match your intentions. The good thing online is they sold already sets of these crystals that would match your multiple intentions. You can try one at a time and identify which works best with you. So enjoy attracting your desires and living the life you wanted with your manifestation crystals.

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