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Improve Yourself to Improve Your Life

The Law Of Attraction And Self-esteem

The way you see yourself has a significant impact on your happiness. The law of attraction can help with self-esteem  and will help you understand your self-worth and how you to feel good about yourself.

Your self-esteem dramatically affects the way you live, how you interact with others, how you handle situations, and the way you perceive happiness. 

Boosting your confidence will increase your happiness and your enthusiasm.The passion for pursuing your dreams and life you desire is the end goal. This boost helps you believe in your unique value, potential, and capabilities, and blocks your negative self-conceptions that can hinder your ability to manifest your dream. 

Self-esteem and The Law of Attraction equals Good Manifestation

Low Self-esteem dramatically affects the effectiveness of applying the law of attraction in your life. It can be an inner blockage that hinders the manifestation of your desires. If you don’t believe or feel good about yourself, you are just resisting good things you are trying to attract. 

The law of attraction emphasizes the belief that positivity brings positive experiences and things in life. Happiness is a definite feeling that helps you attract positive things. If you have low self-esteem, you’ll have negative emotions within you that attract negative thoughts too. 

Start to believe in yourself. Tell yourself that you are worthy and valuable. Prevent or overcome the feeling of hopelessness, emptiness, and any other negative look on yourself. If you believe that you can create positive changes and deserve a better life, you can make it happen. 

Tips to Boost Your Self-esteem Right Now

self esteem and the law of attraction

To improve our self-esteem, you need to focus on developing your belief as a worthy and valuable individual. You also need to believe in your capabilities in achieving the life you desire. But how can you do it? Keep reading and find some great tips on how you can boost your self-esteem using the law of attraction. 

1.Make it a daily habit to speak kindly to yourself.

You might think it’s a little bit awkward to talk to yourself, but it can have a big impact on your self-belief. Tell yourself kind and loving words as often as possible. 

“Hi, there! You are awesome. Do you know that?”

“Hi, gorgeous! You are beautiful inside and out.”

Let yourself feel love and appreciation. The more you say kind and loving words to yourself, those words will flow freely in your subconscious mind, and your body thinks it is true.

2. Make it a habit to take action.

If you want things to happen, it is always required to take action. If you don’t take a step to push yourself into taking action, you’ll stay stuck to the old version of you who are tad anxious. 

3. Use of Different affirmations 

The use of daily affirmation helps you instill positivity on your mind. Please use different types of declarations that cover a different aspect of your life.

  • Affirmation to feel attractive – If you think you’re ugly, not beautiful, or fat, using an affirmation that targets your body image can help you start positively looking at yourself. 

“I’m gorgeous, and my body is perfect just the way it is. “

“I’m proud of how I look!”

“I am beautiful inside and out.”

  • Affirmation for Career Success – If you think that you don’t have enough skills to get the job you like or to keep your position, try these affirmations before a job interview or presentation.

“I am a great and confident speaker. I effectively convince my audience.” 

“The skills I have are great for my company. “

“I can make a difference.”

  • Affirmation to have confidence on a date – If you are yearning for love and wanted to attract a new partner in life, try to let go of your limiting beliefs and start to use an affirmation that attracts the future love of your life.

“The love that I deserve will find me.”

“The love of my life is out there.”

“I will meet a loving, supportive, and loyal partner at the right time.”

  • Affirmation to combat fears – If you fear that you will fail as you go on the process of increasing your self-esteem, empower yourself with these affirmations to spark your confidence and succeed. 

“I am ready to accept a positive change in my life.”

“There is nothing to fear. My fear is small and I am greater.”

“I am capable and able to overcome fears and obstacles. I can make a great change.”

  • Affirmation for greater abundance – Believe that you deserve wealth, and you can combat insecurities that hinder your abundance manifestation. 

“I am ready to embrace life with abundance and prosperity.” 

“I can succeed and have an abundant life.”

” Every single day I am moving closer to my dreams .”

5 Steps in boosting your self-esteem

1. Create a negativity log book.

Set a logbook where you can write all your negative thoughts as it arises because this will surely help you become more aware of what makes you feel bad or down. It will give you a bigger picture and identify your negative thinking patterns. With that, you can work on how you can change those thoughts. 

2. Snap out of it! 

I guess by now  you are aware of your negative thoughts about yourself, and it is important to find a way to snap that negativity out of yourself. Try wearing a wrist band and touching it each time you think negatively about yourself. You then tell yourself the positive version of that negative thought. An example is replacing “I look ugly “to “People say I have a beautiful and contagious smile.” 

3. Ask reliable people to tell you what they value about you.

Approach people who you trust and ask them what are the things that they like or value about you. Please make sure that they are those people you can rely on your self-confidence quest. Keep their feedback in your mind, write it on a piece of paper and post it on your mirror. Use them as your daily affirmation by telling it to yourself.

4. Remember that it starts with you.

The support group will temporarily build you up, but it still entirely depends on youto get the long-lasting self-esteem you want. Remember that you are doing it for yourself, not for the others. 

5. Divert your focus.

Doing things that you are passionate about will help you boost your self-esteem. Learn new things, grow, and this will give you a feeling of accomplishment that enables you to increase your self-esteem and confidence. 

You can do it because you are in control of your life.

How you look at yourself affects the way you live and the way you attract things that you wanted. Negative thoughts will only make you feel down and stuck on the life that you tried to escape. At times it may be hard, but always remember that you are still capable of making a change. Take one step at a time and think of what great fortune and life it can bring to you.

You can do it, overcome it, and manifest everything you desire!

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We have to decide what we want and must go after it. When we learn how the Law of Attraction works in our lives, we will see how the universe can conspire with our thoughts and manifest our dreams.

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