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The Law Of Attraction and Good Relationships

Law Of Attraction For Relationships

Can The Law Of Attraction help to build better relationships?

The answer is YES: The law of attraction has worked for many good and happy relationships:

“A loving relationship is one in which the loved one is free to be herself or himself — to laugh with me, but never at me; to cry with me, but never because of me; to love life, to love herself or himself, to love being loved. Such a relationship is based upon freedom and can never grow in a jealous heart.”

Even those that say they are extremely introverted or loners admit that they enjoy some social interaction with others. This is because as humans, we’re hardwired to be social now and then. The reality is that we enjoy experiencing an emotional connection or intimacy with others.

In fact, isolation often brings on feelings of sadness or loneliness. And, research states that humans that bond with other humans actually increase their survival rate by 50 percent. This is why we need to use the law of attraction for relationships to menifest what we want.

This very well may be because from the beginning of time, those that isolated themselves put their survival in jeopardy.

One thing is for sure: We all want to feel happy with our intimate relationships. Whether you’re single and wanting to find that special someone, or you’re in a relationship that’s struggling, using the law of attraction for relationships is the way to go for healthier, happier ones.

What Makes You Happy?

happiness through self care

If you want to experience a blissful, deep, intimate relationship with someone else, you’ll first want to ask yourself some valuable questions. The law of attraction for relationships is based on attracting what you truly desire from your core being. So, if you aren’t sure, then you’re not really using that law to your advantage.

Take some time to really think about the following questions. Write them down so you’ll have them handy.

  •  What makes you feel happy?
  •  What do you value in a partnership? Are you ready to be intimate with that special someone? Really ready?
  •  What kind of person are you interested in?
  •  What kind of person do you want to avoid?
  •  Are you able to give your time and energy to a relationship?
  •  Is there some kind of inner healing work you’ve been avoiding?
  •  Do you feel like you love yourself?
  •  Are you practicing self-care? Self-respect?
  •  Are you able to spend quality time with yourself without allowing anxiety or boredom to get the best of you?

Questions to rebuild trust: These questions will draw you closer than you ever imagined

Better RelationshipWith the law of attraction

By understanding yourself better, as well as your true desires, you give the law of attraction for relationships clear signals that can act in your favor. You’ll also learn what areas of your life you may need to improve.

When you can really come to know that you’re worthy of your own love and care, the law of attraction for relationships goes to work for you to see to it that you attract someone who can do the same.

On the other end, if you have a negative view of yourself, or don’t practice self-care or self-love that often, you’re emitting signals to the universe that you don’t really feel that worthy. Then, you’ll essentially attract someone who may not think you’re that worthy as well, and that can make for a challenging, unhealthy relationship.

Commit To Practicing Self-Care

Practicing self-care means that you take the time to take care of your needs, desires, and level of happiness. For some people, putting themselves first can be tough. They are great at showing up and taking care of others, but they put themselves last. They’ll tend to their friends, family, kids, and/or partner, but then have little to no energy to meet their own wants and needs.

This neglecting of self-care may actually cause you to attract a person who won’t put you first either. If you put yourself last, the law of attraction for relationships will serve you up someone who may do exactly the same.

Granted, sometimes it’s alright and necessary to put others first, but the point here is to take the time to know what you want and need, and then take care of these desires first. It’s like trying to pour out water from an empty cup.

You can turn that cup all the way upside down, but nothing is going to come out.

In the same way, when you practice meeting your wants and needs, you’re filling yourself up. Then, you’ll have something to pour out toward others.

How The Power Of Gratitude works

It works well when it comes to the law of attraction for relationships.

“Be grateful for what you already have while you pursue your goals.
If you aren’t grateful for what you already have, what makes you think you would be happy with more.”



At times in relationships, things can get a bit off kilter, boring, or chaotic. Gratitude is like a superpower that can take a relationship and take it to the next level. When is the last time you offered gratitude for your partner? When is the last time you actually thanked them for all that they say and do in this relationship?

Sit down and make a list of all that you’re grateful for about your partner and their part in your relationship. List some of the amazing times you’ve had. Ponder all the good in your relationship, because when you can consistently focus on the positive things, you’re actually attracting more of the same.

If you sit around and think or talk about all the negative qualities in your partner or relationship, you’ll likely get more of those same qualities. So, aim for the positive and offer thanks.

Imagine Your Soulmate

Here’s a little exercise to help you manifest your perfect soulmate. If you’re currently in a relationship that you’d like to improve or you’re single believing for a soulmate, this exercise can help.

First, get comfortable, close your eyes, and take a couple slow, deep breaths. Relax fully and allow your heart rate to slow down and mind to stop racing.
Next, imagine you and your soul mate out on a date that you’re totally enjoying. See you and that person smiling ear to ear – and laughing! You are having a wonderful time and you feel at ease. You feel safe, like this person is “home”.

See the area you’re in vividly. Are you at the beach? Coffee shop? Concert? Wherever you are, smell the scents and see some details. And, feel some chemistry between the two of you – a spark that shoots through your body. Know and feel that without a shadow of a doubt, this is your soulmate!

Take as much time as you wish imagining various scenes with your soulmate, really feeling the elated feeling in your entire body.
Finally, take a couple more deep breaths and then open your eyes.

Manifest Your Perfect Relationship

Happy relationships with the LoA

A powerful way to rediscover the magic and love you once shared and draw your man irresistibly back into your life for good.

You may not fully realize it, but you are the master of your life – and that includes your love life. If you’re not happy with how your love life has been going, it’s time to focus on you at a deeper level. It’s time to learn how to harness the law of attraction for relationships to attract true love that lasts. Don’t grow weary in the waiting, because it will be worth it when your soulmate manifests in your life.



We have to decide what we want and must go after it. When we learn how the Law of Attraction works in our lives, we will see how the universe can conspire with our thoughts and manifest our dreams.

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