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The Law Of Attraction And Love: Best Words To Use in Relationships

The Law Of Attraction Love

The law of attraction and love has tought many of us the magic words to a great relationship and much desired love.

Communication To A Relationship Is Like Oxygen To Life

The Law Of Attraction  says:

You can attract what you desire when you believe in yourself and what you desire. All of us desire perfect love, but many of us often do not know how to put our desires into words.

How Can You Use Magic Words in Your Communication to Create Closer Connections with Your Partner, Spouse or Lover? The law of attraction and love will guide you.

I searched for answers, because I wanted my partner to be the person I fell in love with so many years ago, and I must admit that it took me a long time. One of the most important phrases I have learned was: “Because our relationship is so important for me…”

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Here are ten basic phrases that you partner will enjoy hearing from you, and if you like you can watch the free video to hear what Susie and Otto, (realtionship coach) have to say. They dive deep into the Word “Magic” ?

In order for you to help your relationship thrive and grow, there is so much that you have to put in. First, your partner will love it when you sacrifice your time and resources for them. On the other hand, your availability to spend time together also helps boost your love and create a stronger bond. However, spending much time together but saying the wrong things end up causing more harm than good, and some of the terms and phrases that you use for communication could make or break the relationship. What I am saying is, do not be stingy with your words, but instead keep mentioning your partner finding your way into their hearts.


 Let us start with the basic words which should be used in any good relationship:

You Are Smart 

Sometimes, you might ask your partner something, and they will strive to give the best advice that will be of help to you. Showing that you appreciate what was said even if it will not be of help to you is a  very good idea. A simple ‘you are smart’ will boost their confidence and make them feel appreciated. 

You Look Amazing 

Law of attraction love

Every time your partner is dressing or doing anything to make them look good, they are probably doing it for you. For this reason, showing that you recognize and appreciate that will make them feel good. Makes sure that you mention it when you are going on a date or any other special occasion. Additionally, telling them that they look amazing after they have a new cologne, hairstyle, or outfit will also show that you appreciate them, thus boosting their confidence.   


You Know What I Love About You?

Hearing what somebody else loves about you makes you happy. Especially if this somebody is your romantic partner. Think about the things that you love about your partner and keep on mentioning that from time to time. For instance, you could comment that you love how they talk, or reason, how they arrange their stuff, or how they cook, among other details. This way, you enjoy even more the things you love about them. 

I Need You 

I need you

Being your better half, you probably need your partner in everything you do. Though your ego may be too high to say these words, telling somebody that “I need you” make them know how much they mean to you. This is mainly for your male partner, telling him that you need him will make him feel healthy and necessary and that he is the source of the security that you need. This way, you boost his confidence, which makes him love you even more. 

We Are Together in This 

In the course of your relationship, you will come across a lot of things in your daily life that you will want a partner around. Therefore, assuring your partner that you care about them makes their situation better. They will know that you are striving to help them, and they can trust you with what seems impossible. Make sure that you use the words “we are together in this,” even if what they are going through is something that you have no control of. It makes them feel loved and special. 

I Am Proud of You 

I am proud of you

Knowing that your partner feels proud of you makes you feel good. In the same way, if you are proud of your better half, it will not harm telling that to them. Let them know that you feel happy when other people see you together, and they are a source of pride. Additionally, let them know that you feel proud when they do something good for you. This will motivate them to do it even more. 

 What Do You Think?

It feels nice when somebody asks about your opinion on something, including decisions that involve your relationship or your life. This shows that you love their advice and that you value what they say. At the same time, doing something without consulting them will show as if you do not appreciate them or as if they are not part of your life. 


You Are the Only One for Me 

If you want your partner to melt and fall more in love with you, then you can remind them that they are the only one for you. This will show your commitment, adoration, and love. Telling them that they are the only ones for you, especially if you have been together for long, will make them forget all negative things about you and focus on your love. 

You Are Right 

The human ego makes it hard for us to get these words out of your mouth. However, if you want to make your better half happy and love you more, then you need to tell them that they are right when they are. Do not insist on a wrong opinion to protect your ego. 

You Are Gorgeous 

You are beautiful affirmation

When you find your partner trying to do something that makes them look good, telling them that they are gorgeous will melt their heart. For instance, tell your partner that she looks good even when she has no makeup on.

On the other hand, you could tell your man that he looks gorgeous, also when they look messy from hard work. This way, you show that your love is not for looks but the heart.

When you know what to say to your partner, you can maintain a smile on their face. Additionally, kind words help mend your relationship. Use the terms above and take your relationship to the next level.  

But there are also many things you should not say.

How Can You Use “Magic Relationship Words” in Your Communication to Create Closer Connections with Your Partner, Spouse or Lover?

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Law of attraction and Love



We have to decide what we want and must go after it. When we learn how the Law of Attraction works in our lives, we will see how the universe can conspire with our thoughts and manifest our dreams.

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