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4 Powerful Ways You Can Teach Your Kids About the Law of Attraction

Kids And The Law Of Attraction

The Law of Attraction possesses vital components that can help your kids build a rewarding future.

Did you ever wonder why some people turn out to be light-hearted and successful while others end up complaining about this life?

Of cause, as parents, we all want our kids to grow up into thriving and happy people, and every day, we wish and pray and hope that our sons and daughters will one day benefit from a purposeful way of living.

Understanding how we can instill positivity and happiness into their young minds is a great way to help our kids fulfill their dreams and goals in life.

You can  Give Your Children the Gift of Learning and How to Achieve Goals and Use the Law of Attraction.

We have the chance to help our children every day to create a beautiful life for themselves and for the people around them, and we can do this by guiding and teaching them about the basic principles of the Law of Attraction.

As such, let me share with you four powerful ways on how you can impart the concept of Law Attraction to your kids.

1. Always Be Thankful

I truly believe that one of the most important things we should teach our kids is being grateful at all times, and when I say AT ALL TIMES, it means showing gratitude even during tough times.

For instance, when your four-year-old son asks for his favorite pancake in the morning and you cook for him, does he say “thank you”?

When my kids were small, I remember telling them that they should be thankful even for the little things in life.

Joy is the
simplest form of gratitude.”
– Karl Barth

Even at a very early age, our children should understand the importance of gratefulness.

Teaching your kids about the value of thankfulness will influence them to be positive thinking human beings when they grow up. When they learn to feel happy and blessed even with the simplest things, they also attract the same kind of energy into their lives.

Gratitude creates positive thoughts and feelings— two of the most essential elements in the Law of Attraction.

2. Believe in themselves

Children are exploding with dreams. One day, your daughter wants to be a Hollywood actress. The next day, she wants to be a Math teacher just like you!

The law of attraction can empower your kids

Try to always encourage your children, no matter how young they may be, to dream and THINK big. If there comes a time that they suffer from failure, reassure them that it is part of their way to success.

For instance, if your child has lost in a Quiz Bee, you can say soothing words like, “It’s alright. You can do better next time!” or “Sweetheart, it’s okay if you’re not number one. Daddy and I are so proud of you!”

Reinforce the power of Law of Attraction to your kids by always assuring them that they can become whatever they want to be– as long as they work their way towards their dreams and BELIEVE that they can do it.

3. Visualize your goals and dream life

“What you can conceive,
you can achieve.”

Our thoughts are extremely powerful. Positive thinking is one of the most compelling ways on how to turn our dreams and goals into reality.

Adults call this as visualization or the process where we imagine exactly what it is we want to manifest.

Goal Setting and the Law of Attraction in Terms Your Children Will Understand!

You can ask your kids to create a vision board. They will cut out pictures of what it is they want to achieve and put this together in one big board or blank wall. Every day, they will add a new image to this collection. As a loving parent, support them by helping them move closer to their dreams.

 Kids can create a vision board and learn about the law of attraction

Does your daughter want to become a famous singer one day? You can try enrolling them in singing lessons! Does your son dream of playing like Lebron James? Encourage them to join their school’s basketball team!

GO FOR YOUR GOALS – Goal Setting and Visualization for Kids

This is one of the countless reasons why the Law of Attraction tells us to harness the potential of positive affirmations. Positive thoughts have the potential to lead us safely to our dreams!

4. Think Happy Thoughts

“Just think of
happy thoughts, and you’ll fly.”
– Peter Pan

A joyful nature is one of the key components of the Law of Attraction.

You might be wondering, “What makes this so special?”

Let me tell you this:

We all want to raise a resilient child- one who gets back even after a fall. If our child grows up in a happy environment packed with blissful memories, they will attract tons of positivity into their lives.

The amount of positivity and happiness they have within will, later on, serve as their driving force or motivation to reach for their dreams, and succeed, even after major setbacks.

In other words, a happy child is more inspired and motivated!

Final Thoughts

It is truly a heartwarming idea to be a significant part of our children’s success in life. What better way to do this than to teach them about the Law of Attraction? Little yet powerful examples and effort each day will help your kids face life bravely as they make their way towards their goals and dreams.

Trust me — my kids are living proof!

Are you ready to jumpstart your child’s Law of Attraction journey?

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Law of Attraction for Kids


We have to decide what we want and must go after it. When we learn how the Law of Attraction works in our lives, we will see how the universe can conspire with our thoughts and manifest our dreams.

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