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Use Intentional Love to Change Your Marriage

Intentional Love

The secret of a successful marriage is the presence of intentional love and the law of attraction as well. It makes your marriage stronger and it is a well intentioned love.

No matter how challenging the terrain of marriage life is, there are times that we become too busy, and we forgot that we are taking out our focus away from our spouses. Nowadays, where divorce becomes a norm, the common reason for separation is losing time, appreciation, and worst, love with one another. It’s heartbreaking to see couples breaking their marriage bonds because the whole family suffers, especially their kids. 

I am sure you can still remember how your husband looked, smiled, and treated you when you both have met. It was always the same smile, look, and treatment till now. You felt as if it was well intentioned love. Your marriage might not be perfect, and you might have been through a lot. Like other couples, there were some misunderstandings and even big fights. But learning how to intentionally love each other can make a marriage more exciting and harmonious is well worth it. 

If your relationship with your spouse seems shaky now or if it seems it’s not what it used to be, keep reading. If you feel unhappy and seem, something is lacking, keep reading. Lastly, if you want to have a healthy relationship with your spouse, I’ll be glad to share how to bring back or maintain sparks and live a happy and harmonious life with your spouse. 

Areas of intentionally loving your partner

1. Choosing to love and make it well intentioned

how to chose love
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Loving is a decision. It is a feeling that develops, and I must say it also evolves in time. As you go through with the process of connecting more with each other, you realize you choose to love him or her, and you choose to be loved. Both of you are radiating because of the unique feeling you have for each other. Your channeled energy keeps you together, and you intentionally choose it. 

2. Recalling your driving force of loving your spouse

Yes, it is an excellent way to remind yourself what motivates you to love your spouse. Remind yourself about things that you do together that make you love each other. What works best for both of you. Then start asking yourself what you are willing to sacrifice to make things work out. 

3. Allow healing to get to well intentioned love for your partner

You can’t prevent any misunderstanding or arguments in a relationship. It causes a wound to your spouse unintentionally, and it does not heal overnight. But with love, healing can be handled with care as in go through the process. Forgiveness is not that easy to give. Do not rush but instead wait for the perfect time- the time it is fully recovered.

4. Identifying the purpose of loving your spouse and the intention 

What made you decide to tie a bond with your spouse? What made you say yes to his proposal? What’s the reason why you fall in love with your spouse? All these are a must-know most especially that you may have some differences and similarities that can make or break your relationship. But, those differences should be used to complement each other. Identifying your purpose of loving him or her reflects what’s your intention of loving. It must be a well intentioned love.

5. Loving unconditionally

Marriage is not a one-way road. Loving partners should learn how to give and take love with each other. There should be a balance maintained by both parties. No matter what kind of flaws your spouse has, surrendering your beloved without any judgment can help you intentionally show love. 

Ways to intentionally love your spouse

1. Give time for one another. 

When I say time, it should be quality time together with your spouse. Spending quality time with your spouse means so much to them. It doesn’t need to be a fancy date on a famous restaurant or an expensive tour, drinking coffee together or watching a movie at home, or taking a long drive are simple, yet quality moments you can do with them. It creates memories that you can recall in times that you had any misunderstandings. 

2. Compliment each other.

Do you remember the time you last said to your spouse, “You are beautiful? You look fantastic.”? These simple words are powerful that it makes them feel good and can even make their day better. They yearn to hear it from you, so give them compliments to brighten both of your days.

3. Treat each other as best friends. 

love and the real intention

It is one best way to strengthen your bond with your spouse. Treat each other as best friends. Stay with them and provide support, especially on time that they need it the most. Show your compassion and get to know more of them more and more each day. As you identify flaws, love them more. 

 4. Intentional love means be loyal

Nowadays, one of the common reasons for broken marriage is one having an affair. It’s okay to be friendly with your colleagues or new friends, but I’m telling you that you might end up hurting your spouse badly if you don’t affair-proof your marriage. Don’t put yourself in a situation where you secretly hide messages or meet up lately with someone. Not only can it ruin your family, but it can also make a scar that your spouse will have for the rest of their life. 

5. Constant communication

Communication is vital in a relationship. Stay connected by sending a text message or even just emojis. It is a simple way of strengthening your trust with each other. Emojis is also a great way to make their heart flutters too. Send them hearts and kiss emojis, that would give them a smile on their face. You may also recall some happy memories together, throw some funny jokes, or tell them how much you love or miss them. 

6. Show your affection

afffection and love

An old fashioned yet significant intentional way to show your love to your spouse. It doesn’t need to be expensive. Sending them a surprise flower or cake can bring joy to their heart. A very simple “I love you” card can mean a lot too.  For your husbands, nothing beats by indulging them with their favorite food or watching their favorite game live or sitting with them as they watch live streaming while eating popcorn or pizza. 

7. Find hobbies in common

It’s a way of having some fun. No matter how stressful both of your weeks, finding time to do hobbies that both of you enjoy is a great way to live a harmonious relationship. It will be best if you’ll do it free from kids or any distractions. No matter what kind of games or activities it would be, make sure that you enjoy it. Do you have anything in your mind now? Excited to do it with your spouse?

8. Daily Romance

Physical touch matters, as it is a way of showing your passion. It maintains your strong bond even at times of difficulty. Aside from that, we can’t deny that sex is important to a relationship since it is a form of deep intimacy. Kissing, holding hands, and saying I love your every day can keep your loving desire burning. 

9. Know the love language of your spouse

When we say love language, it is how we express our love and how we receive it. When you get to know your spouse’s love language, it will help you understand what they want to feel love or what can hurt their feelings. If you know this accordingly, you can prevent what needs to be avoided and give what you have to offer. 

10. Make your spouse your priority

Don’t let them feel that they are unloved, unappreciated, or not a priority. Your spouse made sacrifices for you and your family just like you, and you should not give them a reason to be broken and unhappy. Always make them your priority make them feel that they are the most critical person in your life, 

Your intentional love can save your marriage.

As you read the blog, did you realize something? Does it make you say.” I’m lucky with my spouse.” “I wish my spouse would do that.” or “I should have done that.” No matter our answer, I’m praying that you will learn how to give intentional love to receive the same or even more than that kind of love. It is not easy as one, two, three, but you can expect that trials will test your love for each other. It takes commitment and hard work to intentionally show your love to your spouse, Don’t wait for the day to be too broken and hard to fix. Don’t let the day become a scar that will remain forever. Save your marriage now!

Even my spouse and I are guilty. At first, we don’t do most of showing intentional love, but since we want to strengthen our ties, we made changes. It is not changing partners but changing your ways of treating your spouse.

We all deserve love. I want you to love and be loved. The way you show your intentional love is a way of manifesting the love you desire to have. Start today, and I’m telling you that you’ll forever cherish the smile on your spouse’s face with your intentional love through thoughtful and compassionate actions.

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