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Instant Manifestation (Review): Is It Really Instant Abundance? 

Instant Manifestation

Instant Manifestation is a program that promises abundance and happiness. These two are what people usually wish for. Who doesn’t want to be happy or be abundant? You can live a life where you have everything. You just need the wisdom and right tool to make it happen. 

If you are new to the Law of Attraction, you might think that this is not possible?

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Instant Manifestation want you to believe that this is possible. It will help you manifest your desires by rewiring your brain and thoughts.

Unlike other law of attraction books, programs, courses, and other tools, this program aims to teach you how to reprogram your mind and attract everything you desire. I was curious before why it keeps getting a lot of positive reviews? They shared lots of testimonies, telling their great experiences with this program. So, I become more curious about it.

Like what I mentioned before, whenever there’s a new manifestation tool, I become excited to know more about it and try it. Surprisingly, reading more about this program convinced me to give it a shot. Wanna know why I was convinced? Here is what I have discovered, experienced, and my recommendations about this program. Keep reading and find out if it is worth trying. 

What is Instant Manifestation?

This program is about transforming your life. It aims to help you if you are stressed, struggling financially, not happy with your relationship, or wanted to have a better life. It helps you removes those limiting beliefs and any mental and emotional resistance. It turns your mind like a strong magnet that attracts all things you want. It will help you erase any doubts or even fear. It creates a new you by reprogramming your mind to help you forget your past that holds you back in reaching your goals. As you go through with the programs and taking it seriously, you will see improvements in the way you think, act, and react. You will be amazed one day that you have achieved financial success and ultimate happiness in life. 

How does it work? 

In the Instant Manifestation Program, you will just listen to the audio tracks at least 15 minutes a day. As you listen to each track, it starts to alter your thinking, remove any blockages, and replenish your mind with positivity. Each track is specially designed to create those changes in your mind. It increases your vibration so that you can attract positive things on your way, and you attract the power of your vibrational mind to make manifestation possible. The audio and video tracks create positive. Your thoughts remove negative thoughts that blocking you and align you with what you want. 

Instant Manifestation Creator

Croix Sather

Croix Sather is one of the best selling American author and inspirational speaker. He has written multiple books about self-help, the psychology of success, and other personal transformation topics. But do you know that his humble beginning started as a carpenter for their family business? He built his own business at age 24 by putting up a real estate and contracting companies. After his divorce at the age of 28, he started transforming his mind. He realized that he has a different calling. 

Croix met Mr. Kronenberg, a wealthy client who introduces the law of attraction to him. He started to learn how to tap the power of his subconscious mind, control his thoughts and vibration, and manifest all his desire quickly. He gathered more techniques and achieved great success. That was the time for him when he shared his knowledge with others. 

In 1990, he wrote the book “BetterBody BetterLife, Connecting the Mind and Body for Permanent Weight Loss“. He continuously writes more books and inspires more people as a professional motivational speaker. He was able to finish a university degree in Humanistic Communication, and spoke in various events and gain more popularity from TV appearances in 2011, inspiring millions of people in America. 

He is an ultra-athlete who was able to run across America and broke the World record nonstop running for 146 miles in the Death Valley. I was impressed not only with his stamina but also with his dedication. It proves that nothing can stop you from chasing your dreams if you are dedicated to doing it. 

The Instant Manifestation Secrets was created to help people remove any fears and self-doubts. Tap in our vibration mind and manifest health, wealth, and boundless happiness. 

What will you get 

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Instant manifestation

the instant secrets of manifestation

It contains four audio and video tracks that promise you a maximum and quick manifestation. These include the following. 

1. Zero to 60 (Video and Audio on how to manifest quickly)

In this track, Croix explains here how you can get the most out of the programs and how it will work for you. Just like how it works to others all over the world. Here he teaches you how you can overcome any life struggles by using a large portion of our minds. These tracks help you speed up your manifestation.

2. Neuro-3 Sessions

●     Neuro3-Transformation 1: The Power Within Me – It helps you unleash your ability to get rid of shame, doubt, self- sabotage, toxic people around you, and forgetting the past that holds you back. The program opens your mind to new possibilities as it helps you detoxify your mind from your past. At the same time, your brain turns into a super magnet manifesting your desire.

●     Neuro3-Transformation 2: My Amazing Life – Croix says that this is an exciting part because this is when you will design your beautiful life by making your vibration aligned with what you want. It’s like you see your life that you are dreaming about. It is the moment you practice the power of visualization so that you can manifest all you want effortlessly and naturally. Remember that visualization is another powerful tool of manifestation.

●     Neuro3-Transformation 3: My Incredible Transformation – This track where the magic happens as it makes you a super magnet attracting anything you desire in life. It helps you avoid things and experiences that you don’t want. 

3. Bonuses

I love bonuses on purchased programs I bought because it makes your payment more worthy. You will surely enjoy this exciting part of the course.  

●     Bonus 1: Financial Freedom – This will help you recalibrate your mind to achieve financial success. It will teach you subconscious money transformation techniques for you to become a millionaire and to attract a healthy relationship. 

●     Bonus 2: Powerful Morning – This is a powerful way to jumpstart your day. It is a way for you to raise your vibration and make it aligned with your desire. It will make you feel amazing throughout your day. 

●     Bonus 3: Success Ritual – This is ending your day strong by being grateful and celebrating your wins. It makes you ready to start the next day.

●     Bonus 4: Powerful Kids – Since this is not a part of the school curriculum, you must boost your kids’ inner confidence. This will help them thrive hard at school and become strong, happy, and loving children.

Pros and cons:


● It is an excellent value to your money compared to what you will get once you start manifesting all you wanted. 

● Very little time is required. 

● It helps you relax and reduce stress after a tiring day. 

● Easy to follow yet detailed with instructions so that you can follow through it.

● You’ll have can immediately access so you can startright away after purchase.

● It gives you the vast information you needed to manifest.

● 100% Money-back guarantee.

● Email support is available for any questions.


● It is a digital product that may not be available fo those who don’t have any digital access. 

● You’ll need a reliable internet connection to download the audio tracks.

● Results or manifestation vary depending on you, your dedication and commitment. 

Does it work? 

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Click here to to find out the reason why “The Secret” and “Manifestation” doesn’t work for most people

Like what I mentioned above, I was intrigued that a lot of people testified that it did worked for them, and found that some programs are a little cheaper but Instant Manifestation is worth the price. Did it work for me? Yes. I had many past experiences that I think held me back in getting what I wanted. I have tried many programs, and my unwanted past experiences flashed back. But with this program, I did not forget it, but I accept that it was part f the past, and I should not let it harm my future. 

It is not an instant manifestation of your desire. It is a program that can make manifestation a bit faster than the others. But I still believe that the results and length of manifestation much depend on you. Your commitment, dedication, and consistency are needed to make any programs work quickly and efficiently. You’ll absolutely enjoy this course as you make all your dreams turn to reality. And yes, I must say that Instant Manifestation Secret is worth trying! 

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the instant secrets of manifestation

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We have to decide what we want and must go after it. When we learn how the Law of Attraction works in our lives, we will see how the universe can conspire with our thoughts and manifest our dreams.

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