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OMG! I am Crying During Meditation

We Cry During Meditation

Crying during meditation: What makes us cry as we meditate?

Crying during meditation is a good indicator that you release the build-up of unresolved emotions that you suppressed in your subconscious mind.

It also means that you are getting into the meditative state that will help you find inner peace. You might get confused about why you are crying as you meditate if meditation is meant to relax your mind and body.

It is nothing really to worry about because it is a natural state. It is a way of your body to release energy and a strong emotional response as you meditate. In addition to that, it is a powerful way to cleanse your mind and body too. So, let yourself cry and keep your focus meditate. 

The beginning of meditation

When I was still new in practicing meditation, I was unsure if I’m doing it right. I knew I was following what my guided meditation said, and I also felt relaxed and happy after. There were days that I had so many troubles and worries in my life, and I wanted to keep myself stable. Not being able to meditate for weeks, even though I knew I need it. I kept myself busy, because I didn’t want to think about it. I went to work, prepared dinner, went to bed, prepared breakfast for my husband, and went to work again—the same routine for months.

One day, I just felt it’s not okay. I’m not okay. It is not healthy anymore. I knew I needed meditation so I can calm myself, and  think of better solutions. During my guided meditation I make sure to feel each word and allow myself to get into it, and suddenly I started crying during my meditation. To be honest it felt so good. It seems I am relieved, although I know that I have to face those conflicts I kept inside. I feel strong to withstand it, so I keep meditating almost every day until everything is under control. 

Why are we Crying during Meditation?

It is a sudden build-up of your emotions as you meditate. Most especially if you have experience or unresolved problems that you unconsciously suppressed. It can also be frustration, anger, sadness, fear, anger, humiliation, shame, and guilt that was blocked, and you pretend that you are okay.

You suppressed it to your subconscious mind because it can be something you want to forget or do not want to deal with. You pretend that you are unemotional or unshakeable because you might think the people will see it as your weakness. As you keep hiding it, soon enough, it will overflow, and you’ll burst. 

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Have you encountered people mostly elderly who become teary when you are talking about something, or a man who suddenly shows a burst of emotion, shouting and may act violently or a woman who runs away and seems scared? One possible reason for this behavior is overflowing sadness, anger, or negativity inside them that they try to keep inside. 

If  you meditate one day,  and you suddenly felt yourself crying, allowing your tears to drop. Allow yourself to cleanse your body and let go of it. It will also enhance your meditation experience at the same time. This gives you a clearer mind and a happy heart to deal with it or accept it, and it is a very natural way to cleanse your mind and body set free of emotions trapped in your subconscious mind.

Here is another reason why do we cry when we meditate!

Do you know that when we cry, your body releases endorphins like oxytocin and endogenous opioids or what we call “feel-good” chemicals? They help to ease your emotional and physical pain. Amazing right? It puts you on a numb stage and makes you calm, relaxes, and well-being.

So when you meditate, and you cry, let it be. But you may want to ask aside from any suppressed emotions in our mind that suddenly burst out, what are other reasons? Beside from yawning that makes us teary, here are other possible reason: 

Positive Triggering Factor

1. Too much happiness.

2. Your eyes are trying to relax and clean themselves through tears. 

3. You perceive Divine protection and support, making you feel so grateful.

4. You realize that you have a lot of things to be thankful for, and a lot of people love you.

5. You become connected to your core, that makes you feel joy and love. 

6. You learn to accept and love yourself. 

Negative triggering factor

1. Flashback of unwanted memories and past actions, making you feel guilty or frustrated.

2. An uncomfortable feeling of being aware again of suppressed emotions. 

3. You try to set free those feelings that you don’t need or don’t benefit you. 

4. Become aware of any unpleasant truth like you can never be with a specific person again. 

Heart Chakra Meditation

There is a specific meditation that crying is one of the common outcomes. It balances your Anahata or the heart chakra. When Anahata is blocked, it makes you weak, or it lowers your self-esteem. They said that when you cry during the meditation process, it is a sign of purifying oneself. It makes your heart chakra overflowed with emotions that connect you to yourself. This may be painful, but you have to let it go first to be free from it. 

What to do?

When we cry as we meditate, you are also removing blockages that hold you back to manifest your dreams. It helps you to tune in your energy and vibration to align with your hopes and dreams. It also makes you more subtle in dealing with your energy and emotions.

Let it be. Meditation is only giving you a way to heal yourself by recognizing those unresolved feelings, prevent any resistance, and help you accept it.

Again “LET IT BE.”

Let it go releases your old energy and any suppressed emotions stuck in you, and it is not helpful if you will just stop yourself, from letting it go. It can be toxic to your body without your knowledge. It can cause mental and physical symptoms that may soon lead you to seek medical advice. 

When you cry, that is because of sadness, frustration, problems that arise. Tears quickly come out. The body is just giving space for intense emotions. Expect the following sensation as you cry when you meditate so that you won’t get surprised by your body reaction.

1. Floating feeling 

The first sign that you already reached the deep meditation stage. As you go deeper, you become less aware of your body and surroundings.


When you feel that you are vibrating as you meditate, that only means that you are sensing your energy. It can be one specific body part only, but it can also be your whole body. Please allow the energy to flow within your body.

3. Tingling sensation 

It is a sign that your energy freely flows in your body. When we meditate, our bodies get firmly connected to your mind. The body rests, and it gives a chance to correct any imbalances. It is a reason why you feel some tingling sensation as your body normalizes. It can be caused by “limb falling asleep.” 

4. Crying or other spontaneous movements

Whenever you meditate, your body goes into a deeper rest, your metabolism slows down, and your breathing softens. It is the time that your body sets free old tensions, traumas, and negativity. Then, it will be followed by physical movement.

Like what we are discussing above, that crying is caused by any suppressed emotions, but aside from that, there are other possible physical movements like some muscle twitching. There is nothing to worry about. 

5. Visions

Yes, there are some reported instances that you may encounter some visions as you meditate. You may see some sudden images, thoughts, or sounds. 

More benefits of crying during meditation

1. Emotional tears help you released stress

Some studies say tears are due to a burst of emotion. It contains the stress hormones and other stress toxins. Therefore, when you cry, you are also releasing the stress out of your body.

2. It boosts your mood

As you cry, your body releases a natural pain killer of the body like the endorphins that help you feel relief and subsequently increase your mood. 

3. Restore emotional balance

As your cry and your body remove your stress, and it restores your emotional balance.

4. It cleans your eyes.

There are other studies that besides our tears that can cleanse our eyes, it also can kill bacterias. 

Ready to cry on your meditation? 

I’m telling you that this is an instant relief. I’m not saying you force yourself to cry but rather allow your body to sense it. It will naturally come out from you, depending on various reasons. Your body will decide when it needs to happen. Your acceptance of those hidden emotions is important as you will try to recognize it and set them free. I’ve been there. Curious at first, but I’ve let myself cry.

All those feelings or experiences I wanted to forget was there for a long time, and unconsciously. It holds me back to manifest what I wanted. Techniques won’t work if I don’t let go of it. So get into your comfortable and quiet place. Start to meditate. You willl never know when you need to shed your tears but be ready and enjoy the experience of crying meditation. 

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