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How Meditation Changed My Life

How Meditation Changed My Life

I am so very grateful for the way that meditation changed my life. If I had just known its benefits years ago, it would have been natural for me to manage my time between my career and my family. But as they say:” It is never too late to start.” 

 I could have lived the life I desire much sooner. I remember before that I felt frustrated whenever I missed deadlines at work because I had to take care of my sick child. I always felt so tired juggling with different household chores after a very tiring day at work. There were times I felt so anxious and depressed, and it seemed that I was not doing great as a mom and as a wife. At the same time, it came to the point where I thought of giving up my career that I love so I can focus on my family. I wanted to change my life but did not know how, and meditation was not on my mind.

Here is where it started:

I started meditation years ago after I met up with my long-time friend, and we talked about our lives after getting married. She looked happy and stress-free, and she had this successful career. I told her about my frustrations and struggles, and she held my hand and told me that she had been through the same situation before. Meditation helped her surpass everything, and she can take care of her three beautiful kids at the same time. She found ways to create time for herself and managed to have a booming career.

When I heard the word meditation, I always thought of monks doing this kind of ritual on a mountaintop or in a sacred place, and I wasn’t aware that you could meditate alone at home. 

That same night, I started searching “meditation,” and early next morning, while my kids were still asleep, I tried the first guided meditation for 30 minutes. I felt so good afterward. At first, I did it every weekend until I managed to do it for 15 minutes every morning.


What is Meditation?

Meditation is a practice that helps you improve the way you think, act, and live. It is a practice of mindfulness and awareness to have a healthy perspective in life. It helps you to focus and redirect your thoughts and increases your self-awareness. 

You can’t have a perfect meditation on your first try. It all takes time and practice. To succeed in your meditation journey, you have to focus on the benefits instead of the process. Just know that even 5 minutes of meditation a day can have an impact on your life.

How did meditation changed my life?

As my meditation journey continued, I experienced a lot of changes. It affected how I live my life now and who I became. Let me share the benefits of meditation and how it can help you too. I really hope to inspire you to start your meditation journey. 

It boosts focus and willpower. 

As you practice, you develop the art of focus your attention and improve your willpower. Developing these skills helps you to finish your work faster and efficiently. You become more determined to pursue your career and become a better wife and mom for your children.

You fall asleep easier.

cange your life with meditation


Some times you lie on the bed, have different worries and distracting thoughts filling your mind. It makes it hard to sleep because you can’t control these thoughts. Have you ever had this? When you learn how to manage your thoughts through meditation, you can unwind your mind and fall asleep. 

Become happier.

As you learn how to concentrate deeply, you’ll start to feel true happiness, and you will find a sense of joy within yourself and appreciate your achievements. You’ll find things within yourself that you are happy and proud of. Your loved ones will start soon to see more smiles on your face, and the happiness within you radiates, making the people around you happy too.

Meditation helps you to manage anxiety and depression. 

Meditiation for depression
Meditiation helps with depression and anxiety

Meditation helps you to calm your anxiety and depressed feelings. Whenever you get anxious, remind yourself to focus on your breathing. It prevents you from getting lost from your worries by stopping yourself from over attending your thoughts and feelings and developing mindfulness. You become more powerful than your distracting thoughts.

You will become less reactive. 

There are times that we feel too much pressure on all the things we need to do. We suddenly become reactive to a situation, and we burst. It ends up hurting the feelings of people around us, and the worst is we do things that we may regret after. 

With meditation, you become less reactive. Lessening your impulsivity helps you become conscious of each action that you might regret it in the end. 

You learn how to control your mind. 

It is all about increasing self-awareness as you continue meditating regularly. Switch off any disturbing thoughts and emotions before it gets worse. Here is a tip: Instead of letting your thoughts control you, you need to learn to control your thoughts. 

Resolve inner conflict. 

meditiation inner conflict

There are times that you are unsure if the answer is letting go of your career so that you can focus on yourhusband and kids versus keeping your job so you can help to provide the needs of your family. It is so hard and frustrating not knowing what to do. But when you start to meditate with all your heart, you will be able to find a better solution to keeping your career while taking care of kids at the same time. You will have clearer thoughts and come up with a solution. Learn how to manage your time, and most importantly, enjoy what you are doing. If you encounter any inner conflict, you can clear your mind from negative thoughts and focus on creating a better solution.

Become confident.

Increase your inner strength to overcome such insecurities and fears. Meditation helps you focus on your strength and skills. Do not fear to dream big because you become confident with your capabilities and strength.

Have the power over your emotions.

Meditation will help you understand how your mind works, and you learn how to control your emotion before it causes any unwanted burst of feelings. You will fill your heart with love and kindness to have a harmonious relationship with your husband and other people around you. 

You love who you are and the life you have

As I continuously did meditation, I can say that I live a better life than before. I was able to create a new and better version of myself, became happy, content, and be filled with so much love. I am always satisfied with the actions and decisions I make. 

Fears, stress, and worries still arise, but I don’t dwell with it that much. Instead, I come up immediately with a solution and focus on what I can do instead of what I can’t do. 

You can do the same, get to know more about yourself, and become a more mindful person. Know the right path to choose, and succeed because of how you think, handle stress and worries, and manage your inner conflict.  

The way meditation transforms our life is fantastic. I now have a happy life with a loving family and a successful career! I love who I am and what I have. 

Try it. If I was able to change my life with meditation, you could change yours too. With proper and consistent meditation practice, you can achieve the life you desire for a long time. 

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