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The Law Of Attraction Can Help You With Your Health Healing

Law Of Attraction And Health Healing

“Part of the healing process is sharing with other people who care.” Jerry Cantrell

Did you know, that once you master the law of attraction, understand how it works and how to apply it, you will notice that it can help you achieve your health goals as well?

In this article we will review the techniques how to start the process of  healing your health with the law of attraction.

Maybe you are trying to shed off a few pounds, or get fit, or improve your health in general, and whatever your health condition might be, there are specific manifestation tools for you to use when in need. If you are ready to use the law of attraction for your health, you’ll find a few suggestions which have helped many:

These Health and the Law of Attraction Cards  have helped many to focus, and set health goals easily.

Set your goals for the health healing process with the law of attraction

Health Healing can benefit in many ways.


While statements like “I want to lose weight” or “I want to be healthy” are very common, you should start with a measurable health goal. Say exactly how many kg you want to lose, or what you will do daily to lose the weight.

Make the ultimate goal clear

Indeed, it is to be healthy and slimmer and in good shape, but what makes all the difference is the ability to measure your goal by making specific goals.

That way you’ll increase your motivation and it helps you to focus on what your endgoal is.

What does it mean?

This means that instead of “I want to lose weight,” you should break it down into “I work out three days a week for the next two months” or “I take 30 minutes’ walks every day for the next three months”.

The Law Of Attraction only works when you are clear on your goals

When you are setting up a schedule for your goals, as well as thinking about the rewards you will get when accomplishing each of them, that will put you on the path to success.
If your  goals ae not realistic and you can not accomplish them, you might find the results disappointing, and this can set you back in your progress and most important, the law of attraction would NOT work.


One way to get daily motivation is by creating a vision board .

Do you remember the boards you used to make for projects in school with words and pictures?

Yes….The vision board is pretty much the same thing. When creating your vision board, make sure to use quotes that inspire and motivate you, as well as pictures that  represent  your goal.

If your dream is to be just as slim and fit as you were in high school, you can use photos of you from that time, or if it’s a celebrity that is inspiring you, use pictures of her or him. Place the vision board in a visible place and spend a few minutes each day looking at it.

Use affirmations and mental pictures

positive affirmations

Visualization is another word we use to define mental imagery, or health healing, and is an essential element when it comes to achieving success with the law of attraction.

Practicing visualization generates the type of energy that brings to life the things you have envisaged, and it can help you improve your health and reach your goals.

The important thing is to start the process:

You can start by sitting or lying down in a comfortable, quiet place.

Now it is time to close your eyes and breathe in and out a few times. Concentrate on your breathing to calm your mind. Imagine yourself as the leading character in your movie.

You can bring that image to life by adding a background, sound, and color, and make it your story.

Changing  your eating habits

Now, depending on your measurable health goals, you need to create scenarios that can help you reach the results you want. For example: You can go and develop healthier eating habits and stop eating fast food.

Try imagine yourself in your home or a restaurant and on the table in front of you are all the foods you like.

Imagine their color, smell, allow yourself to feel your mouth watering at the promise of the feast. Don’t fight the desire.

Now imagine yourself turning your back to the table and walking away to another table where a delicious salad bar awaits.

Create your healthy salad by adding some proteins , green leaves and so on until you have a plate full of energy  in front of you.

Imagine the fresh smell and the crunchiness of the salad leaves, and imagine yourself sitting down and really enjoying eating that salad.

Changing your exercise habit

If your goal is to walk half an hour every day, imagine yourself getting ready for your walk. Picking up the clothes you will wear, and  stretching a bit before getting off the front door, but do not forget to take a deep breath in the fresh air of the morning and start walking.

Imagine passing through your neighbors’ houses and all the little details. Your feet are starting to get sore a bit after a whileand you are feeling the tight skin and the tension in the muscles, your back is straight and your breathing a little heavy.

Can you see your body changing slowly into the shape you want to achieve? That is the way it should be. You are now free to admire and be proud of your healthy, slim, and toned body.

Affirmations are parts of getting the results you want for health healing using the law of attraction.

Get in front of a mirror and take a good look at yourself. You are beautiful and healthy, fit, and fabulous. Admire yourself. You can say these affirmations out loud:

affirmations and the law of attraction



  • Yes, I can do anything I set my mind to
  • I love my body I am strong and beautiful
  • Trust is what I have in myself
  • Making positive changes that benefit me greatly
  • The pain is not as strong as I am
  • I am confident I can do it
  • Deserve to be healthy
  • Let go of old habits that were bad for me
  • I am at my ideal body weight

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The secret of your success in getting results  from using the law of attraction comes from practice and consistency. It is essential to focus on the results you are about to achieve. Think as little as possible about the problem and avoid negative thoughts. Remember that the law of attraction is all a response to your way of thinking.  There is a good book “Heal Your Body” on Amazon It is a  easy step-by-step guide for your specific health challenge.


We have to decide what we want and must go after it. When we learn how the Law of Attraction works in our lives, we will see how the universe can conspire with our thoughts and manifest our dreams.

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