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How to Handle Criticism with The Law of Attraction

How To Handle Criticism

How do we avoid or handle criticism? What can be done to ease things, and how do we deal with it? 

People around us always have a comment about things that happen towards us, which can either be good or bad. They still have their opinions and feedback to contribute whatever happens to you in any way. It can affect your mood, self-esteem, character, and even your outlook in life.

Some people may handle criticism better, but for some, it may be tough, resulting in an outburst of feelings and actions they might regret later.

“Anybody can criticize you, condemn, and complain, but it takes character and self-control to be understanding and forgiving.”

– Dale Carnegie

It depends if you wanted to be affected or not. It depends if you will negatively or positively react to it. All that matters is your perspective and decision on how you want to respond and handle criticism. It is a choice of response and action to take. 

The world is not kind to let you off the hook without struggling and facing some extraordinary challenges and trials. Judgment from others is always going to be your partner, and you must build your personality to overcome those issues. This is the part where the Law of Attraction comes in. 

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Defining Criticism

Criticism is somewhat like categorized as an act or expression of disagreeing or disapproval on someone or something based on a particular preference and perceived faults or mistakes. However, criticism in a formal way is a practice of judging or providing a critique of the merits and shortcomings of something. We need to learn how to handle that criticism.

“Don’t criticize what you don’t understand, son. You never walked in that man’s shoes.”

– Elvis Presley

don't be hard on yourself

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The person or the “judger” is called “a critic.” They criticize as an evaluative or corrective exercise that can happen in any area of life. Criticizing does not always mean or implies “to find fault,” but the word is often taken as unfavorable, and people stereo-type the nature of just a simple expression.

Two Main Types of Criticism:

●     Constructive criticism

It is the type of criticism that makes a person better off what he has done, and it is a form of criticism with level headed assessment and critic. It helps the person to grow and improve his capabilities to do better and progress more.

For those who have great mindsets in life accept constructive criticism and take it as a challenge to achieve a fulfillment reward instead of feeling down and getting nowhere. 

●     Projected criticism

It comes from reactions mixed with emotions and negative feelings towards something that has been said or done. This type of criticism is somewhat a projection of a person’s psyche, which means that it is the result of being envy, insecure, anger, jealousy, which says more about them than you. 

My advice for this criticism is that you have to ignore it. Don’t let them affect 

how you look and feel about yourself. 

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How Criticism and Law of Attraction Works Together


When you start attracting positive vibrations, and you start manifesting what you want in life, You will achieve the things that you most likely want because you do not resist them any longer. This is how the Law of Attraction works.  

But, how can we apply the Law of attraction in handling criticism? The principles of the Law of attraction prepare you with positive thinking and the right mindset to deal with anything and even handle criticisms. 

Here’s how the Law of attraction works depending on how you respond to criticism. 

Letting go of emotional attachments resulting in positive outcomes

When you are letting go of emotional attachments and accepting what you can and cannot change in the world, it can lead to more positive outcomes and getting what you want in life.

Especially now in the modern days, specifically on social media where everything takes only seconds to bad-mouth a person through technology. Just one wrong comment or reaction towards the content a person posted can be fatal. It can hurt a person’s character. 

It will take a lot of time, patience, and effort to build up and gain other people’s trust just to let them know that you are competent and capable. You don’t need to please everyone, you don’t need to be perfect to everyone’s eye. 

“It is more valuable that you look for the strength in others, because you can gain nothing by criticizing their imperfections.”

– Daisaku Ikeda

How you respond to criticism can actually, control your reality.

listen to criticism

The more you accept their criticism, the more things become true. But, if you refuse to accept that it is true, it will manifest positively in you.  

For example, someone says you’ll never succeed. You are incompetent! You can believe it and feel sorry about yourself. You’ll start losing focus in achieving your goals. You end up crying and keep thinking that they are right. Then it manifested in your reality, everything started to fall apart.

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You lose your job because you are afraid to go to work anymore. You’re afraid to apply to a new company because you think that they are right, “You are incompetent!” and “You’ll never succeed!” It manifests with your reality, and you end up homeless and never succeed. 

But, if you believe that you are skillful, you are great, and you can do anything because now anything is possible. The Law of attraction will help you attract great things, and everything will be in place. 

Believing that their criticism is wrong and the Law of attractions supports that it is not true.

Instead of dwelling on the wrong criticism of others, prove that they are wrong. You have an option to refuse to believe them. You can turn negative criticism as your motivation. When they say you won’t succeed, you can actually speak to yourself that you are capable of succeeding. Show them what you got. You will attract positive things. 

Tips to Handle Criticism

So how do we prevent all of that from happening? How do we avoid criticism or handle it? What can be done to ease things, and how do we deal with it? Try to create spiritual manifestation through gratitude.

Some people are just frank and critical by nature, and they do not always realize that they are already hurting the feelings of another person. Now it’s your job to understand and be patient towards that kind of person to prevent a more significant argument to one another.

If you do take a lot of negative comments to heart, it can cause potential envy and anger towards the other person, andf that could lead to a fight or damaged relationship. Just do not readily respond and sort to violence in anger, as this will cause a scene that you’re gonna regret, and your image is at stake.

It is human nature that whenever we are pushed at the edge, we then get defensive and provide whatever reasons to come up at the mere possibility of taking an unfavorable opinion or criticism. But one thing is for sure, as the saying goes, “Nobody’s perfect.”

Part of being a person is accepting your flaws and weaknesses, embracing and improving your strengths to be a better version of yourself. 

Here are tips on how you can handle criticism and manifest Law of attraction. 

  • Don’t react

Sometimes we tend to react too quickly when we were criticized. We tend to do or say things that we might regret later. Don’t respond quickly. Take in what has been said instead of reacting while in the heat of emotion. GIve time to calm down and reflect. 

Give a day or two, contemplate what they tell you and choose the right way to respond. You might end up not reacting to it since it is not an important thing to dwell on. 

  • Learn to Listen

Hear the other side, listen carefully to what is being discussed, thoroughly understand the situation and if need be, ask, and clarify to have a better understanding.

You might find the criticism well-founded. They might want you to realize something. Listen to them and analyze what made them say that. 

  • Not all of it is negative criticism.

When something is being driven back to you, assume that nothing is being negated or saying bad things about you. You don’t have to automatically jump into a direct conclusion that the person criticizing you is making a bad example of yourself. 

Assess yourself. There might be really seeing something that you have to change or work on. 

  • Do not get defensive and start making unnecessary reasons.

Acceptance is the key. Don’t fall into the trap easily of becoming defensive. Remember that not all criticism is bad. Don’t get too full of yourself that you are always on the right side. 

Be humble and don’t let things get too emotional as part of acceptance will result in a better improvement.

  • Don’t take things too personally.

Well, the criticism might be too personal, but it is gonna be your insight on whether to take things too seriously or have it the other way. If a person is criticizing your work, it is not always about you; it was the output provided, so you have to listen to how the correction goes before concluding things.

  • See Criticism as Help

As mentioned, there are different forms of criticism, but not all of them are negative and make you feel down. Filter that criticism, which will be your challenge and a stepping stone to better the things you have done or said.

Learn from it and use it as an encouragement to step out in the box. Think that your critics are your encouragers. Use it to improve and become the best version of you. 

  • Don’t be too hard on yourself.

It is usual for a person to make mistakes and choose bad decisions, but that is part of the learning process to realize that what has been done should be corrected and improved for your well being.

  •  Be Grateful

Lastly, be grateful and learn to thank those people that have provided you significant criticism. Consider it as a blessing in disguise that helped you to better yourself and achieve your goals.

Start to View Criticism in a New Light

“Who do you spend time with? Criticizers or encouragers? Surround yourself only with people who believe in you 100%. Your life is too important for anything less.”

– Steve Goodier

Don’t forget that you mold yourself, and that we are all make mistakes, and we must learn to accept things and move forward. If you view their criticism in an entirely new light and choose to learn from it, you’re attracting good things to come in your way. 

Don’t ever stop your progress. Whenever someone makes fun or bad-mouth you because it will be just you who can prove your worth among the others. No matter what the criticism is.

Learn to handle it with pride and elegance, treat them the way they should be, believe in yourself and use positive affirmation daily.

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How to handle criticism


We have to decide what we want and must go after it. When we learn how the Law of Attraction works in our lives, we will see how the universe can conspire with our thoughts and manifest our dreams.

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