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How to Get What You Want

You Get What You Want With The Law Of Attraction

What is it you want? And how to get what you want with the Law of Attraction?

Everything we want is within our reach, but we have to attract it towards us so we can have a good grasp of it.

You might ask, if it is at your fingertips, then why are we seeing so much suffering in the world?

Why there are too many unhappy and unsatisfied people?

Why people have failed careers, relationships, or are in bad health?

Are you not getting your dream job or your ideal partner?

Why are you not getting what you want?

It is because these people haven’t heard of The Law Of Attraction or have heard of it but simply didn’t believe in it.

The Law Of Attraction is a science. It is a science that involves you, your actions and behaviors. If you remain ignorant of this law, you will continue our existence and suffering. You will continue to fail in your endeavors.

Let us try to understand why you are not getting what you want and how The Law Of Attraction teaches us how to get what you want

Your Inner World Reflects Your Reality

Your reality is a reflection of your inner world. If you are feeling calm and in peace in your inner world, your real and outer world will be at peace as well. You can feel and see how everything fits in. You will always have that balance.

However, if your inner world is in turmoil because of your continuing negative attitudes such as frustration, hate, guilt, anger, and fear, you will always suffer from the constant struggle. The only thoughts you will have are defeat, low self-esteem, sadness, and endless lack of energy. These thoughts are reflected in your outer world and end up as your reality.

You will always struggle every day because your reality only attracts those limitations that you are reflecting in your inner world. Changing your inner reality is hard but it is possible to be changed. You cannot take advantage of the law of attraction because you don’t have peace in your inner world.

Why You Always Fail?

Everyone suffers failures. It is another constant thing in the world aside from change.

We all experience failure once in a while. But we don’t have to dwell and attempt to correct each mistake. We just have to accept it and move on. We have to understand that everyone fails and it is normal.

What is not normal is focusing on our failure and trying to avoid it. People focus on avoiding failure when they should be focusing on overcoming it and pursuing success. It shows that as you avoid failure, you already thought and accepted the fact that you will fail it. Remember what The Law Of Attraction says?

Think about it and you will attract it! Unconsciously, you are asking for that failure and attracting it. This negative thinking can be very powerful. As you unconsciously set yourself to defeat and work hard in your reality to succeed, your inner and outer worlds are no longer in sync, resulting in a vicious cycle of failures and disappointments.

Imagine you if you have a strong core belief that you will succeed. You believe with everything that you have that you will get what you want. Your actions in the real world will reinforce this belief, leading you to behavior and actions that will make it a 100% reality. This will surely attract success.

This is called shaping your future with your belief. If you have a deep-rooted belief about something, your body will work hard to bring that belief into your outer world. ‘Like attracts like’ so be aware of your deep-rooted beliefs or your unconscious beliefs.

Willingness and Working Hard For It

Are you getting what you want

Believing is half the job. The other half is working hard for it. If your dream is to own your dream house, envision that house and have it printed in your thoughts. Always think of it and dream of yourself living in it. Now work hard for it. Get a job.

Patience Is Important

Believe in the process. During meditation, you have visions of what you want. The manifestation of your dreams takes time, years. You have to be patient. This is a continuous process. You can’t dream of it today and work hard for a year then stop because you stumbled along the way. Remember, failure is constant and it is part of your journey. You have to continue believing in the process, in yourself.

You Always Anticipate

The Law Of Attraction dictates that if you set your intention about something if you believe that you will achieve your goal, you will be getting what you want, and the universe will clear a path for you and help you achieve your dream. In between, you have to keep a relaxed and calm mind, you have to use manifestation techniques, and you have to work hard for it. If you are doing everything in accordance with the law of attraction, then leave everything to the universe.


Don’t try to figure out how the universe will sort things out for you. This will only hinder the process. It is not your job to figure it out. Your job is to hold that vision of your dream in your mind, work hard to achieve it and be patient while the universe does its job.




We have to decide what we want and must go after it. When we learn how the Law of Attraction works in our lives, we will see how the universe can conspire with our thoughts and manifest our dreams.

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