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Get Your Ex Back Is Easy! Really? The Law Of Attraction says YES!

Is It Easy To Get Your Ex Back?

What if you have met the love of your life only to wake up one day that she/he is no longer yours? Can you possibly get your ex back regardless of the reasons why you drifted apart? The law of attraction says ‘Yes!’

Understanding the Law of Attraction

The law of attraction states that you can attract whatever you think you want. When you focus your mental energy on something, it will manifest in your life. If you will use the law of attraction to get your ex back, be aware of your thoughts because you might end up attracting your doubts and fears.

To be successful in winning your ex back, you have to understand the rules of law of attraction. There is one very simple rule: “focus on what you want and not on what you don’t want”. You have to understand whether what you are doing is a portrayal of a positive attitude or a negative one.

For example, in winning your ex back, it is a want or a need? Remember that ‘want’ is a positive attribute while ‘need’ is a negative attitude that portrays obsession for something that you don’t have or what you lost.

Get Your Ex Back With the Law of Attraction

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Everything around us vibrates energy, such as people, animals, plants, even rocks or any items. These are made of molecules that possess energy and vibrates with different frequencies. You and your ex used to be on the same frequency that’s why you were attracted to each other.

Apparently, something happened that disconnected or disrupted your connection. So how can you win your ex back? You have to vibrate at a higher frequency!

Your vibrating energy is coming from within. It means that you must feel good about yourself first before you can produce a higher positive vibration of energy. How can you achieve it?


Give yourself the space it needs so you can meditate in peace. Allow at least 15 to 25 minutes, once or twice a week to meditate. Focus on your needs. What do you really want to achieve? Think about it.

Use Affirmations (Positive Ones)

Use positive affirmations such as I ‘we will be happy together, we will have a great future’ or ‘we can do more if we are together’. Be aware of how you think because you might end up attracting negative energy such as when thinking ‘we could be happier but…..’.

Improve Yourself

It might sound cliché but it is true and the law of attraction supports this idea – your chance of getting your ex back is higher if you will work on improving yourself first. Do you find your weight increasing? Go to the gym or watch your diet. Are those dark circles under your eyes bothering you? Get enough sleep! Did she find you not enough because you don’t have a good-paying job? Enroll in classes or training programs to enhance your skills and self.

What to Avoid

In order for the law of attraction to work, you must avoid some mistakes. Just focus on yourself and do what you need to do and the universe will do its job for you.

Here are some common mistakes that people do when trying to win their exes.

Constant Contact    

If you broke up because she asked for space and time, try to understand it. She is pulling away because she is feeling suffocated. Don’t bombard her with messages and calls. It can be annoying!

If she pulled away because she found someone else, let her go. Let her feel the void that only you can fill.

How long should you stop contacting your ex? Give her at least 100 days or three months!

Don’t Be an Option

If your ex runs to you from time to time because she is having a hard time with the new partner or with her life being single, don’t entertain her! Show her that you are not an option! Don’t settle with the little time she is giving you when you can have it all if you will just wait.

Don’t Beg

Begging is a sign of losing control and losing control is negative energy. Don’t succumb to such mistakes. To avoid begging, stay away from her as far as you can. Remember, no contact!

Finding New Flame Immediately

Don’t complicate the situation by finding a rebound! Don’t hurt another human being just so you can get your ex back. If you will involve other people in your drama, you might end up asking for people’s opinions that can further cloud your judgement.

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Best strategies to win your ex back

The law of attraction is the most powerful tool out there that you can use to win your ex back. It is important to understand the rule of law of attraction and the time it takes for it to happen. People say it is not working for them because they want immediate results.

Remember free will? Your ex has an opinion of you and you cannot force her to change it. However, as you improve your vibration and energy, the universe will show to your ex those positive changes – know that this can take some time!

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How to get your Ex back


We have to decide what we want and must go after it. When we learn how the Law of Attraction works in our lives, we will see how the universe can conspire with our thoughts and manifest our dreams.

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