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Esther Hicks and Her Gift

Have you ever heard the name “Esther Hicks”? Some of you might be the first time to encounter her name. Some may be familiar with her or have known her for the longest time. Let me share with you her story and how she touches my life.If you have read my article about Abraham Hicks, you will remember the name “Esther Hicks.” But today, we will focus on her story. We’ll talk deeply more about her life, her connections with Abraham, books, and teachings.

Who is Esther Hicks?

Esther Hicks was born on the 5th of March in 1948, in Coalville, Utah, and she had a very joyful childhood while growing up in the Rocky Mountains. All she knows is being playful and having fun as she grows in that place. Her friend introduced her to Jerry Hicks, who is a successful Amway distributor in 1976. They attended one of Jerry’s business presentations. During that time, Jerry was eager to share his knowledge he learned as he studied the book “Think and Grow Rich.” During that time, Esther works as a bookkeeper and doesn’t have any massive amount of money. Although Esther has one child with her former husband, Esther and Jerry got married in 1980.
Jerry introduced to Esther the “Seth Books.” Jerry’s inquisitiveness and Esther’s receptivity were summoned. Abraham started to knock their consciousness. That’s the time they began Abraham’s teachings. Abrahams was interpreted by Esther.
Esther said that she was trying to tap into the “infinite intelligence. Together with her husband, they become an inspirational speaker and co-writer on their nine co-written books. Most of their books become best sellers in the New York Times. Also, they were featured in the movie” The Secret “in 2006.

The Seth Book

It was said that the Seth book awakens Esther’s journey to Abraham. The Seth books are written by Jane Roberts and her husband, Robert Butts. After Jerry introduced this book to Esther, they started their journey with Abraham. At the back of the book, you’ll see a description of a personality from another world speaking through borrowing the body of the medium, Jane Roberts. At first, Esther was not convinced of this concept. But Jerry gently discusses Seth’s teachings that made Esther fully embrace the idea. With this, Esther and Jerry started their journey with Abraham.

Esther and Abraham

As Esther received Abraham, she says that she was just having a normal conversation, and there’s nothing extra special. But, she was amazed by the new intelligence she’s receiving from Abraham. She started to translate Abraham, and Jerry began to an extensive study metaphysical. Esther sees Jerry’s strong belief in the process, which makes her more inspired to keep pursuing it.Esther says that whenever she hears Abraham, she doesn’t have any awareness as she was receiving it at an unconscious level. She says that she can feel the energy within, but she’s not aware of the thought as she was receiving it. She sees that she is translating for Abraham. She said that when they pick from the audience, she sees not the physical but the light of energy coming from that audience for the hot seat. Abraham sees not the physical person but the energy instead.Nowadays, Esther translates blocks of thoughts coming from “non-physical source energy” or what they also call “collective consciousness,” which she also considers as her “inner being” or her “Soul.” Now, she can audibly speak Abraham’s message instead of typing it in.

Esther’s encounter with Sheila Gillette and Theo

It is not only Esther having this kind of encounter with a non-physical entity like Abraham. She met Sheila Gillette and her non-physical entity Theo. Sheila and Theo started communicating in 1969. As per Shiela, Theo is a twelve archangelic being who wanted to teach, mentor, and enlighten the people at this moment of changing consciousness.Compared to Esther, Sheila keeps this to herself. If I am Sheila, I might feel skeptical at first having that kind of encounter. I also thought that Sheila and her husband Marcus wanted to keep it to themselves since this is unusual, and people might feel differently about it. But, when Esther and Sheila met, the union of these two gifted and unique women created a beautiful and exciting result. They were able to make people aware of who Theo and Abraham entities.

My admiration for Esther Hicks

Having a unique gift that Esther posses is special, but not all people will have the same perspective and acceptance. I also have read some articles that criticize her and her teachings. They don’t believe in her abilities and concepts. With that, I admire Esther more. It is very hard to be in her position. Most notably, when her husband and her are starting to introduce Abraham to people. I imagine how other people might criticize her, but she stands and continues with her mission. It is not surprising that their books became bestsellers and reached the top 1 spot in New York Best Sellers book.It only shows that she, Jerry and Abraham have touched the heart and tap the awareness of people with the universal law and how it can change everyone’s life. If you attend her workshop, I’m telling you, you will go home with a lot of positivity, hopes, joy, and love. But of course, their teachings are useless if you will not fully dedicate yourself to practice what they taught you. It still all depends on us. No matter how good our life coach or mentor, if we do not surrender ourselves, nothing will happen.My admiration for Esther, her late husband Jerry, and belief in Abrahams’ teaching will be forever. She allows herself to be an instrument in reaching out to millions of people and sharing the teachings of Abraham that can help you live your life full of love, happiness, and abundance.

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