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10 Mistakes That Can Ruin A Marriage: Be Conscious Of Your Relationships!

Conscious Relationships

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” – Rumi

I was introduced to the Law of Attraction when I had a hard time in my marriage, and after applying the law  into my life, I started to experience some positive changes, a shift in my mindset and attitude. All what was missing, was that I needed to be more conscious about my relationships.

It is never easy when  relationships starts to crumble and often we feel that there is no way out. But that is not true.

We have heard and seen it – two people fall in love, get married, and the next thing you heard of them, they are getting a divorce or are no longer connected. Even the most perfect union is not safe from divorce! Are we conscious about our relationships?

I would like to share with you some mistakes can ruin a marriage that couples often end up in divorce. But at the same time I want to insure you that there a ways to fix such mistakes!

Let us take a look at some common marriage mistakes and ways to fix them! We need to be conscious of our relationships. 

1.Cheating can be a #1 on the list

It is the biggest No-No in a marriage, and yes, it happens! Unfortunately, married couples don’t talk about cheating, thinking that they are too in love with each other, and such won’t happen to them. Until it does happen!

To avoid this mistake, you must build an open connection with your spouse.Talk to him or her, and be honest about it. Your spouse is your first line of support. Talk to a reliable friend as well, a good friend that can support you in fighting the urge to cheat on your spouse.

What if you already cheated? In that case you need to admit it to your spouse and repent. Ask for a second chance and prove that you’ve changed or will be willing to change.


Whether it is a white lie or a big lie, it is all the same – it is a lie! This mistake is a small marriage monster that can grow big and destroy your marriage.

To avoid this mistake, avoid making small white lies. Being honest requires a lot of effort. Please give it to your marriage; your spouse deserves it. Once honesty becomes a habit, you will reap its reward in having a happy married life.

What if you told some lies in the past? Come clean and explain it to your spouse.

3.Not Helping Around the House

Gone are the days that women do housework while men work to earn. We are living in a world where everything can be shared, home chores, jobs, expenses, and responsibilities as married couples.

To avoid this mistake, talk about your responsibilities and priorities. Does your partner expect you to do house chores? Are you comfortable doing house chores being the husband? The key here is open communication.

 4.Dwindling Intimacy

Once you settled in your daily routine, you might find that everything becomes boring, even with your intimate moments. You no longer show much affection and tenderness to one another because you think – ‘we have been together for a while now.’

To avoid or fix this mistake, always make an effort to stay intimate and tender to your spouse. Don’t settle with routines. Go out on dates, take trips, give gifts, and pamper each other once in a while. Do things that will make each other happy.


Neglecting yourself can also ruin your marriage – big time! Your marriage is a partnership, and if you fail to take care of yourself, you are failing to take care of half of your marriage. Neglecting one’s self can be in terms of the physical aspect or financial aspect.

To avoid or fix this type of mistake, keep a healthy lifestyle with your spouse. Pay attention to your financial health, spiritual well-being, and your emotional state. If you are having economic issues, let your spouse know. If you are having problems expressing your feelings or emotions (like being jealous), talk to your spouse.

 6.Harboring Resentment

Don’t let unresolved resentments to poison your relationship. In the long run, unspoken resentment can turn your relationship into a toxic one because you will end up getting back at each other. Instead of talking about the issue, you will end up trying to hurt your spouse, thinking that your spouse deserves it for doing the same to you in the past.

To avoid or fix this type of mistake, keep open communication. Tell your spouse if he or she is doing something you don’t like or if you are hurting because of your spouse’s action. Don’t bury the feeling of thinking it will pass because eventually, you will need to address it. 

 7.Criticizing Each Other

At the onset of your relationship, you might find it funny and cure to point your spouse’s shortcomings. However, these jokes can turn into ‘you only see my faults’ argument that can ruin the marriage in the long run.

To avoid or fix this type of mistake, learn to tell your spouse your real feeling whenever a criticism (whether it is serious or a joke) is on. Not telling your partner how the criticism makes you feel can only escalate the jokes, making your spouse think it is okay while you are already feeling overly criticized and losing your self-esteem in the long run.

 8.Looking for Affection and Turning Your Attention Elsewhere

As you live together and spend most of your waking hours in each other’s company, you might find your routines going dull. You might also find your partner becoming less appealing, unlike before. Wives often end up pouring all their attention to their children, disregarding the husband, causing the husband to turn his attention to someone else. It happens!

To avoid or fix this type of mistake, make sure to always check with your spouse. Assure them, give them emotional security, make them feel that they are still your priority. Show them your love, tenderness, and affection whenever you can and explain if, at times, you are not able to (like when you need to travel for work or sleep in your kids’ bedroom at night).

 9.Disregarding Sexual Intimacy

Let’s face it; sex connects you and your spouse at a higher level, making the relationship more intimate. Once you forgo sex because of your busy schedules, you will start to drift apart too.

To avoid or fix this type of mistake, make sure to put an effort when it comes to your sex life. Wear that lingerie he loves from time to time. Take care of your body shape, especially if you know how much she is into your lean abs. If you are both busy with your schedules, make sure to talk about scheduling your sexy time.


10.Not backing Down

Another behavior that can ruin your marriage is not backing down. You argue and fight to win. You don’t let your spouse get a hand when it comes to decision making. You are always focused on being right!

To avoid or fix this type of mistake, you should start, because your marriage is a two-way relationship. Your decision will affect both of you and your children in the future. Learn to talk about your issues, discuss possibilities, and listen to your partner’s ideas.

 Final Word

There is no perfect marriage. Even couples who profess that they have so much love for their spouses still have problems and are often not conscious enough about their relationships. The key to keeping the fire in your marriage is open communication, respect, commitment, and honesty. If you practice these habits in your relationship, you might find it easier to save your marriage every time an issue arises.

If you’re reading this article right now, then chances are your marriage isn’t what it used to be… and maybe it’s so bad, that you feel like your world is falling apart.

You feel like all the passion, the love, and romance have completely faded.

You feel like you and your partner can’t stop yelling at each other.

And maybe you feel that there’s almost nothing you can do to save your marriage, no matter how hard you try.

But you’re wrong. Watch the video below to find out more.

You CAN save your marriage or relationship — even if your partner says that they want to seperate.




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