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Brain Wave Frequency: Everything You Need to Know

Low-frequency Brainwaves.

Brain wave and their frequency as well as manifestation have been topics of interest for ages. In recent years, many Law of Attraction (LoA) devotees believe that they can align with the intention of their soul using the low-frequency brainwaves. This can be evoked by regular meditation or through certain brainwave simulation tools.

Brainwave meditation is becoming a popular choice to calm the mind and enter a deeper state of consciousness. It impacts our subconscious mind and pertains to our success, and thus help us to find and chase our life’s true purpose.

However, what most people don’t know is that the electrical impulses in our brain also contribute to our success. These impulses are always on a quest to achieve happiness and fulfillment. So, what are these brainwaves, and how can one manifest them? Let’s take a dig into it.

What are Brainwaves?

Our brain is a junction of billions of nerve cells. These nerve cells create a secure network to relay information and build strong communication. The information sharing and communication network is made with the help of oscillating electrical voltage, generating an electric field. Read the article to learn more what Scientists have to say about brain wave frequency.

Scientists have proposed numerous possible roles for brain waves

The nerves transfer information in both physical and chemical form throughout the body. The electrical impulses generated by the brain are in the form of synchronized electrical pulses that can also be detected by electroencephalography (EEG). These are the brain wave frequency.

Apart from information, our thoughts and emotions are also formed in this electric field. Different emotions generate distinct brainwaves.  For instance, some brainwaves can make you too tired, while others can turn you active, depending on their frequency.

Our brain is an electrochemical organ

The brain wave and the frequency are a measurement of electrical activity within our brain. It is through these brain waves that we can gauge the potential of our brain, including thoughts and emotions.

Scientists have recognized five distinct types of brain waves of different frequencies from low to high. Each brain wave depicts a specific activity, and together they create a beautiful melody. Nevertheless, it’s essential to know that brain waves are not the creators of our thoughts and emotions but a mere reflection of the processes going within the brain when we feel, act or think.

The 5 Types of Brain Waves and Their Frequency

Gamma Brain waves

1. Gamma Brain waves (30-100Hz)
The gamma brainwaves depict higher mental activity. These are generated when you are learning new information or absorbed in a work that requires a lot of concentration and focus. Also, these waves can be measured briskly.


Beta Brain waves

2. Beta Brain waves (14-40 Hz)
Beta brain waves are generated when you are wide awake or alert. These are mainly created when you read, work or socialize. At this point, the neurons in your brain abundantly fire as you focus on cognitive tasks.


alpha brainwaves

3. Alpha Brain waves (8-13 Hz)
Alpha brain waves are the waves of wisdom. These brain waves are generated when you dive into a deeper state of mind. They generate when your body and mind enter into a calm and composed state to visualize your future as well as attract the things you want. The law of attraction aims at alpha waves.


Theta brainwaves

4. Theta Brain waves (4.7-7.5 Hz)
Highly experienced meditation practitioners experience these waves when on the verge of attaining enlightenment. These are created when a person is absorbed into deep meditation. The chakra yoga experts call these waves the “third eye.” Our brain also enters the theta brain wave blanket while we dream in our sleep. Try this free app  for brain wave entrainment relax meditation energy and sleep.


Delta brainwaves

5. Delta Brain waves (0.5-4 Hz)
Delta brainwaves are generated in the deepest stage of sleep. These waves signify a state of healing and rejuvenation. Delta waves are what people call the gateway to the realm of the unconscious mind. Meditation experts can enter this realm when they are absorbed in deep and transcendental meditation.


Training Your Brainwaves With Meditation

Any person can train their body and mind to achieve different brain wave or frequency  states. The frequencies of our brain waves are controlled by our involuntary nervous system or the autonomic nervous system. But you can train your mind to enter into deeper states of meditation and control your involuntary nervous system, thereby controlling your brainwaves. If you can manage your brain waves, you can rewire your subconscious as well as the unconscious mind to attract your dreams and aspirations.

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Now, the big question is, how can you do it?

Here’s a mindfulness meditation exercise for you to attain alpha state and slowly move towards the Delta,
Prepare your mind for the meditation session. Allow your body to relax and settle in a comfortable position. Keep your back and shoulders straight. Close your eyes and relax.


As you begin to relax, pay attention to your calm and gentle breathing. Notice the stillness of your body. Allow your body to let go of your tensions as you gradually find a comfortable rhythm of your breath.

Now, focus to the gentle rise and fall in your chest as you inhale and exhale. Keep breathing normally. If your thoughts intrude, allow them to pass and focus on your breath. Remember, you cannot block your thoughts. However, you can let them go.

As you pay attention to your breath, acknowledge and notice any feeling or emotion that you are experiencing right now. Let it go and return to your breathing.

Your brain activity has now declined to 13 cycles per second. This is a state of calmness. This is the alpha brain wave state.

Wrapping Up

Keep following your breaths. Your mind will soon transcend beyond the movement of thoughts and expand to infinity. Soon you will reach the theta state. Your mind will now become aware of its potential, and you will unlock a life of infinite opportunities.

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5 brainwaves and what you should now about them


We have to decide what we want and must go after it. When we learn how the Law of Attraction works in our lives, we will see how the universe can conspire with our thoughts and manifest our dreams.

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