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Binaural Beats as Meditation Therapy: How They Work

Binaural Beats With Meditation

What if I tell you that all you can transform your life with…is a pair of quality earphones?

You might think, “Conny, what are you talking about…?!”

It sounds suspicious and funny, right? But to tell you honestly, there’s a lot more to what I’ve mentioned than only losing yourself to great music.

Months ago, I discovered something that helped lessen my anxieties and sleepless nights– all caused by daily stress.

Binaural Beats and Meditation!

Some of you may have heard this term from your colleagues or family members, and it’s been continuously growing in popularity lately. Medical experts, wellness gurus, and life coaches say that it has fantastic benefits.

Binaural Beats and meditation therapy

What is the Binaural Beat?

The binaural beat is a type of sound therapy that affects the function of our brain, as well as it is a technique that merges two different frequency tones to create a single frequency tone. A binaural beat is an audio frequency that stimulates our brainwaves.

How do binaural beats work?

People listen to binaural beats using earphones, and you can get an idea of the music in the video below: Check it out

Say in your left ear, you’re listening to a 300-hertz tone. In your right ear, you receive a 280-hertz tone, and your brainwaves slowly fall into a state of harmony and will then be at an imaginary tone of 10hz.

This is the binaural beat.

Instead of hearing two slightly different tones, your brain tricks you into hearing a single tone.

It is an imaginary beat.

Important Tips:

If you want to try the binaural beats as meditation therapy, I suggest you:

  1. Listen at a volume range of medium and low to prevent any kind of damage that can be caused by listening to loud sounds over a period of time.
  2. Choose binaural beats that have fewer outbursts and explosions of sounds.

guided meditation

What are the potential benefits of binaural beats?

Since binaural beats influence our brain performance, it can give us the following advantages

  1. Your  mood will improve
  2. It may help you sleep better.
  3. You can boost your memory, attention, and focus.
  4. It may promote creative thinking.
  5. Reduce stress and anxiety.
  6. It may help you enter a state of meditation.
  7. It may create positive energy within you.

Are binaural beats safe to use?

Yes. Binaural beats are safe for most individuals to try and enjoy, and it only causes a temporary change to our brainwaves. Mind you, this soundwave approach doesn’t have any clinically proven results, but it is not harmful at all.

meditation and change of brainwaves

However, for some people, extra-caution is advised, and it would be best to talk to their doctor first before trying new and modern practices like binaural beats.

  1. People with a history of seizures or are prone to seizures.
  2. People whose mental health is unstable.
  3. Those who suffer from heart ailments.
  4. Pregnant and lactating women.
  5. Kids.
  6. People with mental disorders.

Wrapping up

Wow! Binaural Beats are fascinating, don’t you think?

There’s so much to learn and love about this new form of soundwave therapy. Binaural beats are safe, free, and, most of all, can be useful in improving our lives if we only use them correctly.

Do you think guided meditation and the binaural beats can be combined? Find out if you like the beats. Share your opinion and drop us a message! We love to hear your thoughts!

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Meditation with the help of binaural beats



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