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Best Meditation Blankets And Benefits

Best Blankets For Meditation

I never thought that using a meditation blanket can level up my meditation experience. Are you using one? I believe that everyone needs to have a warm and cozy meditation blanket. You can add it with a meditation pillow and chair to improve the quality of your meditation exercise. 

Meditation should be an exercise where you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated. You should have not only a comfortable and quiet place, but adding a blanket would give you a warm embrace as you get into a deeper state. When I started using it, I found it easy to calm my mind and body. I want you to experience that too. So today, I’ll be sharing more about meditation blankets with you. 

Why you should meditate? 

why to meditate

Meditation works holistically. It has positive effects physically, emotionally, mentally, and socially. What we know is it helps us relax our mind and body. It reduces our stress, controls our anxiety, boosts our immunity, and enhances our self-awareness. But actually, there are so many more benefits that we can get if we habitually do this exercise. 

I love how meditation reduces anxiety and stress. We all know that these two have a negative impact on all aspects of our health. It dramatically affects the way we see ourselves. The way we live and the way we connect with people. And meditation is a natural way to battle these conditions. 

Meditation teaches you how to sit with your discomfort and allow your brain to focus on newer, healthier, and positive thoughts. It helps you to rejuvenate and gives you the warm comfort you need.

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Meditation blanket and its benefits

It is oversized yet a stylish blanket that you can wear while you meditate. Various religions or cultures use this for thousands of years to cover their body as they meditate. They believe that as you wrap yourself with the blanket, you are also holding the energy you accumulate as you meditate. This energy has a positive effect on your mind and body. Not only it gives you warmth, but it also keeps your mind from being distracted. Aside from that, you can use it for lying on, covering up, or wrapping around.

When I use a meditation blanket, it gives me a sense of embrace. It’s more relaxed and comfortable for me to keep my sitting position. It seems that I and my blanket become one. It seems it gives me a feeling of a more peaceful and relaxing meditation space.

Common types of meditation blankets

1. Synthetic and Wool – They give you more warmth than the other types. It has just basic styles yet with solid colors that make it attractive too. You can also easily make a bolster out of it

2. Mandala Style- These are round with colorful printed pattern blankets. It is made of cotton, but it’s not good to make a bolster out of it.

3. Mexican style – Made of Cotton, acrylic, and polyester. They are thick with solid and usually striped design with some fringe at the end. They are affordable yet a high-quality blanket.

How to choose the right blanket?


It is crucial that you like the meditation blanket you bought and love it too. Remember that it is not an ordinary tool that you use for your exercise. Some treat it sacred since it is being said that even after you meditate, some of the positive energy you released is still in that blanket. It should give you a more intense sensation as you meditate. You may also want to consider first what type of fabric you want. Do you also have a specific design or style that you like? Some days you might like going for outdoor meditation, and you may consider a blanket that is handy and lightweight. If you don’t want to carry it, you can wear it or wrap it to your body. If you want it and it gives you comfort and warmth, grab it and bring your meditation experience to new heights.

Meditation blankets, and which one to get…

There are various blankets from different manufacturers you can choose from online or in the market. They vary in fabric, style, versatility, and value. But, there will be one that will surely catch your attention or interest. So here are some exciting meditation blankets available in amazon that you may like to try.

1. Meditation Yoga Rug Towels Mexico Chakras

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It is made of soft cotton-like microfiber that is very pleasant to the skin and touch. It is elastic and quickly recovers from wrinkles. It’s easy to fold and lightweight, so that you can bring it anywhere you want to do your meditation. It has a colorful Indian pattern that shows different chakras.

2.Boho Blanket for Meditation, Yoga & Living

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A Boho inspired blanket that you can use as your meditation shawl is a mid-weight thick woven blanket. It is also reversible, so no need to think about what’s in and out. A  nice combination of white, blue, and gray-colored mandala design.

3. Hippie Indian Round Mandala Beach Blanket

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An excellent deal for those who wanted to have an extra meditation blanket. Beautiful pink and blue round Mandala which is made of 100% cotton that you will surely love. This blanket is lightweight for you to use during your meditation exercise.

4. Meditation Shawl , Prayer Shawl or Wool Wrap

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If you like blankets that are made of wool, you should consider this one. It is 100% made of wool and handwoven in India. Also, Indians are superior in terms of craftsmanship. It increases good vibes and helps you achieve self-awareness. They say that it’s like you are wrapping yourself with serenity as you meditate.

5.Gold Lotus Mandala, Meditation Yoga Blankets

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If you were looking for a bigger size, it might be perfect for you. This creatively designed blanket assures you its great texture and durability. You can take it everywhere because it is very lightweight. Plus, This groovy trippy blanket design is bursting with color and energy. Easy washing. You would have an excellent experience as you use it with your indoor or outdoor meditation.

6. Folkulture Catsy Round Mandala Tapestry Towel or Boho Beach Blanket

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100% cotton and perfect for your outdoor activities like meditating in each or forest. It is a versatile and handmade mandala blanket, and has thin cotton material that is very easy to clean and carry.The bohemian inspired design too, as it gives you a positive vibe with its color green and mustard color meditation blanket.

7. Burgundy Red Wool Meditation Shawl

>>check price on Amazon

This burgundy red meditation shawl is made of 100% wool. It gives you warm comfort during your meditation. If you wrap it in your body, you will see and feel the Tibetan and Nepal. It comes in Dharamsala, India. They also said that this is lightweight, soft, and comfortable to use.

8. Meditation Rug or Wall Hanging, Circle Yoga Mat

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Are you looking for a round, black, and gray boho- colored meditation blanket? Yes for sure it is the right choice since it is made of 100I% made of Cotton. It has unique and detailed designs that give you positive vibes. It is also lightweight so you can carry it to the place you would like to meditate.

9. Boho Mandala Meditation  Blanket

>>check price on Amazon

This boho mandala blanket  is  thick, but light and will give you warmth  as you meditate.

Great option in my opinion.

Allow the meditation blanket to give you a warm embrace.

I love the idea of using a meditation blanket as we meditate. I treat my meditation blanket and pillow as my meditation buddy. Especially since I mostly meditation alone. But sometimes I try meditating with groups, which is also a fun and exciting experience. I love the cotton type of blanket because it’s more lightweight, and I can wrap it or make it as a shawl. The vibrant designs of the mandala type of blanket seem to attract many of us. But aside from that, whenever you feel down, and then meditate, you can feel the warm embrace of the blanket as if a friend comforted you.

If you practice meditation right now, continue with your journey, but using a meditation blanket and chair can give you a more enjoyable experience. If you haven’t tried meditating, I’m telling you, my dear, you should try it, and don’t forget to use a meditation pillow and blanket.

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How to find best meditation blankets


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