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Best Affirmations for Weight Loss

Weight Loss Affirmations  -Louise Hay

Some people struggle to manage their weight because of the wrong mindset. Using weight loss affirmations can help you correct first that kind thinking then reflects towards you physically. You might have tried various weight loss programs or diets, but none of them work. You might have spent hundreds of dollars to enroll in those or to buy those slimming supplements offered online or on the market, but they didn’t work at all for you. You see a lot of success stories of people who were able to achieve their ideal weight. You might wonder why it works for them but not for you.

Let’s try to do some flashback.

You told yourself before that you’ll start a strict diet on a specific day. When that day comes, you tell yourself that you begin the next day because you’ll be hanging out with your friends at your favorite restaurant, and you can’t resist the sumptuous foods served there. The following day, you tried it, you lessen the food you eat, and you did a 30 -minute exercise. But, you suddenly felt dizzy, so you decided to move it next week. Till you just then admit to yourself that you can’t resist the food. That is what you instill in your mind.


You always think that you can go on a diet the next day, next week, or next month. But then, you will realize that you just keep gaining more weight instead of losing.

You have that thinking that you feel weak when you cut the number of foods that you eat. Maybe you  have tried getting into a weight loss program. At first, you feel motivated, and as the program goes on, you lose your discipline. You tend to stop and reason out that it is not effective at all. The truth is, you are just using those excuses. If you do not change that kind of thinking, you will never achieve your desired weight.

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I know it is hard, but…

I know that it is hard to lose weight, but if we start changing the way you think, you are also changing how you eat and live. Using weight loss affirmation is a great supporting tool to help you lose weight. It gives you encouragement that you can succeed at cutting some weight. It makes you realize that it is a way of showing love to yourself. If you love your body, you will take care of it. You know the consequences of gaining too much weight, right? Not only does it demand bigger sizes of clothing, but it also predisposes you to various illnesses that are related to lifestyle. Start using these weight loss affirmations of Louise Hay and start your journey again towards a healthy body and mind.

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