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Best Success Affirmations -Louise Hay

Success Affirmations

Are you curious how affirmations work and how it can transform your life to a different level? Well, you should consider the works of Louise Hay. Louise is well known for her powerful affirmations. One of them that I used is her affirmation cards. It contains a 64 card deck covering different life aspects such as health, wealth, romance, self-esteem, creativity, and stress. It will absolutely uplift your spirit and give you a sense of joy, contentment, and power.
You should also consider her “I can do it affirmations” book. I love how Louise explains how our thoughts and every word that comes in our mouth are affirmations. She also emphasizes the importance of paying attention to our thoughts to eliminate experiences that you don’t want. At the top of that, she also discussed affirmations that can be solved with declarations.You may also consider her bestselling book, “You Can Heal Your Life,” to transform you into who you wanted to be. If you have children at home, I recommend giving them the “I Think, I Am!: Teaching kids the power Affirmations. It is a perfect and fun way for your children to learn about controlling their thoughts and words. It will make them understand the difference between negative and positive affirmations.

I’m telling you, affirmation is a fun yet meaningful and effective way to manifest your heart’s desire. You can try the different affirmations shared by Louise. Here are Louise Hay Affirmations that should include in your daily rituals :

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