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Affirmations for Love

How Affirmations For Love Can Bring a Happy Life

Love affirmations

Do you know that you can use love affirmations to attract and fill your life with love, passion, or even romance? Yes, you can use these powerful words to attract love in your life. Being in love gives us a magical feeling that usually makes us feel complete. It also connects people and creates a fantastic relationship. Who doesn’t want to have a personal relationship with someone you like? Who doesn’t want to have a healthy and harmonious life with your family and partners? We all do want to have a happy and balanced life. And, the existence of love in our life makes that possible.


Love unites people. It also promotes joy and peace. But there may be some who struggle with it right now.  If you feel unloved or if your relationship is a bit shaky right now, using love affirmation can help you manifest that special feeling you are longing for. You don’t need to envy those people you see with their loved ones or with their partners. Remember that we all deserve to love and be loved. Using the affirmation can help you succeed in achieving that incredible feeling. Not only does it nurture love within you, but it also helps to attract love to come into your life. 


Love Louise Hay Calendar

But let me share with you first the secret of receiving love. You need to start loving yourself first so people will love you back. Loving yourself must come first.  Appreciate and take care of yourself. Do not focus on the feeling that you are not getting the love and attention you need. It will just make you lonely whenever you feel that you are unloved or unappreciated.  Without you knowing, that loneliness pushes away people who would like to love you.  

Using affirmation daily can help you be happy. Instead of focusing your thoughts on how awful your relationship is, use affirmations to build happy thoughts in your mind. Through this, you allow yourself to focus on creating a solution to fix your relationship, not on your limitation. That limitation makes you resist any other source of love you can have. It will also help you experienced more love within you and with the people around you. 

Today, I want you to feel happy and be excited about receiving and giving love. Here are Luise Hay’s powerful love affirmations that can help you achieve love within you and with people around you. As you recite this daily, you’ll find love grows within you, attracting people to love you more. 

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