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Abraham Hicks – Inspirational Quotes

Our vibration matches what we feel. So if we think that we are healthy, you will be healthy.

Whenever we think of something, you are also like planning your future. Be careful with your thoughts, and learn to appreciate your plan.

No matter what action you take, you continuously create a vibrational alignment with the Universe.

Once you have a full understanding of the law of attraction, you attract what you want like a magnet.

Allow your abundance to naturally flow from you. Inhale the abundance and exhale or negativity.

Identifying what makes you happy is also focusing on the things that you want. When you are happy, the more you attract good things in life.

Never let others dictate what you need to do. Let them talk but do not allow them to sink in.

Redirecting your thoughts also helps us escape from the real world. So divert what you genuinely desire to get a perfect spot.

Whenever we fail in manifesting, it drags our strength and beliefs.

If you are picky, you should know that you have to know what you should focus on.

In the law of attraction, whatever we think about repeatedly can manifest on our desire.

Your beliefs create a vibration that attracts it to come true. But make sure that your belief matches the way you think, act, and drive.

Your thoughts match your beliefs, and these beliefs create a vibration that attracts the same. In that way, your desire turns to reality.

Remember that the way you live your life is the same as what we instill in our minds.

Manifestation is limitless, so declare your thoughts no matter how big or small it is. The Universe can make it happen.

As you keep talking to yourself, you are attracting it to come into your life.
Imagination is an essential tool that helps you manifest your desire. So keep expecting, and it will come to you at the right time.

Remember to focus on your life, not on someone else’s life. You have to mind your own life and not let others step in and dictate what’s best for you.

Sharing your happiness with other people is a unique gift that you can give. When you are happy, you make people around you happy too. That creates a positive vibration attracting positive energy too.

When you precisely know what you want, you give the Universe exactly what you want or desire.

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