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Abraham Hicks

The first time I heard about Abraham Hicks was a few years ago. I overheard one of my friends talking about her great experience when she attended a workshop. I felt her positivity and joy as she talked more about it with my other friend. I never had the time to speak to her as I was preoccupied with tasks I had to finish. But, that name stuck on my mind.The same night, I wondered about Abraham again. I was curious about who that person is. I overheard my friend saying that it’s a life-changing experience, so I started my research. As I found out more, I fell in love with its philosophy and teachings. I start reading books and watch videos, and yes, it is life-changing.I’ve been practicing the law of attraction at that time, and their teachings made my law of attraction journey amazing.

Who is Abraham Hicks?

At first, I was confused. Why am I seeing an image of a woman instead of a man if his name is Abraham? If it’s your first time searching about him, you might wonder too at first.

Abraham Hicks is not a person. It is a community consisting of entities that are “interpreted” by Esther Hicks. They describe their community as a group of consciousness from the non-physical dimension. They said that non-physical extension is a source of energy, and we humans are the physical extension of that energy.

 They communicate via Esther Hicks through the language of vibration, and Esther shares the word to people. Abraham said to Esther that whenever we feel a moment of pure happiness, elation, and love, that source of energy is Abraham.

Their teachings remind us about Universal Laws. Although the “Source” of energy reaches out to us at different levels of awareness, we will only receive what we asked for when we are ready to receive it. We create our reality with our focus and attention. And our emotions are our guidance system that will indicate how close we are to how our “Source” feels about a particular focus.

Esther Hicks

Esther Hicks is born in Coalville, Utah, a known American author and inspirational speaker who is often credited as Abraham Hicks.Her goal is to tap “infinite intelligence.” And share that intelligence with people. With her late husband Jerry Hicks, they have co-written eight inspirational books. With Abraham Hicks Publications, they held various workshops about the law of attraction. They also become part of the original “The Secret” movie in 2006.

Abraham Best Selling Books

Abraham Hicks Publication books are published by Hay House

One of their bestselling books is “Ask, and It is Given “in 2004, published by Hay House, Inc. Later on, they released four more New York Times Best Sellers book like The Law of Attraction (2006), The Astonishing Power of Emotions (2008), The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent (2006), and lastly, Money, and The Law of Attraction (2009) who made it to the number 1 spot at New Your Times Best Sellers List. They also have produced a series of fictional children’s books, Sara Book I, II, and III. Some of their books were translated into languages like Spanish, Dutch, German, Italian, Russian, Japanese, and more. They also have released The Vortex: Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships (2008) and Getting into the Vortex: Guided Meditations CD and User Guide (2010).

Ask, and It is Given

It is the first Abraham book that becomes an Amazon Bestseller. They discuss here what the non-physical entity’s teachings are. It explains how the Universal Law influences your career, relationships, finances, and health issues. It helps you manifest your desire and how to have a fulfilling life. Abraham’s teachings have drawn attention from many people, including Louise L. Hay, Wayne Dyer, Neale Donald Walsch, John Gray, and Jack Canfield.

The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham

This book introduces the basic and original Abrahams’ teachings. You’ll learn the law that governs this Universe. By reading this book, you’ll have a better understanding of the law of attraction and understand what’s happening in your life. You’ll learn how it can work to your advantage. You’ll realize more how “like attracts like” and the impact of “birds of the same feather flock together.” I assure you that this can change your life.Once you have a better understanding of the law of attraction, you’ll be more joyful and possess anything that you desire.

Money and the Law of Attraction

It is the first book that reached the New York Times Bestseller list top 1 position. It discusses how powerful the law of attraction affects our financial and physical well-being. It can guide your conscious creation in every aspect of your life. This heart touching book is perfect for those who are having trouble with health and money. It will teach you how to use the law of attraction and make it work with you.

Manifest your Desires: 365 Ways to make your dreams as reality

This book focuses on how you can have a fulfilling life. It will teach you how Universal Law influences your life, including your health concerns, finances, and career. You will discover here the powerful process that will guide you towards your law of attraction journey.

Astonishing Power of Emotions

This book helps you understand your emotions. It serves as your guidance in controlling your emotions and reactions. This book will teach you how you effectively utilize them. As you read this book, you’ll learn how to appreciate things happening to you and understand what you are feeling right now.As you now turn the pages of this book, you’ll learn to understand your worthiness and be open to receive what you wished for. It will remind you that you have to be open to whatever you want to be, do or have. It creates a vibration attracting it to manifest in your life.

The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent: Living the Art of Allowing

This book also became a New York Times Bestseller. It talks about how to have a deliberate intent in whatever you desire in your life while you balance your energy at the same time. It emphasizes how balancing your energy is more vital than goal-setting or focusing. It will also teach you how you should enjoy every step you make in manifesting your dreams.

Getting into the Vortex Meditations

It comes with a book and a CD. It helps you to become aligned with the Energy Source. This alignment is called Arahams as “Getting into Vortex” It emphasizes Abraham’s teachings about our conscious connection with the Energy Source and to be joyful beings just like when we were born to be.The CD contains guided daily meditations specially designed for you to get into the Vortex of creation. It helps you be aligned with your physical well-being, relationships, financial well-being, and general well-being.

Abraham Hicks Teachings’ Summary

1. Humans are a physical extension of that which is non-physical.
We are the extension of non-physical beings or which we called God. And we are capable of bringing the energy to the earth to manifest your dreams.
2. We are in our bodies because we chose to be here.
We become based on our choices. We create joy because we chose to be happy. Whatever we create is based on your choices.
3. The basis of our life is freedom; the purpose of our life is joy, and the result of life is growth.
We are free to choose and find happiness in this world. It helps you grow and become a better person who is ready to receive all the blessings you deserve.
4. We are a creator; we create with our every thought.
Whatever you think can turn to reality. So whatever thought we have in our mind can become true in real life.
5. Anything that we can imagine clearly with our emotion through vibration match is ours to do or to have.
Our emotions match what we imagine in our minds. It releases a vibration that matches your thoughts, so choose the emotions that you want to radiate from you.
6. Our emotions guide us as you are choosing your thoughts.
Whatever emotions we have serves as our guide in what thoughts to keep. It is your choice which thought you bloom from deep within. As you change your feelings, you are also improving your thoughts.
7. The Universe adores us, for it knows our broadest intentions.
Declare your intentions to the Universe, and it will guide you to the right path. When you start to feel good about who you are, you also create a broader perspective.
8. Be relaxed into your natural well-being. Believe that all is well.
You have to have time to relax as you let the constant flow of your thoughts. It gives you time to appreciate things that can open a greater opportunity.
9. We are creators of “throughways” in our “unique path of joy.”
We create the path that we take. It much depends on you, which one will bring you a unique joy.
10. We are not meant to struggle because life is a process of allowing
We struggled because we might have made the wrong choice, or we chose the wrong option. But that is part of the process. Allowing it to happen helps you understand what you want.
11. The manifestation of money, relationship, and life success are the by-products as we focus ourselves to joy.
Whenever we focus on something that gives us joy, it also attracts your desire.
12. We may appropriately depart our bodies without illness or pain.
It is possible to attract no illness or pain. We have to allow ourselves to heal.
13. We do not die; our life is everlasting. The death of our physical body doesn’t mean the end of our life.
Yes, we have everlasting life, and it is only our physical body that dies, but we remain.
14. The Universe affirms life. It is infinite, creative, and expanding.
The Universe pledges life. It offers an infinite abundance as we create.
15. Whatever we desire can be fulfilled.
These main principles of the Law of Attraction that whatever we desire, we can achieve. We can always fulfill that dream that you wanted.
16. We are not just a part of the Universe; we are the source of it.
We are also the source of energy of the Universe. We radiate depending on our thoughts, dreams, or whatever you have in your mind.

Do not dwell too much on things that you don’t like about. Instead, dwell on what you dreamed about. Spend more time on happy thoughts instead of negative ones.

Abraham Hicks’ Life Impact

They have this called “hot seat” experience where you were given a chance to ask questions at Abraham Hicks workshop. I was hoping to be in that chair. Maybe soon at their next workshop, I’ll attend. But I’m telling you, visiting their workshops is a life-changing experience. Hearing Esther Hicks inspires you to forget all your worries. As you see the faces of all attendees, you’ll realize that each of them has different stories, hopes, and goals, but we all have one thing in common: to manifest our thoughts and live the life we desire.If sometimes I think I’m not in line with my thoughts, I go back to their teachings. They have a lot of uplifting and powerful quotations. They are a great source and guide in your Law of Attraction Journey. I recommend their books, most notably, “the Law of attraction: The Basic Teachings of Abraham.” This is a life-giving book. It’s very powerful, and it touches your heart. In this, you will also learn the basic teachings of Abraham, which you need the most.

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