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8 Spiritual Development Stages and the Role of Self-Reflection

Reflect On Spiritualiy

Identifying your spiritual development stages help you recognize your path towards your spiritual wholeness. It is your journey to achieve spiritual growth. Although there are different interpretations of the spiritual growth stages, understanding each process can guide you to move forward.

But how will you identify what stage you are right now? To determine what helped you to come so far, you need to do self-reflection, which enables you to assess your life in a day, a month, or a year ago.

Are you happy where you are right now? Did you achieve something? If we give time to reflect and contemplate, we will have a better understanding of ourselves. We can identify if we are stuck or moving towards the right path to achieve spiritual growth.

The Role of Self-Reflection

Self reflection

You may be too busy living your day to day life, or may be you are trying to stay on top of everything and are driven by your schedule. Or  you are just too busy with different activities every day that you have no time anymore to at least sit back, relax, and reflect.

Self-reflections are your ability to deliberately set a time to take an assessment yourself and analyze the good and bad things that happened to you in your life. It will help you understand yourself and see what you have missed, learned, and achieved in your journey.

Benefits of Self-reflection

1. It increases self-awareness.

Self-awareness is your ability to focus and understand yourself, your actions, thoughts, and emotions compared to others. Self-reflection allows you to look back on your past efforts and behavior. Try to reflect: Have you offended someone? Did you do your best? How do you express yourself? How do people see you? It’s a way of analyzing what you have done right or wrong and what you need to keep.

2. It helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Identifying your strength and weakness can help you grow. When you recognize your shortcomings, you’ll take action to make changes, and when you know your strengths, it allows you to see the right side of yourself. You’ll know where you excel. It can help you love and be proud of yourself.

3. It opens yourself for improvement.

Find spiritual development stages

Once you already did some self-reflection and identified areas of self-improvement, then you know what action to take. You may use your weakness as an opportunity to be better. As you make your path to improvement, you are also stepping forward to self-growth.

4. It increases your productivity.

If you identify your bad habits, inappropriate behavior, and poor decisions, you can change it to be more productive. If you always come late at work or loves chit-chatting with your colleagues without finishing your task, you may consider changing your work attitude so you can get to have more work done. You might get rewarded, too, with your productivity.

5. It helps you build a long-lasting relationship.

Your relationship with others also depends on how you handle it. If you reflect on how you treat them or respond to them, you can have a harmonious relationship with them. Turn your negative actions and reactions into healthy ones.

6. It boosts your overall confidence.

You boost your confidence whenever you reflect and identify what you are good at. You believe in your strengths and focus them on excelling more.

7. It keeps you grounded.

If you develop humility, it helps you to keep yourself on the ground and avoid the arrogance that may start a conflict with people around you.

8. It promotes maturity

You achieved maturity when you chose to be the better and healthy version of yourself. It may be hard to do things that you don’t want to do, but you decide to be mature by doing it because it’s good for your overall health.

Spiritual development stages

Once you practice self-reflection, you will be able to identify which of these stages you are right now. There is no hierarchy in these stages. Each step is perfect on its way. Check out the following stages and identify if you are doing great or if you need to make some modifications in your life.

spiritual Connection pendant

1. Be aware of the Absence of your spiritual self.

This is the stage where you don’t recognize or accept the fact of spiritual existence. This is the world aside from our material world. It is fine at first, even if you don’t recognize it’s the existence. You can still be happy, appreciating the life you have, but you may come to the point soon that you’ll feel that there is something more beyond life.

2. Recognizing spiritual world existence

Usually, this happens when you struggle and experience a difficult situation. Now you keep wondering if spirituality is real and wonder why some were stuck with this stage for the rest of their lives.

3. Spirituality curiosity grows

You start to wonder more and investigate spiritual existence. Your curiosity grows. Some may struggle with its ambiguity because they don’t have fully established information about the spiritual world. This is the time you can explore and be open to things you’ll learn and adjust to your new perspective.

4. Exploring the spiritual world

At this stage, your curiosity increases. You start to explore and study spirituality. You embrace ideas that help you move to the spiritual path that matches your spirituality.

5. Beginning of spiritual practice

self reflection with meditation

This is the time that you engage yourself in spiritual practices. You may not do it consistently a first, but you recognize it as essential. It can be praying, journaling, or meditating. You may also then start evolving your spiritual ideas by expanding your experiences.

6. Accepting that there is a perfect place for everyone

This is when you accept that there is no better or worse in terms of each spiritual journey. You recognize that you are all at different stages, yet there is a perfect place for everyone.

7. Experiencing the “dark night of the soul “

This is a stage where you feel everything is falling apart. It happened when you experienced a loss of a loved one, security, or valuable things. You may reach out for help and may end up learning something useful that strengthens your spirituality.

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8. Spiritual Maturity

This is the point that you truly understand the existence of the spiritual world, that everything is one, and it becomes part of your whole being.

Embracing self-reflection

Self-reflection is crucial for us to grow,  build our confidence, and to develop self-care. Let it be part of your routine to reach your goal and progress in your spiritual growth. It may be a long and challenging process, but acknowledging the presence of God can help you grow and become the better version of you.

It will help you transform your life through the power of the spirit. If you continuously do spiritual practices, you are creating a powerful way to deepen your relationship with God. Beyond that, your life becomes more disciplined and happier.

Embrace each stage and continuously reflect so that you’ll find a perfect place every moment in your process of spiritual growth.

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