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How this 55X5 Method can Manifest Your Desire

55x5 Method For Manifesting

A 55×5 method is a law of attraction manifestation technique that you can try at home or at work. You will write your affirmation fifty-five times each day for five days only?. It is a method of restructuring your subconscious mind. I know it sound like a lot of work, but it works?

Our mind has a constant emission of energy frequencies through our emotions, thoughts, and actions. It is a method that targets to change our subconscious thought patterns within the five days of ritual. It allows your thoughts to have a direct connection to your desires’ energetic frequencies. Remember that “like attracts like” if our thoughts match the vibration of our desires, it will attract your desires. Another good way for this method go fast ist by using manifestation journals

Why 55×5?

There is a reason why this method uses the number 5. You might ask why it uses the 55×5? Aside from writing an affirmation 55 times each day for five days, in numerology, the number “5” has a different meaning

  • It signifies realignment and change. 
  • Yes, it is a symbol of evolution or transformation.
  • Your power that can make you happier and abundant.
  • This indicates a new path where you transform your desires to become a reality. 

How to practise the 55×5 method?

Before you start with this method, make sure to have your pen or pencil, your dedicated special notebook, and 15 to 30 minutes of your time to write. Then do the following simple steps to effectively execute the 55×5 manifestation method. 

1. Decide your affirmation statement 

First, you have to choose the affirmation that you want to manifest. How you formulate your affirmation matters so that it will manifest. Here are some guidelines to effectively come up with a powerful affirmation statement:

  •   It should be a SIMPLE phrase or sentence that can be easily understood.
  •  It should also be SHORT and SPECIFIC so that you can focus on achieving your desired outcome. 
  • Write your affirmation in the PRESENT TENSE form. It makes our subconscious mind thinks that it is true. It is acting as if you already achieve your desire. This completed command will tell your subconscious mind to take action on your completed goal.
  •  It is also best if you can add some GRATITUDE in your statement. You are attracting the Universe to respond if you know how to be thankful for all things you received and about to receive.
  • It should be an affirmation that EXCITES you. Excitement creates a positive feeling that helps you attract positive things too. 

Example statements:

“ I am grateful that I have $1000 on my bank account.”

“ Yes, I am blessed that I am now the CEO of our company.”

“ This the key to my new house and I am so thankful.”

“ I am grateful to spend my birthday here in Paris. “

2Start writing your affirmation

After you chose your affirmation, start writing it down on your journal or specially dedicated notebook. You will write it 55 times for five days, but make sure you stay focused as you write every sentence. It is also helpful that you read it out loud as you write. 

3. Let go of your affirmation


After writing your affirmation, it’s time to let it go and move on to your daily task. Do not spend extra time thinking of your desire. It will just make you think negatively affecting the process of manifestation. You might also develop a “limiting beliefs” that will make you feel negatively attracting negative things in your life. Keep, burn, or throw the papers where you write the affirmation. You can create your own choice of ending. 

Tips to effectively use 55×5 Manifestation method

  1. It should be done at about the same time per day. It can be before you go to bed or within the first two hours of your morning.
  2. Find a comfortable and distraction-free spot to write. 
  3. Allocate 20 to 30 minutes of your time every day to write.
  4. Use pen and paper instead of electronic devices.
  5. If you missed a day to write, start over again.

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Is 55×5 method effective to manifest?

Like any other rituals, 55×5 method can only be effective if you will give time, effort, and focus. The manifestation takes place if you are committed and consistent in doing it. It is only a five days process, so be excited how fast you can also attract you thought to become a reality. Writing 55 statements may seem a lot, but if you compare it to your gains after 5 days, it is more than enough. 

Make sure also to focus on one affirmation at a time. It will enable you to focus only on one desire and effectively manifest your dreams, hopes, or wants. Have faith that you can manifest. Your confidence will help you in battling your self-limiting beliefs and doubts. It will also strengthen your ability to manifest. 

Commit your self in doing the ritual so that you’ll receive what you are supposed to receive. It may come before you completed the five days or after the 5th day. If it didn’t manifest, get excited instead of worrying, the Universe might be preparing something big for you. 

There are success stories online, you might be the next one who will testify its effectivity. Start your 5 days now, follow the steps and tips, be excited, and manifest your desire. 

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55x5 method


We have to decide what we want and must go after it. When we learn how the Law of Attraction works in our lives, we will see how the universe can conspire with our thoughts and manifest our dreams.

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