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10 Positive Affirmations for Your Mental Health

Mental Health Affirmations

Developing a good mindset with positive affirmations has a significant impact on achieving your life desires, and your mental health. It also allows you to become a more optimistic version of yourself.

Nowadays, there are a lot of thing happening that affects our mental health. Ther are also some criticism that drags your confidence down. It makes you feel sad and sometime may lead to depression or anxiety. These mental conditions significantly affect the way we look at our self, the way we interact with the others, and the way we live.

How positive affirmation improve our mental health?

Positive affirmations rewire our brains that breaks the negative thoughts in our mind. It also releases the brain chemicals that drive positive emotions throughout the day. If we have positive thoughts, it creates positive emotions. Then it improves not only our mental health but also our physical and emotional health.

With positive affirmation, we will be able to handle criticism that affects greatly affects our mental health. It also helps you boost your confidence and develop your positive outlook in life. If you keep thinking of positive thoughts by repeating positive affirmations, your subconscious mind believes that those words you say are true. Then your thoughts become a reality as you attract these thoughts manifest in your self and in your reality.

10 Positive Affirmation for Mental Health


I love myself more each day.

It is crucial that you love yourself, it increases your self-worth and self-confidence. When you love yourself, you do everything that is best for your self. You will also let other words stop you from doing what you want.

I am competent, smart, and able.

Recognizing your capability and competency helps you boost your confidence. It also helps instill in your brain that no one can crush you down. Remember that you can surpass whatever life throws to you. You have the abilities and capabilities to succeed.

I can choose to let go of my fear.

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Fears make us feel anxious. When we become anxious, it affects certain parts of our brain that makes us feel affects how we respond to life. So let go of your fear and embrace positivity in your life.

Life is fun and rewarding.

Life is full of excitement. If we accept that affirmation as true to ourselves, we attract a lot of opportunities. These opportunities will give you lots of rewards more than what you desire.

I create positive and supportive relationships.

People around us also have a big impact on our mental health. What they say affects us negatively if we don’t know how to handle it. Attract positive people in your life who will uplift you instead of dragging you down.

There are no such things as problems, only opportunities.

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Challenges are part of our life, We may encounter problems from time to time. Remind yourself that you can always get through it. Focus on what you will gain from that experience and not the pain. Turn it into a more positive experience instead. Mental health and positive affirmations go hand in hand.

I choose to be happy right now.

Always choose to be happy to attract things that can make you happy in your life. Filled your mind with happy thoughts.

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I will Choose to Forgive and Let Go of Anger.

Remember that anger can crush your life. It causes anxiety and your ability to make healthy decisions. Repeat this affirmation. Let positivity and happiness filled your heart and mind.

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I know that I am a wonderful human being. I feel great about myself and my life.

Please remind yourself every day that you are a wonderful person. If you feel good about yourself, others will see you good enough too.

I Care for My Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Your mental health has an impact on our physical and spiritual health. Make sure to cover all of these aspects. Take the time to care for your self.

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Take care of your mental health.

Using positive affirmation doesn’t only have a positive impact on your mental health, it also has an effect on your physical, emotional, and social aspects. If you focus on saying these affirmations every day, you affirm that you will win the race of your life. You will be able to handle criticism and failure in a positive way.

Problems and challenges are part of our life, we just need to take it positively. Our response affects the results or outcomes of our actions. Your mind is powerful that it can manifest what you think. Think of happy thoughts and filled your mind with positive affirmations, and live the most joyful and prosperous life you desire.

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We have to decide what we want and must go after it. When we learn how the Law of Attraction works in our lives, we will see how the universe can conspire with our thoughts and manifest our dreams.

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